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Day Twenty Three FYMM Fitness

All right. I just got done for the day. Quick little run. I don’t remember, yesterday I was saying I was in rare form and was really interested in something I was listening to, so I ended up running for 20 minutes. Well today, it’s amazing how once you know you can do something, how much easier it is the next time you do it. Right? Today, I was like, “You know what? I’m going to find me something to watch that’s in the 20 minute range and I’m going to just run until it’s over,” so that’s what I did. I ran two miles today, opposed to one mile. Now, I can only run 6 miles an hour, it’s as fast as it’s going. Or I probably would run faster, but I can’t go any faster. The treadmill won’t go any faster, so 10 minute miles is as fast as I’m able to go, which is cool, I ran two miles. Still ran backwards. I got one song that’s basically five minutes. I think it’s four minutes and 45 seconds, something like that. So I just played that song backwards. Once it’s done, then I know I’ve gotten my time. That’s really easy just to calculate that. Then, my first little routine, really easy. Second time around still having a little trouble with my shoulders just because you know I’m getting tired. It’s the last thing I do. In between sets, when I’m doing this, I’m drinking one of the smaller water bottles, as if you remember, part of the main thing I needed to work on was drinking more water throughout the day. So I am still drinking my big water bottle, but then I’m also trying to incorporate drinking a smaller one throughout the day. Let’s see, what else? Still have yet to put the afternoon together, but it’s still on the forefront of my mind. I’m also thinking about some sit-ups, because if you remember the body eval, this stomach got to go. But well, steady progress over perfection. I forgot what we’re going to be working on next week, but it’s Thursday, so I still have three days to figure out what I’m going to implement and what I’m going to add. Stay strong. I’m going to take a shower.

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