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Automobile Quarterly Magazine Four Year Index

All right. All right. All right. All right. Kind of showing I’m a little tubby. Anyways, let’s go with another one of our books from that massive box. I don’t know if I’m ever going to do a box that large again. This is ridiculous. And the amount of books that I’ve found in that one particular box, but hey, hopefully you guys like automobiles because this is what we’re going to be going through for quite some times. We’re going to bring the camera down a little bit. So hopefully we’re going to adjust, excuse me, because we’re… I’m going to try to show you just the pictures. It’s going to be like I’m a little kid. When you were a little kid and they had story time. So we’re going to try to have story time just a little bit. So we’ve got International Listings to Automobile Museums and Private Collections. I like that. That sounds interesting. So 144. But first let’s go through…

What is all this? I guess these are all the different people that own the books. Where is this… What is this? There’s no pictures in here.

This is just a resource guide. This… Boo. I thought there was something in here. Well, now we’ve got to kind of halfway see exactly what this is. This is a four year communicative index. International Roster of Automotive Clubs and Registries, International Listings and Museums. Yeah, I doubt that this is still… Cause this is 1975, right? So what I’m going to do for the actual essay is I will look through and we will… I’ll Google and see which one of these automo- [inaudible 00:02:15] International Listings of Automobile Museums, which museums are still active and relevant for today. 144. What is this beginning part? Index International Roster of Automotive Clubs and Registries. So these are just different clubs. So dude, no one cares. What page are we going to again?

I apologize. 144.

All right. Right here. So what we’re going to do is… Let me give you a brief summary, a little synopsis of what he’s talking about. So I love this little thing. This is so amazing. If you’ve been paying attention, I was holding it with my hand and while my arms were, one, were getting tired. Two, it was really difficult to sit there and show you anything. It’s just much easier. Okay.

Today, in addition to some very fine private collections and sometimes as outgrowth of them, automobile museums can be found throughout the world. Some having gained the prominence hither to held by such greats as the Louvre in Paris, the Prado in Madrid and London’s Tate Gallery. The Museo De Automobile, Carlo Biscaretti de Ruffia in Turin, Italy, not only contains a formidable collection, but it’s also a claimed art, art… Architecturally, excuse me, as one of the most outstanding modern buildings in Italy.

Okay. Okay. And Lord Martha Hughes, National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, England with a monorail to convey visitors throughout the collection and its vaulted, well lit exhibition halls, certainly is a far cry from the old storage barn on the back lot that housed so many automobile museums.

Wow. So yeah, these museums are.. They got a whole bunch. So in the United States, this is going to be interesting to see if some of these are around.

We got in Arkansas, the Museum of Automobiles. Now mind you I’ll give you more of a… Cause there’s no point in me reading it and then me summarizing it for you. So I will summarize it later, but let’s just, while I’ve got another minute or so… We’ve got California. Let’s go worldwide, right? This is all… Well, I’m in North Carolina. So yeah. You know I’m going to look in North Carolina. New Jersey. Where’s North Carolina?

Okay. We do got one in North Carolina. Loot at that. We’ve got two. No, we have more than two because we have the NASCAR Hall of Fame. That’s a car museum. I would think it was. It’s NASCAR, right? Oh, but they don’t say it. We are only talking about, this one right here was oh a Corio collection. It’s a private collection open by appointment. Okay. It’s only open by…Then the Estes-Winn Memorial Antique Car Museum, Biltmore Industries in Asheville open to the public, about 20 cars. So both of them in the United States have about 20 cars. That’s interesting. Now let’s go over… Oh, well, South Dakota, South Carolina, got to check it out. Joe Weatherly Stock Car Museum. Got 12 cars and it says it’s free.

Oh, here we go. Foreign. Right? Let’s see. Let me see if I find anything that’s just… These are museums. We got Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Brazil. There’s a few of them in Canada. Czechoslovakia. So this is old because it’s not Czechoslovakia anymore. Those are two different countries.

Denmark, Great Britain, Germany. Yeah. See? They’ve got, this is really old. They’ve got West and East Germany. That was in what? 1989 it came down. France. So I’m not a hundred percent sure that any of these are still awake or still alive. However, it will be interesting. I’m not going to go through every one. There’s way more than I thought. Right? I thought maybe we would go through maybe 10 to 20, but there’s hundreds of them. Right? Maybe not hundreds, but that’s close enough. Oh, they’ve got some in South Africa too. That’s pretty cool.

But again, I will try to break down the list a little bit more in my essay, since this is from ’75. So it’s 45 years old? Whatever. 46 years old. Right? Your Automobile Quarterly. Not a very interesting book, but it’s the Quarterly Index. So for an index, I guess you can’t really get better than that, right? So we’ll see how well they made their index. If their index has held or upheld the test of time, right? All right.