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Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Look over here, look over here. Then you can look on this side. You can see the church on the Hill. We’ll do those small little videos like this throughout the parts of the castle. As you can see, it’s pretty old. And, uh, they were telling us, like I was telling you before the Africans made this. So people like us made this castle. So he was trying to explain which Shadi English that, uh, it’s important for us to know the history of Castillo. Sanfilippo not just know that it’s here while we’re at the castle. We’re up on the second or third floor. You look up there, you have a little belt, maybe it’s a church bell, maybe it’s alarm, then what’s cool. The reason I wanted to take a video right here is maybe it’s not cool to use called me so mad and attacked by somebody. Something burned down are done, not the cannons muskets or whatever.

Just one big circle. All right. So what we did, yeah. What they’re doing now, they’re just, it’s like one big circle. So we walked in, they made us walk up to them and we ended up there and walked down this far and now going to go around the corner. So I guess we’ll walk [inaudible], I’m guessing. I mean, you have water there, but the garden is over there. I guess this is a great vantage point. Cause you can literally see everything. [inaudible] the canons probably went a lot farther than what I’m imagining, but I’m imagining you’d have to have a hell of a big cannon from here all the way to the water over there.

kind of difficult, but all right, let’s go 10 and then over there. So I guess talking about the size of the Canon, I don’t know, maybe 400 years ago it served great. [inaudible] I like to see what it looks like actually during [inaudible] that’s missing because they’re saying great engineering and everything like that. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not sold on big castle and everything, but then again, it’s a castle for what? Cause I like what it was. This is kind of like the outside capital, right? You got a castle. I live in the castle or something, but it’s very difficult. Understand what the purpose of this is to understand it pulls on her mouth. But other than that, as we kind of finishing up tour, the largest cannon falls I got right here.

When you look out there, right. They firing now. Cause there’s nothing but a mountain right there. So like I said, I’m not buying the story that they’re trying to sell here because they had not letting us inside the castle. All they did is just let us walk on that. Like the out outer parts of it. So it was very difficult to see that. Yeah, I actually know what’s going on. And every other castle, you’re trying to defend yourself against like water. You’re not trying to defend yourself. Right. So I’m confused because there’s all the defenses are thinking this way when the water is this way. So I’m very confused on what is the purpose, because if they’re trying to defend the water, that’s very confusing. I don’t know. It doesn’t make any sense. I doesn’t make any sense. All right.