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  1.  in general:
    1.  contractual relationship between a buyer and a seller under which payment is made at a later time the term open account or charge account is used depending on whether the relationship is commercial or personal also a historical record of transactions under the contract as periodical shown on the statement of account
      1.  Banking:  relationship under a particular name usually evidenced by a deposit against which withdrawals can be made among them are Demand Time custodial joint trustee corporate special and regular accounts administrative responsibility is handled by an account officer
      2.  bookkeeping: assets liabilities income and expenses are represented by individual Ledger pages to which debit and credit entries are chronologically posted to record changes in value examples are cash accounts receivable occurred interest sales and officers salaries the system of recording verifying and Reporting such information is called accounting practitioners of accounting are called accountants
      3.  investment banking:  Financial on contractual relationship between parties to underwriting Syndicate or the status of Securities owned and sold
      4.  Securities:  relationship between a broker-dealer firm and its client we’re in The Firm through its registered Representatives act as agent in buying and selling securities and sees two related administrative manners 

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