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Day Fourteen FYMM Fitness

So, today I decided to do my little exercise first thing in the morning. No, I didn’t plan it. I’m waiting for some videos to upload to Vimeo and that takes forever. So I was like, “I can smoke or I can go run.” So I was like, “You know what, my chest is already hurting from smoking.” I can feel I keep coughing this stuff up and things, especially after I run. So I was like, “You know, I’m going to do something different today. I’m going to go run.” So get my workout early. So it’s just now seven o’clock in the morning. I’ve already ran, ran forward, ran backwards, did my 10 little pushups, did some curls. I was a little motivated, it’s early in the morning so I’ve a whole bunch of energy. I ran on the treadmill a little extra long today. Did a couple exercises for my back but nothing I’m going to do consistently, So I’m not going to go into it. I bought myself some big waters, that’s what I forgot to grab. I don’t feel like walking through the house, it gets cold in the house. Bought some liter water bottles. So remember this week is all about consuming more water. So with that in mind, I bought bigger water bottles. Now, I’ve a feeling I have to buy a new treadmill. I said this couple of days ago, but it’s getting worse and worse. It’s kind of fun, kind of like a game because there’s holes and everything. So it’s kind of fun and exciting to try to not fall. I was wondering, why are my calves on fire? Well, today I realized why. It is because I’m not running like this, I’m running on divots and bouncing back and forth. I’m using my calf muscles way more than I normally would, running. Because I’m trying to keep my balance and things, if that makes sense. So I was like, “Well, now I’m not just being cheap. I’m adding to my exercise, I’m making it harder. So I’m going to really run on this treadmill until I hurt myself or it breaks all the way.” So, hopefully I don’t hurt myself, because that’s my fear that when it breaks, then I’m going to get shot backwards. So hopefully that doesn’t happen but other than that, it’s good. Now, part of the thing with working out really early, now, I’ve talked about this a couple times, that in the afternoon it’s a completely different day. Now, not promising anything or not adding it to anything so don’t try to add it because remember this week is mostly just water. But if I feel so inclined, I might put together my little bike that I got and when I’m watching something informational. I watch my entertainment on Sundays. I try to ram it all in one day. So if I missed the series, I’ll try to watch it for 12 hours on Sundays so then I’m done and then no more entertainment till the next week, so then I focus. I don’t like this one week at a time crap. It just doesn’t work for me because if I’m watching something, I want to watch it and watch the whole season and get it over with. Don’t want to wait every week. That’s just stupid for me, wastes time. However, we’re not trying to add more exercise, not yet, at least not this week, but since it’s only seven in the morning and I might get bored later on today, I might add in a little bit of exercise and at that point, then I will talk to you guys again, make a new little video, check in with you. But I’m not promising anything so it might not happen, I might get lazy.

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