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Day Twenty Four FYMM Fitness

Today was great, I don’t know what it was, maybe just because I had been sitting down for so long I just had all this built up energy. Maybe it was the coffee. I don’t know what it was. I was dealing with a cramp for the majority of the time. So, at least this is what my uncle told me when I was younger, when you get cramps it’s just that the carbon dioxide isn’t leaving your body. You breathe in oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide. So when you can’t get it all out, you start getting a cramp. He used to tell me, if you start getting a cramp, do everything that you can to get the excess air out. When you’re running I know it’s a little bit difficult, but with the intention of getting every little bit of oxygen, or now it’s turned into CO2, carbon dioxide, out of your system and then take deeper breaths. Try to regulate your breathing, and then you try to get all the carbon dioxide out and replenish it with fresh oxygen. Or you can run with your arms up to help the cramp out. Today I’m feeling great and it could be a lot of different variables. I’m not going to be like, “I’ve made a turn, I’m doing better now. I reached that turn, I’m going to do it now.” No, no, no. Because tomorrow I’ll probably be like, “Oh, this sucks. I don’t even want to do it.” But today when I was in rare form, I’ve been telling you, I run a little backwards for a little bit because it works a different part of your legs. It works different parts of your body. Yesterday I ran like one or two minutes, but this morning. (I’m not really running, so it’s kind of like a trot, or even just kind of walking backwards fast) It’s speed walking backwards because I’m not quite good enough to run backwards. I don’t want to fall and get too tired. I’m not trying to be fancy, I’m going backwards fast enough where I can trot my legs. Running backwards, I don’t have a TV. So I just put a song on. I ended up running 18 or almost 19 minutes this morning. I ran backwards for eight minutes which is good. Because it went from two minutes to eight minutes and I still felt energized. Did my pushups this morning and it wasn’t very difficult. I got up and down without struggling, which is a good thing. Just keep going. Little by little. Here’s one thing that is nice. So usually if I’m sitting down for a long time, then I’ll smoke, giving me another couple of hours of sitting. Well, this morning I even rolled a blunt. I started smoking, I was like, “You know what, dude? F*** this, I got to get up and move around. I got to get my blood moving. I got to get that natural high.” I don’t know if you remember me talking about that a few days ago. Like what happens when you consistently do this is this feeling I got right now, my body is going to start yearning for it. Just like before my body was yearning to get high. Well, now my body’s yearning for something a little different. This feeling that I have right now, even though it’s not like the greatest feeling, I’m kind of huffing and puffing, and all that kind of good stuff. But my body’s over here telling me, you know what? I like that. I like the feeling of this. It’s starting to feel good. That sweat, wearing this sweater, feeling the sweat in it because I’m not wearing a shirt under it. So it’s kind of rough now. And then knowing I’m going to be taking a nice shower after this, and knowing after I take the shower, you’ll feel good. Feel refreshed, like BOOM, ready to go. So my body’s getting used to that and it’s starting to enjoy that. I mean, we could even go almost the first couple of days, I wouldn’t have chose to go run as opposed to smoke. I would have smoked. Since we started this, I haven’t smoked any cigarettes (Well, rolling my little spliffs) just because, whoa, I can feel it too much. It hurts, it burns too much when I run. For the future knock out beer, because the more that you run, the better you feel, the less you want to feel horrible. I mean, that’s in theory. I’m waking up to a banana every morning, too, because I don’t like to fill myself up too much before I run. That’s what I like to do, you don’t have to do it for this. You just need 10 to 20 minutes a day and little by little we’ll add more. But I’m talking too much, so I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow. See you later, have a great one.

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