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Colombia 2020 Pereira Cartagena Santa Marta

get off the bus. Now we’re walking somewhere. I don’t really know where we’re walking. I look like we’re walking to nowhere. There is a better view about the landscape. We can see they’re all warmed up North here in the morning yesterday, I was looking at some coffee and he’d be in his hotel.
We decided to take a walk tonight, tricked me into taking a walk downtown, got in the wall city behind it right here. Drawing more people out than this way.

So we’re going to go inside and walk around and show you the wall at times.

So over here we got the award drives. You can take some more thrive. What’s it look like then over here, The hard rock cafe, and then we also have nice little church right there. And I think there’s another little bar up there. So if you don’t like all the loud music and things, there’s other parts and parts of the annual night life where it’s more, more of a lounge atmosphere,

Nelson Mandela Daniel’s house. Little later we walked around the corner and you literally,

So we’re here in Nelson Mandela. Joe’s neighborhood Danielle’s neighborhood.


So like I was telling him, this is, I mean, it’s like Africa in the sense

To where it could still look over here. And then you look over here to the other parts and you’d have to go to drawn Dale there. Then you can look on this side, you can see the church on the Hill and then more parts of the city. Uh, we’ll do those small little videos like this throughout the parts of the castle. As you can see, it’s pretty old. And, uh, they were telling us, like I was telling him before the Africans made this. So people like us made this castle. So he was trying to explain which Shadi English that, uh, it’s important for us to know the history of Castillo San Felipe Bay. Not just know that it’s here while we’re at the castle. We’re up on the second and third floor. You look up there, you have the little bell, maybe it’s a church bell, maybe it’s alarms, then what’s cool.

The reason I wanted to take a video right here is, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not cool to use. Cool to me. So imagine, you know what I’m saying? You’re getting attacked by somebody, something, then you run down your little holes and then this is where they fire their gun, not the cannons, but the individual people with them, with the muskets or whatever they had back in those days. Let’s see what’s over there. Oh, so it’s just one big circle. All right. So what we did, so I get what they’re doing now. It’s like one big circle. So we walked in, they made us walk up to the field right here and we ended up there and we walked down this little park and now we’re going to go around the corner. So I guess we’ll walk around the corner.

So this is a great bite right here. The wall city over here, obviously that’s the wall I’m guessing. I mean, you have water there. Grande’s over there. And so I got, I mean, this is a great vantage point, cause you can literally see everything coming and going. So you see the Canon is facing over there. So I guess talking about the size of the Canon, I guess I’m still not, I’m not really believing it. I’m sorry. I don’t maybe 400 years ago it served a great purpose, but I don’t see, I don’t see how this is really going to weigh out there. Maybe. I don’t know. It is a distance to the water. I mean, we’re coming up on the, on the castle. Yeah, I see it. But I’d like to see what it looked like actually during 400 years ago. Cause I, I think there has to be way more.

There’s something, that’s not something that’s missing because they’re saying it’s great engineering and everything like that. I’m not, I’m not sold on these. Not yet. I mean, it’s a big castle and everything, but then again, um, it’s a castle. What? Cause I like what what’s in here. So all they’re showing us is kind of like the outside. So I’m not, I don’t know. What’s the castle for what right. Did you use? You know, you got a castle and you live in the castle or something, but it’s very difficult for me to understand what the purpose of this is. I understand it’s a stronghold on a mountain, but other than that, like what serves its purpose as we’re kind of finishing up the tour largest cannon balls I got right here. When you look out there, right? What are they firing now? Cause there’s nothing but a mountain right there. So like I said, I’m not buying the story that they’re trying to sell here. They’re not letting us inside the castle. All they did is just let us walk on like the outer, outer parts of it. It was very difficult to actually know.

Well the day, no point in spending money on a taxi, when you can just walk, walk and get back. If you want to go out on the Lake and you can rent a boat for however long you’re on the water, come on down and party on the water right now.