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Collectible Books What an Opportunity

In this little sequence or this little class, whatever, I’m going to inspire you with different ways that you can sell books. Right? So Amazon is great. This is our bread and butter. This is what pays the bills. This is what, you know, we don’t have to do any work and we still get paid, right? This is what keeps us in the game. But for fun, I was discussing collectibles. Well, if you come over here to this website, everything, but the house, you’ll see some of these books let’s go highest bid. These are, this has already ended. All right. So we’re looking at books. You see that down at the bottom, it says ended. So, wow.

Wow. So this 1830 puke family, whatever the book of Mormon, you can see it right there. The puke family, Paul, a mirror, a first edition book of Mormon that sold for $80,000. This one what is this? Bird’s of America? Fifth Oxycontin edition. All right. It looks like it’s just one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. If you were to find those seven books it’s were 16 grand. All right. Here’s another one, a book with illustrated maps by John or whatever. His name is 16,000. Now those are like anomalies. So let’s, let’s go back to recommend, but if you find the right book, you’re going to get paid, but let’s, let’s back. Let’s ring it back in to like normal. Okay. You find some comics about $50 for there. Let’s get more straight to books where some books. Okay. Here’s these little books right here.

190 right here. 46, 25. So what this does, is it just it up, it ups you up, right? It, it allows you to no group, some of your books together and sell them like bulk and, you know, also kind of get, get your name out there too, as, as a more antique bookseller. So like, if you have this, it looks like it’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight different books going for $55. You know, it’s all firearms, you know what I’m saying? Or Knights and knighthood $55. So there’s a decent little, it, it all depends on where you’re getting your books from. So this is like, this is a very unique person that I’m talking to right now. Like all of us are going to be doing the, the FBA, but not all of us going to be getting collectible books. Right. But this is where we sell collectible books. Now those are the ones ending, kind of give it a better, better perspective. We’ll see, what’s active. So there you go. And we’ll get more to books and really books. All right. You find something like that. It’s $4. Well, I mean, it’s ends in two days, so it should go up a little bit more, but all right. Here’s one to kill a Mockingbird. Lee signed two 50, the fantastic dollar, 18 bucks 30,

No, 12 276. All right. So, but like, again, I’m going to stress the point. This is the collectibles. You’re going to have to understand this market a little bit better. You might run into some comic books, you know, that are vintage or, you know, first additions of something, an autograph, an official autograph copy of something. This is where you can just, you know, amp up your one to 500 or, or whatever money that your, or how would you, depending on how much work you put into it, you’re making per month through books. Right? So, and this is like on an auction like this, this is like less stress, the points of, of estate sales and yard sales, because that’s the place that people are going to have old books that they’re not paying attention to. Right. And you might lo and behold find an a winner right now.

If you remember, I don’t know how old everybody is. I remember this story from when I was little, this kid or this, Oh, I don’t know who probably wasn’t a kid. I was a kid though, went to a yard sale and bought a book or something. And it, within, in the little sleeve of the book was an original copy of the DEC limit, declaration of independence. And it sold for like $2 million. Right. So I’m not saying it’s for everybody. I’m not going to say I have yet to find my $2 million book. Right. But it could happen. Right. So just giving a better idea now, E-bay you can also like what let’s go to eBay real quick of different ways to sell the books. So there you go.

If you want,

You can think you have a a book that’s incredible, right. Or a book that Amazon won’t work for you, you can sell it here, Cook books, everything. So let’s, let’s, let’s look at Yeah. I don’t know if we’re going to be selling the 3 million or $3.5 million book, but you never know. Right. You could find it. And, and like I said, the,

There you go,

There is a high possibility, you know, I mean, you’re not gonna find my, maybe not find all these books, but there is a lovely opportunity that you might find some type of book that’s where some type of money, like these are really expensive, but

I don’t know why that’s 250,000, but you know, maybe they, they missed me most mispriced it again, this is way higher than than I was expecting. This is even higher than the other one. But yeah. So there’s plenty of opportunity out there. A lot of money in these collections. Now, I don’t know if I would sell them for this expensive, cause it doesn’t look like they’re actually selling me these books, but you know, maybe drop the price down $99,000. And maybe for $20,000, you might get some interest. Right. But you know, it’s up to you. So yeah, just a different opportunity on the collectibles and what to do with your collectible books when you find them.

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