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I don’t need to fight you Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too, And fight for me dude

This is a good one, I’ve thought about this, and then been in so many different situations where this is so true. Sometimes, I’ve had to make myself be the “bigger man” so to speak. It is harder to not fight than it is to fight. Especially when it’s a lose-lose situation, the popular cartoon Boondocks calls it a nigga moment. when you are in a situation that seems impossible to get out of because of your pride or whatever it is, gets in the way.

 I don’t need to fight you because in the end you’ll believe in me too and fight for me dude. I have to laugh at this because there are so many different situations and so many different times throughout my life where this quote has come true or proved valuable. I’m a very difficult person to deal with, nobody in this entire world has told me I’m an easy person to deal with, besides myself. I like to push people and push people, test their buttons, and see what they’re made out of. I’m an intense person. I don’t like imperfections, I don’t like when people don’t strive to be perfect in everything that they do.

Now it’s impossible for me to be or to tell you to be perfect because that is just an impossible feat, I am never going to be a perfect human being; no matter how many people I help, no matter what I do, no matter how many people follow me, no matter how many people believe in me. I’m never going to be perfect. I do, however, strive for perfection and that’s what I ask all of you to do is just to strive for perfection. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be perfect, just try for it.  

I’m a difficult person because I’m going to challenge you, I’m going to push your buttons, I’m going to bring the best out of you, from the best of my ability. Sometimes, I’m a rather annoying person that can crawl under your skin. I won’t give up on you, just like I Won’t Give Up on myself if you become Fuck You Make Money then it’s for life. As it is a mentality change, a paradigm shift. 

The message is so powerful, as long as we consistently have the Fuck You Make Money mindset, over the years, and over time we will develop skills, which develop successful habits. This is imperative in order for us to succeed in life. In the beginning, it’s obvious, we don’t have these necessary traits in order to succeed. School and the “dumbing-down” of music help contribute to the problem.

In today’s society, we don’t challenge our peers in a positive manner. If we listen to music, nobody is holding anyone accountable for the future damage these songs will have on our youth and society. It’s always, “I’ll beat you down” or “if you come on my block I’m going to f*** you up” or “I’m going to come to your block and f*** you up” or “I’m going to take your girl” or “Come let’s fuck” or some stupid s*** just like that. None of it’s challenging ourselves or the community to be productive. 

Tupac said it best, “If we want to be gangsters and we want to live that lifestyle then let’s start our own country if this is what we want to do then let’s do something about it” I cannot agree more with that mentality and I blame us as a people for what our situation has become.

I’m telling you I don’t need to fight you, as Harriet Tubman would say “she saved thousands of slaves but she would have saved thousands more if she could only convince them that they were a Slave”.

It is very difficult for me to explain we are still slaves, it is so taboo for Black Americans to hear they are still slaves. We have been told repeatedly slavery ended in the 1800s, so that has to be true.  

The truth is, we have not changed our mentality as a race, as a race of people what do we aspire to become? But even worse what is expected of us? What is expected of you as being black?

Nothing is expected of you besides going to jail or doing something stupid if you’re a black woman you’re expected to live off of food stamps and have a whole bunch of illiterate stupid kids. If you’re a black male, as I am, we are expected to go to jail. It is not a “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” it is an expectation in America. If you are a black male you’re going to go to jail.

In the United States, it is a great achievement in most black families to graduate college, but it is a commonality a “norm” to have been to jail. Why is it a great achievement to graduate but it is not a great failure to end up in jail? We treat jail as some kind of sick “rights of passage”.  Education should be expected not the other way around.

We expect ourselves to go to jail, while we give ourselves cookies for doing what our ancestors died trying to do. Which is learn, why is that an achievement to learn?  Learning is more or less a basic necessity, just like you need to drink water, you need to eat, when you’re walking up and down the street you’re exercising your muscles. Our brain is also a muscle. Why would you refuse to exercise that muscle, doesn’t make any sense! Hopefully with better understanding now, we are our own worst enemies.

I say this again

I don’t need to fight you

Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too

And fight for me dude

There’s going to be a lot of people when they read this who are going to disagree with what I am saying. Not because they actually disagree, but because I’m calling them on their own shit and saying that they’re worthless but not just them in a singular form but in a plural, meaning everyone.

If we are not consistently trying to better ourselves on a daily basis, not on a “weekend warrior” basis then the inevitable result will be a deterioration of a person, a race, a nation. There are only two directions, not three, progression and regression. The third option which so many of us fall into is stagnation, however, stagnation is the same as regression. 

In order for us to achieve great things we have to change our morals, what’s important to us and why is it important to us.  By understanding our past we can predict and understand our spending habits, our morals, our communication skills, or lack thereof and our family dynamics. We have absolutely no identity, we don’t know anything about ourselves and we don’t care that we don’t know anything about ourselves. 

The world considers us African Americans, but most of us have never even seen Africa, or ever had the desire to go. So how and why can we be considered something that we have no emotional attachment to? But yet we accept ourselves as being classified or called something because we have no self-identity. We don’t know what we are and if we don’t know what we are then how can we ever achieve anything great as a race, as a culture, as a people?

Until the time we decide to disregard everything we were taught in schools by the conquers and, decide to rediscover our pasts. Yes, some of us have Royal African blood and Royal Indian blood, from vast regions of the native united states, and through the transatlantic slave trade.

We will use me for the example, through my lineage I have royal blood on both my Native American side and on my African side. Most everyone wants to believe they have royal blood and they are a king, but runs at the first sign of trouble and avoids responsibility. As king, you must only think of the empowerment of your people, as a king is ordained by God to provide; food, knowledge, protection, discipline, and structure for his people. Most believe being king is a blessing but it is a curse for a true king is unable to sleep until he knows his kingdom and his people are safe. It was not just the King who was transported, it was his royal court, his soldiers, his doctors, his advisers. Opposed to using our ancient soldier blood of having no fear to destroy each other or using our ancient blood to create belittling music and images. We need to remember when the time is right the King will reappear. The question is will you be ready?

David White says “America Is Ours just as much as there’s, we built this place” We can’t lay dormant and believe what everyone tells us, “that this isn’t our land! we are African, I am not African, I have African blood but my great-grandmother was Native American. So why do we classify ourselves as being African when the majority of us have native blood? So if we have native blood then why are we not taking ownership of our native land? Or our Native language, or culture?


 I don’t need to fight you

Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too

And fight for me dude

What I’m writing are just my thoughts that’s it. I’m not right, I’m not wrong. I’m just a person with an opinion. Hopefully, my opinion offends a lot of people because if it offends a lot of people then people will talk about it.  if I don’t offend anybody with what I’m saying then nothing’s going to change. The only way things change is when people become offended and get riled up enough that they want to fight me, but then it’s my responsibility to manipulate the situation and convince them of my thinking and of my opinions. I’m not opinionated from selfish thoughts on the contrary I’m opinionated because I want to see growth and I’m sick of seeing people blame everybody but themselves for their own problems. If I can piss everybody off enough to want to fight me because their life is miserable and been blaming everybody in the world for their own situation. then that’s great, that is amazing actually for that split-second I got their undivided attention and if they can sit down for a little bit and actually understand what I’m trying to say. Because in the end you’ll believe in me too And fight for me dude.