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Everybody Likes Making Extra Money (Amazon FBA)

Good morning today. We’re going to discuss how you can make a little extra money. Right? Everybody likes a little extra money and over the last, what I started in June now, it’s February. And then what in August? No, no, no, no, no. August I really started really ramped up my production in August. Right. Because I didn’t know what I was doing in June, but I sold my first product June 21st and then July didn’t really know what I was doing. And I was like, okay, wow. I’m excited. Now is my first product online. I sold it and I made a little bit of money. Right. It was great. It was exciting. Right. I don’t know if you guys are there yet, but if not, you know, congratulations for when you are, if you are, have already been there, success is great, right. At least the great initial feeling of selling something.

All right. So July comes wrong. I keep dabbling in other products. It’s not really working, you know, you know, usually when you make success with one, you just stick with it real hard. Right. And then you go with that. Well, I do that, but not really, especially not in July. Cause it wasn’t a lot of money. So I was still kind of testing the market. But then August came around and I got an opportunity to like ramp up my, my inventory. Right. And so when I was able to ramp up my inventory, it kind of changed my perspective, not 100% wasn’t sold yet. And that’s why I didn’t try to teach a class. Right. But over the next course of some time, all right. The month of August, because I still, you know, it was, it was a hectic month. Right. I got a 26.

It was my first large shipment. And what, the products that I sell our books. Right. If you didn’t know. So I got my first large ship, it was a 26 footer. All right. And that first shipment going through Amazon and processing, everything took me forever. I hired a whole bunch of people and it was it was for lack of better words. It was a show. Right. Bad idea. But you know, it was, I didn’t know what I was doing. And I figured, okay, more the merrier, we can get a whole bunch of things done and it didn’t all right. So with my investment money, that was a huge hit. All right. So again, why I didn’t make a video and teach people how to do FBA or whatever, because I have, wasn’t really working now. I had all these books and I had quite a few of them.

So towards the end of August, like I, I mean by that, by August, by mid August, because you know, they were only there for the first week. So I like, yeah, I took a huge hit. And by the time everyone was gone, I still had all these books and nothing happened, but I lost a lot of money. So, but that was a good thing. Right. Because if it was successful, then I would have think, I would’ve thought that I needed a lot of people to get this done. Right. But since it was, success was not successful. Excuse me. Since it was a failure on hiring a whole bunch of other people, it forced me to do everything by myself. Right. And figure out how to do things the fastest, most efficient way to do it. Right. Excuse me. I need some water or whatever, but we’ll get through this and I’ll get some water later.

So after that, like I, I figured out how to process the bus a lot faster. And I started using Amazon to help me. Right. So like in my class, you’ll, you’ll, I’ll teach you how to do that. So Amazon is basically over employee, if you allow it to be all right. So you can, you can do a whole bunch of things. And then Amazon can take two, excuse me. Can take care of the rest. So it was basically like hiring an employee. Right. But the better thing is, is that they’re there and they don’t have you don’t, you don’t, they don’t have lunch breaks. He wants to anything. Right. They’re they’re Amazon’s employees, but they’re working for you. All right. So the benefit of that is great. So we’re done, we’ll look at the overview. How do we get Amazon to work for you?

Right. Wow. That’s really little but good thing when you’re listening to this, so you can rewatch it and we’re all good. All right. So what we’re doing is 100 to 500 a month by really maybe working like eight hours a month. Give or take

Yeah. Here in a second. You’ll you’ll understand why I’m like, eh, not really. All right. Cause I didn’t hear it. Let’s let’s keep on going. All right. So let’s get back to the store. So in August I figured out how to make Amazon work for me. Right. I didn’t figure it all the way out, but I was getting there. Right. And, and by doing that, I was able to process like three times more books. So before, when I first started, I, it was hard for me to process maybe 50, 60 a day. Right. I can just, I was worn out by the end of it, but now I can two, 300 in a day, 300, if I’m pushing it. Like if I’m really trying to get that eight hours a week. Right.

Excuse me. But if I’m, you know, kind of lackadaisical, you know, I can get one to 200 easy. I mean, that’s just like, why you watching TV? I mean, literally you can do this while you’re doing anything while you’re lazy, you can still like make money. That’s what’s so great about this. And that’s why like the numbers it’s really like one to $500. That’s if you literally don’t do anything and I’ll explain that in just a second. So the next thing that we’re talking about in this overview, right? First thing, Amazon work for you. So then September comes right now. It was great. I got a, some textbooks. So August by far, like just, just unsure on volume, up to now, like now come February. It’s February. It’s different. But August for the mind, part may part was my largest month just because it’s seasonality.

So I was selling like August, August, and then September, because I was selling college textbooks. So three college textbooks for $200 and $600. Right. So my numbers were kind of fictitious or like fabricated. They weren’t really true, which kind of screwed me up. But it was, it got me excited. So it kept me going, but on, later on, excuse me, it’s hot in here now. It kind of screwed me. All right. Because I was anticipating that I was going to be making bigger sales and more money. Right. But it didn’t really work that way, but this is how it did work September. I went on vacation. I was gone for a week. All right. So mind you there’s one week. Not here, not working at all making money. Right? Didn’t do anything. So August remember I got the big shipment, September, beginning of September. I was gone for a while. I was gone for 10 days. So that’s August work for a month. September didn’t work, you know, work a little bit. Then I came back

To Atlanta picked up another shipment because at that point in time, I figured out how to like mass produce mass buy books. All right. So in many times in my life, right. I’ve when you first start something, you’re always buying something as a consumer. Right. It’s always expensive. All right. So when I was in my garden, figuring out how to have buy vegetables was expensive. Right. How I grow them and all that. But then after, you know, years of doing it, you know, it was very cheap. Like right now, I I’m, I’m very frustrated cause it’s winter time and buying vegetables in the grocery store is ridiculous. When I know that in two, three months, I’m going to have so many vegetables. I’m not going to be able to eat them all. All right. Back to this story though, on books. So after looking, looking on auctions and looking at different places and then even using my mind right. And being creative, I found out how to get books for lock cheat. Right. So the second thing that we’re gonna

Do finding she,

Or I don’t like the word cheap, we’re just saying bulk finding

Product. Right.

So that’s the next part of, of what we’re doing. So first part again, let me remind you, Amazon work for you. All right. Second part, finding bulk product. Right? And because if you don’t find your product for cheap, your margins are horrible. Right. And I watch all these classes and everyone in and they’re great. Don’t get me wrong. They’re great classes. And I learned a lot, but then a lot of it in what I’m in my business, as you’ll see, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have to advertise for this business. I’m going to have other businesses, but for this one I haven’t advertised at all. Right. Not even a little bit. As you let me, let’s continue with this story because I don’t want to tell you everything right now. We’re getting through this. Right. There’s a couple more things we’re going to teach.

So one to $500 a month for basically doing absolutely nothing. I hope you’re understanding the more that you’re listening to me, the less that the, the more you’re finding out that I’ve actually approached this with very little motivation and I still generate profit. Right. And give me a minute. So September, right. I’m in Columbia having a good time. All right. Fly back, pick up the shipment. So from September until it was like September 17th now. Cause I got back September 17th, I was gone September. Like I was gone for like 10 days. So I was like September 7th to September 17th, 18th, give or take. So that’s like a honk of the month. So in total work time, we’re looking at like a month and a half, two months. Yeah. About month and a half. So I’ll get back from September, pick up a shipment of books. And I ended up having one person, you know, he needed a place to stay, whatever.

This is a whole different tangent. We’ll talk about that later, but reel us back in. So we don’t go too far on a tangent. He needs, he needed a place to stay. So I was thinking, you know, well, this could be a match made in heaven. You need to place this day. I need some help and let’s see if we can turn this cause I have other businesses. So I was gonna see if I could like compound it, like have him help me with one business and then give him an opportunity to work in a different business. And then my goal was to have him be talking right now and for of you guys, but you know, it didn’t work out because we’ll get to that in just a second. So we unloaded the books. We did it rapid. I mean, wow, if you remember in August, I said after a whole week and I had a two, three, four people helping me.

Nope. Five people helping me after a week. I still had a whole entire truck full of books right now, just me and this other person and one week, all right. I was less than that because we had the, the Penske truck and it was a hundred dollars a day, right. To rent it. So it’s great for like one day. But as you keep on going, your, your profits keep going down, right. Because it’s a hundred dollars a day to rent this truck just to sit here. So, I mean, you’re not even using it besides is storing stuff. So a hundred dollars a day in store that’s $3,000 a month, $36,000 a year. That’s way too much just to store something. Right. So,

So we busted our little high dens. We got it done. Right. We unloaded the truck fast. Got it done in like four days. Got the processing done everything. But one big box in up to October. How do I know that was October because I was going to Africa. Like what? You were just in Columbia now I’m in Africa. Yes. If you want a great time in Africa, I was in Ghana. You know, when I was in Ghana, I went to a gold, mine, went to, you know cocoa butter plantation. All right. So I got to see the process of like drawing, like how you take it, take the cocoa bean off the tree, smash it, you know, take it all out, dry it, bag it up, ship it down the road. I got to see like the full process. It was really cool.

Then I got to see rubber trees and then like the mining process of the people going in there, down in the middle of the mine and bringing the rocks up and cracking the rocks and doing all the, I have videos on my YouTube. If you, if you’re interested. All right. Well not at the time of mines and all that. Well, yeah, I got them up there somewhere, Instagram, somewhere. I don’t know where I put them, but they’re there. Right. So back to the story. So I get back and remember I said, I had one big box left. Well, the person that was helping me just decided just didn’t want to do it. All right. And got back, pulled up from my Uber and the books were spread all over my driveway. All right. I was like gum. So what happened here? It’s like, Oh, I was trying to move it. But it fell

When a couple of days ago. Hmm.

Okay. As you can see, it didn’t work out. So what happened? Basically rain. So I lost that entire box. So

That was like 800 pounds of books that I lost, but yet I can still sell you. I made a profit now had a whole bunch of books inside the house. So I got back from Africa, October 15th, maybe give or take. So the rest of the books in the house and I mean, it was quite a few books. It wasn’t like one or two books I’m talking about like a thousand. Cause I was getting, like I just said, I lost 800 pounds of books, but I’m still fine. I didn’t cry. I mean, altogether I’ve lost probably 2,400 pounds of books because of weather, whether it’s never a friend and rain, rain and paper just don’t mix. You know what I mean? So when rain hits the books, they’re pretty much trashed. So altogether I’ve lost 2,400 pounds of books. Right. So that’s more money. So if I, maybe if I didn’t lose the 2,400 pounds, I would not be so low on this 100 to 500 a month. It’d probably be like 300 to 1500. All right. Have extra cash, but I’ve lost a lot of books and I’ve had a lot of different like hiccups as this story. All right. I hope that you’re hearing so all right.

The process on how to scan the books, right? Because not all the books. Okay. My business model, Amazon, we’ve been talking about Amazon, Amazon, Amazon. Well, I forgot to tell you, Amazon does not take every book, right? Like as much as out large Amazon is. And we think the Amazon will have every book known to man. Well, that’s not true. All right. They have every book that we know about known demand, but not every book known to man. All right. They have every popular book known to man and you know, a few of them, none not unpopular books, but what happens when you get bulk books is you’re going to have a whole bunch of books that don’t go to Amazon. Right. That are un-scalable right. So I have a lot of books for that, but this is a great opportunity for being charitable, right. Or for a Shopify store or any idea that you want. Right. Or, you know, I have, I have like different avenues of making money, different businesses. So like those books are, they’re in storage right now and I’ve built a massive library. So overview


Library, probably spelled library wrong, but also when you’re buying books and when you’re buying books in bulk like this, you also get something called

Collect or false.

All right. Hmm, let me see. Nope, I don’t have it. No, I moved them all out. No, it’s not in this room. I wasn’t going to, I had a book from 1901. Well actually here’s one. I getting books like this. I personally think it’s interesting. So it goes in my personal collection. Right. So, so yeah, even if you’re not a person that clips collects books or collects different things I’m one of those guys, you know what I mean, collects different books and stamps and goings and, and whatever, you know, collect money too. So

Yes. So to keep, continue on with the story. All right. So who are we? We’re in October get back from Africa. And then I work real hard. Last book I put in October 31st. Right? So amount of time I worked with Amazon, we started in June 21st. Right. Got to understand the game a little bit with my first shipment, larger shipment, August lost money, because not because of the product because of hiring other people. Right. And not really understanding how to upload the books and understanding the true Mecca, like the mechanics of Amazon. So that’s July, August, September Colombia. Remember October Africa, which we’re only working on now, really two shipments, the big shipment that I told you in August and then the other shipment in September, right after I got back from Columbia, October 31st, I’m done with that second shipment. I wanted to take a break. So I did not upload a single book for November, December. And then I think I started off. I mean, you have to check, I’ll have it down at the bottom of the page December 25th, something like that. So basically give or take three months of not putting a single bit of energy, like manual. I had to do a couple like just maintenance. So boom, there we go.

Right. So, I mean it’s basic thing. So what I mean by maintenance. So when, when, when you’re uploading a book or you’re uploading a product, you know, sometimes you want to play with the price. Right. Here’s a great story. So for $100, I I’ll show you where I bought these, you know, I got, I got a lot of books. All right. For $100 for like 700 books or, well, no, they listed it at 700 books, but it was a lot more than 700 books because I still have probably like 2000 left, maybe 1500 left. All right. And I, and so I bought these books for $100. It was my fault. They said 700 sold, you know, in my truck, I was anticipating 700 books. When I got there. It was not 700 books. It was a lot more than 700 books. So my truck was not large enough to carry the books.

So the gas there and back is $100. Plus the gas there and back, I had to do it twice. Right. So because, you know, they, they lied to me and it was more books than it were then they said, right. So I had to fill up and I wouldn’t have been able to fit it all in one truck. My truck was like down here, like it was really, really heavy. It was textbooks and a second trip. So all invested was a hundred dollars plus the gas. And in, well, last week I sold like 300 of those books. So my net profit off of those was like 900 or a thousand or what my net, my revenue off of those books, I have been selling like one here, one there, one here, one there, this was when just a book, older order. All right. So with this one bulk order, it repaid everything that I had invested into that one shipment.

Right. And boom, I still have five, six, 700 of those particular books. I have the other ones they sold. Right. So, Oh, I forgot. I had forgot about those other books. I’m glad that right. Glad I mentioned it. So I had already paid, I’d already made my money for those books. I forgot about that because I had, yeah, I already made my money. So this was pure profit. It was pure profit. So over those times, so what, what, what I’ll be doing through defining bulk product is I’m going to show you where you can find like we’re a school or something. We’ll be giving away a lot of books for basically free. Like they literally free. They, they really just putting a number up there for you to put it up there. Just, just so you know, a hundred dollars for all those books is ridiculously cheap.

So what they’ll do is they’ll put them up there for you and then you just do the work. So it’s not just like particular places. So what I’ll be showing you like on down below, so you can kind of get a guesstimate for it. And I did not count that in the one to $500 because it happened last week. Right. So I started working again in December or January. So all of these numbers, like the one to $500 is basically rounded from starting a June until I started working again. Right? Nope. Not even that. Cause I made way more than that. So what it basically is is is this, this, these numbers right here, one to $500 a month is how much I made by not doing anything. All right. So I had to put a little bit of work and, but these numbers right here are when I did nothing.

Right. So if you do something like, okay, so you put it in like what, the two months, the two and a half months work kind of hard. Right. And I just told you, I sold, like I made a quick thousand dollars. So that just screws all this up. Right. So it’s like way more. But for what I’m trying to say is it’s just easier, right. To be like one to $500 extra a month. Right. But that’s not really true because on one little sale, I made a thousand dollars. Well, yeah. Cause I’d already paid for everything else in other sales. So a thousand dollars profit for work that I did in August. So this is like residual. So it just continues to pay dividends. Now, you know, Amazon takes their cut, but I’ve also looked at it like this I’ve been greedy and I’ve been like, yeah, I’m going to take all the money.

I’m going to ship it myself. But then am I think about it? I’m like, Oh, I don’t have any more boxes or I got to go buy tape or seriously, I had to leave the house to go send one book. So yes, you can try to be greedy or you can have Amazon work for you find bulk product like that. You can just sell all right. Build a library because we’ll look at the benefits of having a library education. Right. So then you can learn on different things. You can, you can educate yourself, you can start teaching classes, which has residual income on that. Right. So the knowledge that you obtain from building your own personal library for free, or you’re getting, well, it’s not even for free, you’re getting paid to build your library. Right. Then, you know what I’m saying? You’re I mean, reading paid to learn, right?

So then you got your collectibles, which you can, I mean, they’re collectibles, I’ll also show you where you can sell those collectibles. So like Amazon is more like mass production, like right. Boom. We’re trying to pump them through pump, pump, pump, but on different places. Right. It’s more on a small term auction. So you take your, take your books, you take your collectibles, you put them up on this site and each one of your collectables could go for 50 to $100 a pop. Right. So that again, screws up these, the top numbers, if you understand what I’m saying. So those were just like the basic generic numbers. If you don’t really want to work very hard, but you want to work a little bit hard. Right? So there’s like, you can build, start building classes. You can collectibles, right. You can start selling your collectibles.

The maintenance on everything is really easy. Right. I I’m, I didn’t learn this until what mid December. All right. And after I learned this, like the sales went up a little bit more. All right. So it’s good to get to, you know, look around and figure some things out. Like, I, I, there’s still more on there that I need to learn, but still working. I’m still generating a healthy profit. And if mean, really honestly, if you guys are still listening to me, there’s two different parts. So I’m going to teach the class and I’m going to have the PDF for basically like breaking all this stuff down. All right. Now there’s a couple more things that when I’m breaking the PDF down, like the class or the book, and then also the class when I’m breaking it, everything down and I’m teaching, I’ll be thinking of other things. This is more just a crash course to an introduction or introduce it to you. Right. But there’s two different things. So there’s going to be one, which is just this and the P in the book, but then there’s also be like the upgrading right. For a little bit extra because I have a lot of books. All right. Just on the side. All right. My life, I literally don’t, well, let’s just go on a walk.

Right. So, because the people that are listening to me right now, you’ve made it this long. It probably really interested. So, I mean, I mean, showing this to you and kind of explaining to you what, I mean, hopefully we can start working together. So for a little bit extra than just the class, what I’ll be able to do for you is I don’t have enough time to list the books. All right. Not all of them. I can only list mine. All right. Like if they easily scan, then I can do it. Cause I just don’t have enough time in the day. Like I have so many other projects I’m doing that. I just don’t have enough time. But if you are really interested in and you want to get into this, the only thing that’s wrong with these books, not all of them, like, I’m just going to show you half of a shipment.

All right. Which I can guarantee you, there’s going to be a lot of books in these that aren’t going to fit my criteria and what I personally do. But if you’re interested and you sign up for the extra little part. Yeah. It’s a little bit more and it’s monthly, but what I’ll do is I’m just going to be shipping me books, right. Just non-stop shipping you books of the books that don’t fit my criteria. Obviously you’re going to be paying for the shipping. Right. But other than that, like, I’m just gonna be shipping you books. And so like in kind of give it like a perspective of how many books I have, like this is box, box, box, box boxes of books. There’s we’ll go over to my garage.

So if you see, I have a couple of books, right. And I’ll partner with you guys, like for a monthly little fee. Like I said, I have so many of these books. Yes. So many of these books, these even scan Amazon. So if you want to compete against me, you can ask me and I’ll send you a box of those. I don’t know why you’re want to, but like I have comics that I just haven’t gotten around to. Cause they don’t scan. Right. They don’t, they don’t easily scan. They don’t go beep. And so I don’t, I just don’t have time for it. Right. I have like 5,000 other things I need to do. But if you have time or you just don’t know where to go find books, then let’s just talk. And, and if you sign up for the extra, right, it’s not going to be too much extra per month.

I might charge you like 40, 50 bucks just because I’m going to have to manually go make all these boxes. All right. So you’re not going to be paying for the books are going to be, or the books you’ll be paying for my manual, labor of finding new great books to try to self, like, I don’t want to send you like just crappy books, like books that are torn apart and everything. So like, if you’re working with me, I’ll be going through these books and, and finding like good little starter packets. Right? Good little packets of books that, that a high, high, high probability of selling. Like, I don’t want to say like, okay, for instance, I’d probably send you that. Well, I’m not going to do that. That’s just stupid because there’s thousands of books. All right. I’m not going to go around and try to climb through all these boxes and be like, Oh, I sent you this one and that one.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. But if you are interested and you want to like do that part, then click onto the second little part and become like a monthly subscriber. And let’s start working together and get through these books. And if you can help me, then I’ll help you. The more books that you guys go through, the more books I can get. And eventually, you know, we can, we can really corner the market. Cause look at, look how much money there is in books. There’s like $500 million a year in books. So let’s, let’s try to get a piece of that. All right. See you on the other side.

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