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Introduction To Boxes Of Books

All right. So what we’re going to do today. Today is a little special day when it comes to the library. We are going to simulate what would be like if you got one of my boxes of books. Mind you, we’re going into the storage. It’s dark, and it is storage, so it’s full of stuff. All right. That’s usually what storage means. All right. As you see, it’s full of stuff. So, this is what’s going to be fun and interesting. Now, in the garage… This is just one storage room. In my garage, I have boxes of books that are already boxed up, ready to go, ready to sell. You’ll be like, “Well, that’s a lot of boxes right there.” Yes, I understand that. However,… Excuse me. What I’m going to be doing today is, we’re going to be going… Excuse me, through one of these boxes.

Well, more than just one. But the game is basically going to be… Or basically what I’m going to be showing is if you were to order one of my boxes, this is basically what you would be getting. Now, these are a little bit different because these are catered all towards me. I don’t have a perfect memory, so there’s no possible way I remember every book that is in these boxes. Sorry, I wish I would be that smart, but I’m not. I don’t remember what’s in these boxes. So, it’s going to be kind of interesting or fun and interesting for me as well, because while I’m going through these boxes, you can kind of, in your mind think about if you order some of the boxes from me, then you’d be doing the same exact thing.

And remember, the overall goal of what we’re trying to do is stimulate the desire to read, desire to learn, desire to upgrade yourself. And the most efficient way I know how to do that is to read and learn more things. And I try to make like a hundred videos this weekend. I was figuring there’s no other way, besides to go through these boxes. And then I got all these books over here, which I know there’s way more than a hundred, but I don’t have any bookcases. Poses a little bit more of a challenge, but these boxes work. So we’re going to go and we do it that way. All right, see you on the other side. I need both of my hands. All right, bye.