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Benjamin Franklin

All right. Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaac. Oh, look at these, you open the book and you’re automatically hit with… Boom. All right. The anatomy of a man, body as governed by 12 constellations. Okay. What is this? Okay. Yeah. Printed and folded by Benjamin Franklin. Right here. So, they’re talking about… I’m a Pisces or is it Pisces? Well, there is Cancer. So the Pisces is the arms. Here, I’ll let you see. I don’t know your own sign. You can figure it out for yourself. See, I’m the Pisces right here, and it says arms over here. All right. That was very random. However, let’s see if we can find any more of just… I knew we were going to have some pictures in this. All right. Let’s get to the pictures.

Okay. Well first, let me tell you what I’m going to… I’ll read a chapter. First, where is it. The table of contents, where would it be? All right. So, the chapter I’m going to read and discuss is, scientist and inventor. It was bound in Philadelphia, and it from 1744 to 1751. But right now through this video, because literally I’m going to have to just read a whole chapter, and I don’t think you want me to read the chapter with you, because I’m not going to read the whole thing. But I say this is a great time to look at pictures. All right. Let me get this out of here, because everybody likes pictures. So, right here, we’ve got Franklin’s birthplace, on Milk Street, in Boston, right across from the South Church, that’s what it says.

All right. Okay. We got Deborah Franklin, Sally Franklin. Who are all these people? William Franklin, Jean, Jean-Antoine Houdon, famous bust of Franklin. Here, lets see if you can look them. See, I think that’s Benjamin Franklin, but who knows? There is the little guy, died of smallpox. This whole bunch of old white people or American royalty, whatever. All right, well, this is the same one. What is… Poor Richard’s first edition. So this is his first edition, I’m guessing the newspaper that he was printing. Because it says printed and folded by Benjamin Franklin. That’s him drawing electricity from the sky.

Was it Benjamin Franklin with the key? I thought it was somebody else with the key. Anyways, we will find out with his inventions, right? So, look at some of his designs for musical instruments, for stoves. Look at this, he invented a battery, Franklin’s machine for collecting static electricity. Here. So, that’s a stove. You can pause the video and kind of look at what he is doing. That’s his musical instrument. That’s a battery. This was him collecting electricity. And then this is some map. Let me see what he is talking about, chart of the Gulf Stream based on Franklin’s notes.

Like I said, looking at pictures is always fun. So, him and foe, that’s him as a young man. That’s Thomas Penn, his rival, and then that’s Philly, or the Pennsylvania State House, excuse me. Oh, how many pictures are there? All right. Not that many. Franklin’s house in London. Franklin’s friend, William Strahan. Look at this, this is pretty cool. I like this. The America’s first political cartoon and it was produced by Benjamin Franklin, and another. So, that’s his house in London. That’s a friend. This is the first political cartoon. If you look at it, it’s pretty jazzy. It’s a snake that says join or die, and it has, I guess the 13 colonies.

Oh, look at this. This is the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. I wonder how much that is worth. And then that’s kind of what we remember Benjamin Franklin when we see today. And it’s crazy. If you kind of look at the… If you take some of my other little courses, whatever, other little things that you can learn from, I think it’s the 10 secrets, and it’s under the 10 secrets of Tai Lopez. I try to talk about the 10 dark years, and I mean, 10 dark years can be much longer.

But we rarely think of Benjamin Franklin like that. I don’t recognize that person. If you were to show me that person and be like, who is that? Mm-mm(negative), some old person. You know what I’m saying? Some old English person. But he’s the godfather of America. But if you show me this picture, yeah, I know that’s Benjamin Franklin. Well, that’s a hundred dollar bill, right? So I say that to say this, that we all want to be remembered as young. But the truth of the matter is, is all the pictures of what we remember of people, they’re all old. If you think about it, George Washington. I don’t have any money on me right now. Do I? No. I think I got $20 in here. Thomas Jefferson, that’s an old person.

So the life that they go through, we never really remember the life that they go through. We only remember them when they’re old. But it took him maybe 40… Well, he looks like he’s probably 60. That’s Andrew Jackson. All right. And with, what’s his name? Benjamin Franklin. Is it Thomas Jefferson? No, that’s Andrew Jackson. Excuse me. Andrew Jackson. All right. See, I get my presidents wrong, [inaudible 00:09:20] they are either. But just to say, they’re all old. So we forget that most of these people had lived a whole entire journey, been broke, struggled, all that kind of good stuff before any of the pictures that we even remember them.

We only remember them in what? Thomas 1776, that’s when I remember, that’s why he was important to me. I’m rambling right now, I apologize. But that’s why he’s important to me. But, again, when he was younger… I’m going to read some more of inventors and things, to see if it has any relevance. When he was younger… This face means nothing to me. Nothing. Now, this face, all right, that kind of looks like him, right? Again, old. So, just remember that, to be able to be remembered forever, it’s going to take time. These people are remembered forever, but we don’t remember them as young people, we remember them as old.