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Every day Make the Impossible Possible!!

What is impossible? I don’t think anything is really impossible, it might be implausible but not impossible. 500 years ago it was impossible the world was round, 300 years ago it was impossible to think slaves would be free and we would eventually have a Black President, 200 years ago flying in the sky like birds was a crazy man’s dream, now it is nearly impossible to think of a world without airplanes. 30 years ago to imagine Steve Jobs dream was a joke “everyone having a computer” now it seems everyone has access to a computer. One major event in my life taught me this very valuable lesson  “anything can happen”.

 It was the time in between my parents’ deaths, a family friend while trying to comfort me promised me I would not lose my mom, she told me God would not do that and that it was impossible. Well, 10 months later my mom had died. I was 11 years old and just been promised by multiple people God would not allow me to lose both parents and that it was impossible, 25 years later I know everything is possible if you have imagination and will power. 

Erik that is a great story but how do we apply this to our normal lives? 

First and foremost we have to stop listening to other people, what is impossible in another person’s mind is just that, impossible in their mind. It does not say we have to have the same mindset or frame of thinking than anyone else in this world, this includes our parents, our friends, and our families. Most of the time it is our friends, our parents or our family who give our minds restrictions. If our friends or parents failed at something, they usually have a negative cognition associated with what they failed at. So they project their personal emotions of uncertainty, fear, and doubt on to us. The excuse is always the same, “I just wanted to protect you” or “I didn’t want you to get hurt as I did”. In the process of “protecting us,” they are actually hindering our mental development. If you have taken my Kaizen “how to conquer any goal” class then we know everything starts with a thought. 

Everything starts with a thought?

Yes, everything in life starts with a thought, then becomes an idea, after the idea then we have a plan, then once we have the plan we need action. When I say action I need to explain, some things need immediate action and other things are like a seed and need to be planted for the future. We always have to remember the “turtle and the hare race” in some situations it takes time and other situations it might take a lifetime to make the impossible possible. The people we allow to influence our thoughts is a very important personal decision we have to make, the question we must first ask ourselves is;

 What is my Impossible?

 Once we have determined our impossible then and only then can we allow different people into our lives.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN, THEN YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL, misery loves company without a plan then you will, by default associate with other people without a plan. One of the most overlooked aspects of accomplishing the impossible is the consequences involved. Depending on the size of your impossible, if it is a very large impossible the consequences are going to be very large as well when we discuss consequences I am not just discussing negative consequences I am referring to positive consequences as well. 

Let’s explore this concept a little, if you want to get in shape “have the perfect body” the negative consequences are; moderation of unhealthy foods, much more restrictive time management when it comes to lounging, go through the pain and effort of consistently going to the gym. Your positive consequences are a more healthy lifestyle, more energy, and eventually your perfect body. That sounds easy enough, well if the world was made up of billions of little planets it would be, but we have other interactions in the real world.  This is the importance of choosing our friends very carefully, if their impossible does not align with our impossible then there will be a conflict of interest, and we might be forced to sacrifice a consequence we needed in order for us to accomplish our impossible. 

The turtle and the hare!

As I have stated before, I originally wrote FYMM when I was 22, 14 years ago. Over the years there have been multiple times where opportunities arose to catapult FYMM into the public eye, however like in dominos, “not all money is good money” when you have a name like FYMM “Fuck you make money” it has to be presented in a very articulated way. My impossible is very large. It is world-changing, in moments of time I have had many different people believe their impossible was in alignment with mine but as I am writing this essay I am alone. If I had been influenced solely by the original members of FYMM, then Harvard would have never happened, and we would have conducted mostly “street activities” and we would have been classified as a gang, destroying my impossible. I am not going to go through my life and give every reason why FYMM has taken so long to write but let’s jump forward, 14 years after the book was originally written.

What if I told you 6 months ago, a friend had to go to jail for something that happened in the past. He was over at my house explaining the situation, I stopped him almost mid-sentence and said this is a great opportunity. We can change the world for the better, at that moment I can imagine my friend thought I was crazy but he at least gave me the respect to listen to me. I explained my theory that if we want to change as a race we need to start with the fathers and that in today’s society sadly most of our fathers are in jail.

  • Everything starts with a thought – “How to uplift our race” 
  • Then comes an idea – “Write the book as a sequence of letters”
  • Then comes the plan – “I am going to write every week the book is 140+ quotes so at least 2 ½ years of writings”
  • Action – we have one book published on amazon 6 months after the original conversation. Volume 1 of many.

6 months ago if I told people I am going to have a book published on Amazon with the help of an inmate, they would have looked at me and rolled their eyes, and dismissed it as impossible. Having the FYMM mindset I have done just that, wrote a book published on Amazon with the help of an inmate. So FUCK YOU MAKE MONEY & EVERY DAY MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.