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A History Of Private Life

All right. Let’s look at some Medieval pictures. This is the A History Of Private Life: Revelations of the Medieval World. First, let’s try to see what we’ve got here, what are they talking about. So, we got the introduction, private power, public power. That’s already interesting. The use of private space. The emergence of the individual. Imagining the self. I like the whole private and public power that’s in the beginning of the book. So, let’s look in the back and see what we see. Okay. What are they doing here?

All right. So, I guess this is how they bathe back in the olden times, the Medieval. Not very sanitary at all. So, let me explain them to you. [foreign language 00:01:32] 1586. Different ways of bathing in a large tub with several other people over supper and the famous baths of Baden near Zurich where young and old men and women, sick and healthy, all swim together in the public pool as spectators look on and in swimming hole in the country, the natural form of basically swimming. Yeah, that’s gross, whatever. This is a lot about bathing, I guess.

Oh, this is the emergence of the individual. Oh, wow, they got a whole bunch of… I’ll just let you look at the pictures. Some type of medicine or something. Not really quite sure I’m all for this. What is going on here? What is this? Miniature decorating . So, I mean, I guess this is, because I’m seeing a lot of… This got to be me in a commune or something. What is this? I don’t get it. I’m going to let you all see. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. So, I guess a lot of people in their deathbeds. I have to read more. Their sleeping arrangements don’t make very much sense to me. And then, it just says France translation, [foreign language 00:03:30] bedroom library. I mean, it doesn’t… Well, thank you for the description, right? That didn’t say anything.

So, this is a 13th century knight. It doesn’t look anything like when I think of a knight, that’s nothing… That’s not what I’m imagining. It’s always good to see reality over Hollywood. So, here’s a kind of blueprints here. I’ll let you… There. You can pause right there and look for yourself. So, this is the blueprints of the palace of the Pope. What else we got in here? That’s a map. We can’t see what that is. What is… Imagining the self, all right. Space and imagination. No, let’s see. What do we see here? Okay, here. Let’s just… I’m going to read you a quick little excerpt.

The solitary man, all right? In the Middle Ages, the solitary man was considered dangerous. Baroque Tristan Mark, having learned that the adulterous couple is in the forest of Morrois summons his entourage to announce that he wishes to go out alone. “Go out alone,” they say. “Was ever a king so imprudent?” To which Mark responds, “I shall, therefore go without escort and leave my horse.” Excuse me. “I shall take with me neither companion nor squire for once I reject your company similarly.” Erex’s father responds to an unusual and dangerous situation by begging him to take along at least some of his knights. “A King’s son must not go alone.” 13th century narratives occasionally give quite a realistic account of the dangers to be expected in such circumstances. In left field [foreign language 00:06:11] the count of the someone’s daughter, right, on Theo’s daughter. A husband makes up his mind to reinforce his wife’s escort, but takes the wrong trail through the forest and was rewarded with the sight of his wife being raped by five men. Goodness gracious.

Didn’t see that one coming that kind of hit. In [foreign language 00:06:39] something, a young woman is able to join her lover and marry him only because the escort conducting her to her intended spouse does its job badly. A woman who traveled alone so upset the hero of Wanley that he married her to his great misfortune. Sometimes, though, solitude was deliberately sought and prolonged for extended periods. Hermits lived in cells, some with crude openings providing minimal contact with the outside world. These men performed a definite function for the community. They had abandoned and variably located some distance away. Ogrins hermits located in the forest of Morrois where for banished then exiles. Well, there you go. No wonder they were so crazy out there. They banished you out to the forest, of course, you were savage, all right? [foreign language 00:07:32] is not described, instead the narrative stresses its remoteness from civilization and a long journey through the bocage hedge fields which required to reach it.

All right. Solitude and meaning. I like that. That didn’t say anything early. All right, I mean, I got… I was looking at the solitary man. Next thing you know, we’re getting raped in a forest by five guys. Where did that even come from? Saw it to the meeting. All the landmarks in [inaudible 00:08:01] in that territory traversed by the knights of the round table and their various quests are basically symbols of the subordination of the earthly to the celestial. These zones of voluntary seclusion are pregnant with meeting, but it’s no accident that the meeting is secret and almost inaccessible and must be fettered out. Late 14th century literature highlighted the [inaudible 00:08:25] still further.

And so, it was a very special relation in the house of the King that he hears it. You have in the hermit surface between the wild and so… So, this solitary man, right? So, besides the wow story, it’s kind of throughout history, I’m guessing through the medieval times that we… It’s talking about like, [inaudible 00:09:14] and Yaren. The hermit serves as a link between wild and civilization and Christian origin who speak the language of good and evil is able to help. I said, [foreign language 00:09:27] or [foreign language 00:09:30] rejoin society here. You can look. You can pronounce it for yourself.

Here’s a quote to Lancelot. The hermit says, “No, but this vision is far richer and meaning than many may think. And now listen to me if you wish and I will tell you the origin of your race.” Okay. Not as interesting as I might’ve liked, but it’s still very interesting in its own regard. I mean, more the hermit was… I mean, if you all… Because even the shamans and all of them, they’re all living by themselves and they’re all kind of, even the Hollywood kind of depicts them as being Looney Toonies a little bit, but nice and man, whatever. I mean, that was kind of interesting. Like I said, I’m going to go over more of private power and public power. I just wanted to search through the book and see what else was in here. But, yeah, that’s pretty interesting.