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Day Twenty-Two FYMM Fitness

All right. So today I didn’t feel like it. I was lazy, I ate too much food first thing in the morning. Usually, I don’t like eating a large breakfast because food makes me sleepy. But this morning, for some reason, Well, I know the reason, I smoked. But we won’t put that in here. I was super hungry, and then I was just lethargic for hours. It’s noon now, I have been comatose all day. What I’m about to tell you was pretty surprising. Now, going into the workout, I knew I had to just do it, just keep moving because of the law of inertia, I knew if I kept laying around, I’d just stay in bed longer. However, when I got on, I saw something. I forgot what the title was. It was like Conquer Your Morning or something like that. So I clicked it, and I mean, it was an 18-minute video and it was interesting. I mean, I’m out of breath right now, however, I ran basically 20 minutes, which is double the 10 minutes because it took me about a minute and a half, two minutes to look for something to watch. When I started watching it, I just started getting into it. The run wasn’t bothering me at all. If I could go faster, if i had better treadmill, I’m still kind of bouncing around all over the place, Then I would try to speed up a little faster and then try to burn myself out, just because I want to run faster and expand my lung capacity, deeper breaths more expansion of your lungs. But that’s a different topic. Today, the pushups, I’m starting to feel them, which is great. That’s what I want. Doing above my shoulders, now that was difficult today, on the last one, you know what I’m saying, on, I guess, 17 to 20 was difficult. Today’s body eval day, the fourth time. See you tomorrow.

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