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Day Twenty Five FYMM Fitness

I did a little something different. I’ve been saying, I got to get on the bike. So this morning, first thing in the morning, because you know, it’s cold. It’s January, almost February. So it’s still kind of cold. But my room is warm, so it’s like you know what? Before I even go out, I’m just going to ride the bike, ride the bike for an hour.  Well, the first little bit was cool. I was not going fast at all, so I was literally just moving my legs for an hour, which ended up turning out to be 69 minutes because my program wasn’t done. But it felt good. Now after, my legs felt like complete mush, and they kind of hurt, and then I was really hungry and so I ate, and then I went into a comatose. So if I continue to do this, hopefully that doesn’t happen every morning because it kind of defeats the purpose if I go straight to bed after because I’m really tired, or rather I get really hungry, and my legs are nice and warm and about dead, and then I eat, and then my body just shuts down to digest the food. So hopefully that doesn’t continuously happen, but I’ll keep you posted. I might do a video just the hour of bike ride because right now we’re more or less talking about the riding, and the pushups, and building ourselves to a full workout. So with that being said, let’s get to today. Today was easy. I mean, it’s getting easier and easier. It’s still not the easiest thing in the world, so there’s no way I’m going to add three reps. That’s just stupid because I wouldn’t be able to do it. But it may be like another week or two, then these two sets are going to be nothing. Just remember, we’re not in a race just to put on the most amount of weights as possible and do a full set. We’re trying to create new habits. And if you read a paper I wrote, create new addictions. We all know we have addictions, so we’re just trying to create a new addiction. So, the treadmill, I could only run on it for 10 minutes. Literally I forced myself to run on it for 10 minutes. It’s over. Tomorrow morning I have to go to Walmart and hopefully they have another treadmill because this one’s not going to work. It’s not working. I can smell the rubber burning, it’s not going to work. It’s over. Other than that, everything’s cool. I’m still disappointed, I didn’t get to run 20 minutes, but hopefully tomorrow that problem will be solved.

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