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The Raiders Desert Strike Force

All right. The Raiders, Desert Strike Force. I’m a raider, an Oakland Raider from the Bay to LA fuck them haters. If you don’t know what I’m singing, I apologize, but I know what I’m singing, so. All right, what do we got here?

You got the contents. The major comes to Cairo, Beirut, and Benghazi. What, how old is this? 1968. So I literally have no idea. Like I’ve heard of all these places because of 2000 wars. I didn’t know we were over there 200 or 40 years before. Benghazi again. Wait a minute, man. Benghazi. I think like if you watch the movie, right, Benghazi, it’s in these movies nowadays. Let’s go there. Benghazi again. Is this just forties or 6? What is this? 56. This is the seventies. So we’re in the twenties. So this is 50 years ago. And yet we’re still in, Benghazi. So it might be like Benghazi, like how they do the Terminator for like 7 terminators, whatever Benghazi seventh edition. Hehehe. 84. Benghazi again. All right. We’re going to look through some pictures. All right. We got some, they’re out there cooking, making dinner. Mind you, when I read the article, really we’ll go more into it, but I’m just curious.

All right. Yeah, here we go. Let’s get to the fun stuff, right? Weaponry. So right here and right here. Let me read you what they are. The top one is the German heavy armored car, SDKFZ 234, maximum speed 54 miles an hour, range 372 miles, four people to man it. It had a seven 92 millimeter machine gun and 175 cm, L desk 24 Canon. So you can look at it again. Now the bottom one, this is a German light armor. I’m not going to read all the numbers. Maximum speed, 50 miles an hour, and a range of 180 miles. So, that’s crazy. I would have actually thought that this one went further than this one, but I was wrong. This one’s like double the distance as this one. The same, the same machine gun, but this has a smaller canon on top of it. Now this is the, the Beretta eight millimeter machine gun. This weapon, the standard Italian medium machine gun was so reliable that on the rare occasions that they could capture both gun and ammunition, the Desert Raiders used it for in preference to their own Lewis gun.

So the Italians did make some good stuff besides clothes back in the olden days. And that’s mostly the basis on Benghazi, one more time. Now, obviously, like I said, I will be reading more of like what, what actually went on there, but there’s no more pictures for me to kind of explain. Yeah. Again, this is the thing, the Desert Raiders, right from the sixties. About the history and campaign and history of world war two. So this is the World War II Raiders. It’s pretty interesting. Who’s he?

I mean, if you get the book, you know what I’m saying? They got some like classic photos. I bet you all of these people are probably dead now, but these are just classic photos, man. Another picture of the Desert Raiders.

But yeah, I’m going to read back in Benghazi I might read a little bit more if it’s really interesting, not sure. But yeah, it’s always fun to go back in history and kind of see what’s going on and especially the older pictures. Cause you know, just, it really brings like life to, to everything. I mean the pants and everything. Yeah. I don’t know about the pants. We look a little different nowadays. But other than that, I mean, that literally could be taken yesterday. Right? This is kind of cool. Kind of think about people’s lives back in the olden days and what, what were they doing at that time when they took that picture? Right? But you know, it’s always fun to think.