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Every day Make the impossible Possible!!

What is impossible? I don’t think anything is really impossible, it might be implausible but not impossible. 500 years ago it was impossible the world was round, 300 years ago it was impossible to think slaves would be free and we would eventually have a Black President, 200 years ago flying in the sky like birds was a crazy man’s dream, now it is nearly impossible to think of a world without airplanes. 30 years ago to imagine Steve Jobs dream was a joke “everyone having a computer” now it seems everyone has access to a computer. One major event in my life taught me this very valuable lesson  “anything can happen”.

 It was the time in between my parents’ deaths, a family friend while trying to comfort me promised me I would not lose my mom, she told me God would not do that and that it was impossible. Well, 10 months later my mom had died. I was 11 years old and just been promised by multiple people God would not allow me to lose both parents and that it was impossible, 25 years later I know everything is possible if you have imagination and will power. 

Erik that is a great story but how do we apply this to our normal lives? 

First and foremost we have to stop listening to other people, what is impossible in another person’s mind is just that, impossible in their mind. It does not say we have to have the same mindset or frame of thinking than anyone else in this world, this includes our parents, our friends, and our families. Most of the time it is our friends, our parents or our family who give our minds restrictions. If our friends or parents failed at something, they usually have a negative cognition associated with what they failed at. So they project their personal emotions of uncertainty, fear, and doubt on to us. The excuse is always the same, “I just wanted to protect you” or “I didn’t want you to get hurt as I did”. In the process of “protecting us,” they are actually hindering our mental development. If you have taken my Kaizen “how to conquer any goal” class then we know everything starts with a thought. 

Everything starts with a thought?

Yes, everything in life starts with a thought, then becomes an idea, after the idea then we have a plan, then once we have the plan we need action. When I say action I need to explain, some things need immediate action and other things are like a seed and need to be planted for the future. We always have to remember the “turtle and the hare race” in some situations it takes time and other situations it might take a lifetime to make the impossible possible. The people we allow to influence our thoughts is a very important personal decision we have to make, the question we must first ask ourselves is;

 What is my Impossible?

 Once we have determined our impossible then and only then can we allow different people into our lives.  IF YOU DON’T HAVE A PLAN, THEN YOU ARE PLANNING TO FAIL, misery loves company without a plan then you will, by default associate with other people without a plan. One of the most overlooked aspects of accomplishing the impossible is the consequences involved. Depending on the size of your impossible, if it is a very large impossible the consequences are going to be very large as well when we discuss consequences I am not just discussing negative consequences I am referring to positive consequences as well. 

Let’s explore this concept a little, if you want to get in shape “have the perfect body” the negative consequences are; moderation of unhealthy foods, much more restrictive time management when it comes to lounging, go through the pain and effort of consistently going to the gym. Your positive consequences are a more healthy lifestyle, more energy, and eventually your perfect body. That sounds easy enough, well if the world was made up of billions of little planets it would be, but we have other interactions in the real world.  This is the importance of choosing our friends very carefully, if their impossible does not align with our impossible then there will be a conflict of interest, and we might be forced to sacrifice a consequence we needed in order for us to accomplish our impossible. 

The turtle and the hare!

As I have stated before, I originally wrote FYMM when I was 22, 14 years ago. Over the years there have been multiple times where opportunities arose to catapult FYMM into the public eye, however like in dominos, “not all money is good money” when you have a name like FYMM “Fuck you make money” it has to be presented in a very articulated way. My impossible is very large. It is world-changing, in moments of time I have had many different people believe their impossible was in alignment with mine but as I am writing this essay I am alone. If I had been influenced solely by the original members of FYMM, then Harvard would have never happened, and we would have conducted mostly “street activities” and we would have been classified as a gang, destroying my impossible. I am not going to go through my life and give every reason why FYMM has taken so long to write but let’s jump forward, 14 years after the book was originally written.

What if I told you 6 months ago, a friend had to go to jail for something that happened in the past. He was over at my house explaining the situation, I stopped him almost mid-sentence and said this is a great opportunity. We can change the world for the better, at that moment I can imagine my friend thought I was crazy but he at least gave me the respect to listen to me. I explained my theory that if we want to change as a race we need to start with the fathers and that in today’s society sadly most of our fathers are in jail.

  • Everything starts with a though – “How to uplift our race” 
  • Then comes an idea – “Write the book as a sequence of letters”
  • Then comes the plan – “I am going to write every week the book is 140+ quotes so at least 2 ½ years of writings”
  • Action – we have one book published on amazon 6 months after the original conversation. Volume 1 of many.

6 months ago if I told people I am going to have a book published on Amazon with the help of an inmate, they would have looked at me and rolled their eyes, and dismissed it as impossible. Having the FYMM mindset I have done just that, wrote a book published on Amazon with the help of an inmate. So FUCK YOU MAKE MONEY & EVERY DAY MAKE THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

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Get your own notebook, Stop acting funny, Stop talking show me the money

Our life is exactly how we make it, now there are different factors which can alter our lives but in the end, it is our choice of what life we live. Excuses are just like assholes, everyone has one, I am no better than the next person in this regard. I make plenty of excuses why I can’t do something, however, I understand that my excuse is just translated as “I am too lazy” or “it really is not that important”. When we discuss money in this context we are not only talking about paper money. We are talking about anything of tangible value you can create or obtain. 

Get your own notebook

In school as in life it is imperative to take notes, when we take notes we remember important things. When I am referring to notes I am not discussing last night’s game, or a math problem, or someone’s phone number. No, I am talking about important notes, life-changing notes about life.  If we do not take notes then we will forget different interactions, the interactions I am discussing are very important to the success of each individual person. For a reason, I am not sure we as humans love to give people a second chance, we allow people to walk all over us. We justify these actions because if in our hearts we are a good person then we project that on to the world and assume the rest of the world holds our values as their values. 

 This is not the case at all, your good and my good might not be the same, for you stealing is a horrible thing and cannot be justified in any situation, however, I might have been starving with no access to food so it was ”steal food or don’t eat”. Stealing to me is not inherently a bad thing, but to you, it could be a horrible crime. 

Having a notebook allows us to take note of different people and the way they respond in different circumstances. We all would like to live in a world where friends have our best interest at heart but that is seldom the case. Most interactions with so-called friends are filled with intoxicating stories or neurotic dangerous behaviors. How many conversations do we have with our friends where we are truly being honest, where we discuss each other’s shortcomings and how we are going to strengthen each shortcoming. Notebooks allow us to refer back to our relationships to see if this is a positive progressive relationship or if it is just a relationship to pass the time. 

Stop acting funny

All-day I hear how and why people cannot get something done. I have always questioned that way of thinking, my thoughts on any situation are always the same. There is a finite amount of time per issue or problem, we have two choices we can spend the time in-efficiently and complain about our problems, and take the victim’s stance. Or we can acknowledge there is a problem and immediately face the problem head-on and think only of solutions. 

The funny thing about common sense is it does not become common sense until you have made the mistake and sometimes after you make a mistake more than once. Then and only then do you develop common sense. My aunt told me “all you need in this life is common sense” however, she forgot to mention in order to obtain common sense I would have to make every mistake known to man, survive my bad decisions and learn from them. I am amazed how many people will make a mistake but not learn the valuable lesson created by the mistake, common sense. Mistakes and learning are a part of life and are like saying peanut butter and jelly you need both to make a PB&J sandwich, just like you must make a mistake to learn. 

Stop talking show me the money

What do people do with their time? I love movies and I also love to be lazy and do nothing. I am one who can watch movies all day long and be satisfied. However, at the end of that day I would have written a paper, inventoried books, cleaned the house, managed my amazon store, sent all of my emails, do my daily exercises, now that I am attempting to step into the social world create videos. That is what I would consider a lazy day, a day that is raining or cold where I am stuck in the house. What I have noticed with a lot of people is that they work so hard and are so stressed but at the end of the day accomplished nothing for themselves. Then what makes it worse is after a hard day of doing nothing then they buy drugs and alcohol or tobacco. To most people who don't have common sense, this sounds normal, but to me, it is backward. Work all day accomplish nothing then spend the little money we make on liabilities, that is a recipe for disaster. 

Stop talking you might learn something: All people do is talk talk talk talk talk talk but after they are done they really said nothing. It is almost impossible to get a word in, we have become so self-consumed that we really don't even talk to other people we just talk. If there is a camera in arms-length then people feel the need to talk and express their opinion on every issue to the camera. What I have learned is when I just listen I realize how miserable people's outlook on life is. Most of the goals and dreams are minor at best. It is a proven fact if you shut your mouth and open your ears you are able to listen better, and with listening better we are able to learn faster. 

Show me the money:  everyone has great advice but only a few have money, only 1% of the world has real money 10% of the world has like 80% of the world's money. If these numbers are remotely close that would mean 90% of the world is not wealthy, so that would mean that almost all the great advice you hear is trash, advice given by the 90% of people. The funny thing is most people will listen to the man driving the Lamborghini but laugh at the man who has a brand new dump truck. What sense does that make? If you can pay cash for a new  Lamborghini or a new dump truck you are not pressed for money as they are about the same price, but one is making money every day while the other is an expense every day. So why would I listen to the person who bought the liability before I talk to the person who bought the dump truck. 

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I can’t give up, I can’t stop, NEVER NEVER NEVER, Lie for the cause, Die for the cause, Fuck it, Who cares, about me? Nobody so I say it again, And again Fuck You Make Money

When I wrote this I had already been through a lot in my life, however, I did not know how much more was in store for me. By the time I was 22 the struggles I had been through would have broken the strongest minded person, now in my mid 30’s I’m surprised I haven’t given up. At the end of the quote, it says fuck it who cares about me. We have to look inside and understand the thinking I had when I wrote the book and this quote. The fact that nobody cares about me is probably why I’m still alive and why I haven’t given up. 

Throughout my life, I’ve been told numerous times how much people love me, but then their actions never support their claims. If what people have been giving me is love, then I don’t really want it. The same people who told me I love you, are the same people who sent me to hell, and when my hell was over, cast me out as a sheep amongst wolves.

I learned at 11 years old I was on this earth by myself and nobody was going to take care of me. The day my mom died is the day everything went to shit. I came up with the theory “fuck you make money” because I was tired of getting hurt by people and I realized that unless you’re trying to make money with me then fuck you, hence the phrase fuck you make money. There are two types of people in this world, people who are willing to crawl through the mud with you and get dirty, then the other type are the people who plot and try and destroy everything you create.

I set out to find other like-minded people that the world forgot about, the people no one cares about. If we take a minute and think about it, almost all of us are or have been forgotten. It is not just Erik and his pity it’s the whole world. We all came into a world where no one cares about anybody but themselves and I’m a prime example. I really don’t give a shit about anything but myself, that’s why I help other people so that I can help myself. When it says nobody cares about me it also should be saying I don’t care about anybody else so I say it, again and again, Fuck You Make Money

Unless you are a part of me, then I don’t care if you care about me. Where it says “I can’t give up” you’re right I can’t give up on the people that do believe in me, that believe in having something better for themselves.The people that no longer want to be a Nigger and want to achieve something in life. The people that have slept under a bridge or have been in a situation where nobody’s been there for them. Those are the people who understand my pain and the struggle I’ve been through. If you haven’t been in a situation where you don’t know what’s going to happen, or you don’t have someone telling you that it’s going to be okay then you don’t understand me. Since I was 11 years old, no one’s told me it’s going to be okay. I don’t remember anyone telling me too much of anything. I remember being sent to programs and then being disowned at age 18.

I can’t give up I can’t stop never never never lie for the cause die for the cause fuck it who cares about me nobody so I say it again and again fuck you make money. Ain’t Life a bitch I have to give my life for this shit, it’ll be worth it as long as every black man’s rich. 

The book has numerous quotes about the sacrifices I’m going to have to make and the ones I’ve already made in my life for the cause so lie for the cause die for the cause yes I will.  I have died.  little pieces of me have died over the years. I can’t sleep, I don’t know how to have a normal relationship, the amount of stress I probably have on me would kill a normal person but I don’t even look at it as stressed I don’t even know what it is.

We have to first analyze our own situations, our own blessings, and our own struggles. When it gets really hard for me, and it does, I’m not perfect as much as I try to be a machine and a robot, have no feelings, and work all day. I go as far as trying to convince myself I don’t need sleep, I don’t need food and I don’t need water to survive. God has a funny way of breaking me down (exhaustion)  but if we pay attention God does it in a way that can be motivating. A saying I grew up on is “God will never give you more than you can handle” if that is true then all of our struggles are for a greater purpose. Far too many of us blame God for hardships opposed to thanking him for preparing us for future battles.

Fuck it who cares about me it’s an attitude that I have to have majority of the time in my life in order to survive.  When I was younger I was watching the movie “Dead Presidents”. They were in the Vietnam jungle when one marine asked his best marine friend about back home and his daughter. The marine responded, “thinking about going back home will get me killed. I can’t think about it. I don’t want to be a part of it in order for me to survive. I have to live here in the jungle and think of nothing else but this.

While I’m in my jungle and my war zone of accomplishing my goals and building the society I want. I have to have the same mentality as that Marine had, I cannot be buckled down with feelings and emotions, I have to isolate myself in order for me to achieve greatness there is no other way. If I get buckled down with people worrying about me and in turn me worrying about them worrying about me, then I lose mental time & energy. The ultimate sacrifice is to sacrifice oneself, so it would be a great honor to sacrifice myself for the greater good of my people. 

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I don’t need to fight you Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too, And fight for me dude

This is a good one, I’ve thought about this, and then been in so many different situations where this is so true. Sometimes, I’ve had to make myself be the “bigger man” so to speak. It is harder to not fight than it is to fight. Especially when it’s a lose-lose situation, the popular cartoon Boondocks calls it a nigga moment. when you are in a situation that seems impossible to get out of because of your pride or whatever it is, gets in the way.

 I don’t need to fight you because in the end you’ll believe in me too and fight for me dude. I have to laugh at this because there are so many different situations and so many different times throughout my life where this quote has come true or proved valuable. I’m a very difficult person to deal with, nobody in this entire world has told me I’m an easy person to deal with, besides myself. I like to push people and push people, test their buttons, and see what they’re made out of. I’m an intense person. I don’t like imperfections, I don’t like when people don’t strive to be perfect in everything that they do.

Now it’s impossible for me to be or to tell you to be perfect because that is just an impossible feat, I am never going to be a perfect human being; no matter how many people I help, no matter what I do, no matter how many people follow me, no matter how many people believe in me. I’m never going to be perfect. I do, however, strive for perfection and that’s what I ask all of you to do is just to strive for perfection. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be perfect, just try for it.  

I’m a difficult person because I’m going to challenge you, I’m going to push your buttons, I’m going to bring the best out of you, from the best of my ability. Sometimes, I’m a rather annoying person that can crawl under your skin. I won’t give up on you, just like I Won’t Give Up on myself if you become Fuck You Make Money then it’s for life. As it is a mentality change, a paradigm shift. 

The message is so powerful, as long as we consistently have the Fuck You Make Money mindset, over the years, and over time we will develop skills, which develop successful habits. This is imperative in order for us to succeed in life. In the beginning, it’s obvious, we don’t have these necessary traits in order to succeed. School and the “dumbing-down” of music help contribute to the problem.

In today’s society, we don’t challenge our peers in a positive manner. If we listen to music, nobody is holding anyone accountable for the future damage these songs will have on our youth and society. It’s always, “I’ll beat you down” or “if you come on my block I’m going to f*** you up” or “I’m going to come to your block and f*** you up” or “I’m going to take your girl” or “Come let’s fuck” or some stupid s*** just like that. None of it’s challenging ourselves or the community to be productive. 

Tupac said it best, “If we want to be gangsters and we want to live that lifestyle then let’s start our own country if this is what we want to do then let’s do something about it” I cannot agree more with that mentality and I blame us as a people for what our situation has become.

I’m telling you I don’t need to fight you, as Harriet Tubman would say “she saved thousands of slaves but she would have saved thousands more if she could only convince them that they were a Slave”.

It is very difficult for me to explain we are still slaves, it is so taboo for Black Americans to hear they are still slaves. We have been told repeatedly slavery ended in the 1800s, so that has to be true.  

The truth is, we have not changed our mentality as a race, as a race of people what do we aspire to become? But even worse what is expected of us? What is expected of you as being black?

Nothing is expected of you besides going to jail or doing something stupid if you’re a black woman you’re expected to live off of food stamps and have a whole bunch of illiterate stupid kids. If you’re a black male, as I am, we are expected to go to jail. It is not a “maybe I will, maybe I won’t” it is an expectation in America. If you are a black male you’re going to go to jail.

In the United States, it is a great achievement in most black families to graduate college, but it is a commonality a “norm” to have been to jail. Why is it a great achievement to graduate but it is not a great failure to end up in jail? We treat jail as some kind of sick “rights of passage”.  Education should be expected not the other way around.

We expect ourselves to go to jail, while we give ourselves cookies for doing what our ancestors died trying to do. Which is learn, why is that an achievement to learn?  Learning is more or less a basic necessity, just like you need to drink water, you need to eat, when you’re walking up and down the street you’re exercising your muscles. Our brain is also a muscle. Why would you refuse to exercise that muscle, doesn’t make any sense! Hopefully with better understanding now, we are our own worst enemies.

I say this again

I don’t need to fight you

Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too

And fight for me dude

There’s going to be a lot of people when they read this who are going to disagree with what I am saying. Not because they actually disagree, but because I’m calling them on their own shit and saying that they’re worthless but not just them in a singular form but in a plural, meaning everyone.

If we are not consistently trying to better ourselves on a daily basis, not on a “weekend warrior” basis then the inevitable result will be a deterioration of a person, a race, a nation. There are only two directions, not three, progression and regression. The third option which so many of us fall into is stagnation, however, stagnation is the same as regression. 

In order for us to achieve great things we have to change our morals, what’s important to us and why is it important to us.  By understanding our past we can predict and understand our spending habits, our morals, our communication skills, or lack thereof and our family dynamics. We have absolutely no identity, we don’t know anything about ourselves and we don’t care that we don’t know anything about ourselves. 

The world considers us African Americans, but most of us have never even seen Africa, or ever had the desire to go. So how and why can we be considered something that we have no emotional attachment to? But yet we accept ourselves as being classified or called something because we have no self-identity. We don’t know what we are and if we don’t know what we are then how can we ever achieve anything great as a race, as a culture, as a people?

Until the time we decide to disregard everything we were taught in schools by the conquers and, decide to rediscover our pasts. Yes, some of us have Royal African blood and Royal Indian blood, from vast regions of the native united states, and through the transatlantic slave trade.

We will use me for the example, through my lineage I have royal blood on both my Native American side and on my African side. Most everyone wants to believe they have royal blood and they are a king, but runs at the first sign of trouble and avoids responsibility. As king, you must only think of the empowerment of your people, as a king is ordained by God to provide; food, knowledge, protection, discipline, and structure for his people. Most believe being king is a blessing but it is a curse for a true king is unable to sleep until he knows his kingdom and his people are safe. It was not just the King who was transported, it was his royal court, his soldiers, his doctors, his advisers. Opposed to using our ancient soldier blood of having no fear to destroy each other or using our ancient blood to create belittling music and images. We need to remember when the time is right the King will reappear. The question is will you be ready?

David White says “America Is Ours just as much as there’s, we built this place” We can’t lay dormant and believe what everyone tells us, “that this isn’t our land! we are African, I am not African, I have African blood but my great-grandmother was Native American. So why do we classify ourselves as being African when the majority of us have native blood? So if we have native blood then why are we not taking ownership of our native land? Or our Native language, or culture?


 I don’t need to fight you

Because in the end, you’ll believe in me too

And fight for me dude

What I’m writing are just my thoughts that’s it. I’m not right, I’m not wrong. I’m just a person with an opinion. Hopefully, my opinion offends a lot of people because if it offends a lot of people then people will talk about it.  if I don’t offend anybody with what I’m saying then nothing’s going to change. The only way things change is when people become offended and get riled up enough that they want to fight me, but then it’s my responsibility to manipulate the situation and convince them of my thinking and of my opinions. I’m not opinionated from selfish thoughts on the contrary I’m opinionated because I want to see growth and I’m sick of seeing people blame everybody but themselves for their own problems. If I can piss everybody off enough to want to fight me because their life is miserable and been blaming everybody in the world for their own situation. then that’s great, that is amazing actually for that split-second I got their undivided attention and if they can sit down for a little bit and actually understand what I’m trying to say. Because in the end you’ll believe in me too And fight for me dude.

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I feel like we’re having a real conversation no lies, If you ride with me I’ll ride with you till I die, No matter if it causes my sister to cry, Just remember I died for the cause open your eyes, And ask why

In today’s society, it is imperative for us as a people to cease from living a meaningless life. How many conversations does each of us have in a day that does not have any meaning? We as a race of people even came up with a phrase to define worthless communications we call it “small talk.” How many of us see exaggerating as being a harmless little lie that will not affect anything, but we use it to boost the story and give ourselves a false sense of pride. This quote challenges us to stop having worthless conversations and start having real meaningful conversations. Only when we as a human race stop wasting time with each other and begin to have real conversations will we begin the process of growing. It saddens me at what the world has become, no longer do we care about our future and the futures of our descendants. We are more concerned with watching television and trying to emulate people we will never become. Conversations in the past were meaningful, black people actually had conversations on how to grow as a race. We were organized and driven, to advance our society and our mental abilities. In those days we took ourselves seriously, nowadays we idolize phrases like “I made a 100K without going to college”  how ridiculous is that?  

Now we have the understanding that having a real conversation is one emulated from forgotten leaders of the past or conversations with intellectual value. Once we move past the bullshit of worthless conversations and proceed with authentic conversations it will have an unconscious effect on our psychological makeup, it will allow our brains to advance at a faster rate. It also will have a positive effect on our abilities to understand and be empathic to ourselves and others. If you ride with me I’ll ride with you till I die,  shows the extent of commitment we need to survive in the world to come. This statement could be construed to be negative or detrimental but we have already discussed what the intention of this statement is, having a “real conversation.” Imagine a society where we are not having “small talk” discussing last night’s ballgame, or how the club was last weekend, what date the next pair of Jordans come out, how “fly” our ride is, you know the typical everyday conversation. There is nothing wrong with those conversations, but in a progressive society, there is nothing progressive or productive about them either. The inverse society FYMM is creating is based on enlightenment and intelligence, having mentally stimulating conversations about; travel, history, sciences, and personal growth. A quick example: A few months ago a friend of mine was showing me pictures, one of the pictures was a picture of a lot of shoes, she showed me the picture with a sense of amazement, like having a collection of shoes was a progressive thing. A few nights ago a group of us were analyzing and strategizing our next moves. During the discussion I was asked how many properties I own, I told them I have 7. The conversation I had with my friend before about the shoes flashed in my head, and I thought I don’t collect shoes, I collect real estate. That is the difference in the thinking, one style of thinking is detrimental because it allows you to collect liabilities, FYMM thinking allows you to collect assets, things that appreciate over time. Although that is just a simple example, if you analyze the message you will see the power in it. One way of thinking is short term and based on clouding our minds with liabilities, thoughts, and actions which do not appreciate over time. While FYMM thinking forces you to expand your mind and conquer your niggerish tendencies.

Over the course of about two centuries we have been trained to have a short term thinking, and only being concerned with short term gratification. Over the last century, our intellect has decreased at a staggering rate. I fear that if we do not do something drastic to alter our thinking all of our ancestors who struggled and died will have died in vain. Please take a moment to remember all of the forgotten heroes who sacrificed themselves for our advancement. It only seems just to follow suit and give our lives to the very cause our heroes did, the advancement of our people. So as the lesson states. “Just remember I died for the cause open your eyes and ask why.”

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Keep looking into the past You will lose your life fast Look to the future to bring the cash

Only for select things is looking into your past beneficial, on all other things, looking into your past can be very destructive.  When you analyze your past it can be very helpful when I say analyze,  I mean just that analyze without bias. We all make mistakes, we have all been in situations where we wished we made a different choice than the one we made. It is common to have a sense of pride and embarrassment about our pasts. Analyzing what works and what does not work can be ideal for your future, it allows us to make better-educated decisions to conduct our future in a positive and productive manner. When analyzing our pasts it is imperative to do so in an unbiased constructive way, for our own emotions will cloud our minds, and unconsciously rationalize and justify our destructive behavior. It is human nature to form opinions in all aspects of life so it would only make sense that our minds can form an opinion about our own individual pasts. This can be constructive at times but also and more importantly it can be destructive, our biases and opinions have the ability to create a false perception of our pasts. Whether it is in a past love, money, family, friendship, or it can also go as deep as a past social environment, city, anything that is in our past. Our minds even have the ability to allow us to create a past which we did not even live. This is why it is so important for us to only “unbiasedly” analyze our pasts for insights into our future, as opposed to living in the past.  

This quote challenges us to develop skills which allow us to quickly analyze any situation that has happened in the past, and unbiasedly form a healthy decision to positively impact our future, to make our next move our best move. We will see how the mentality of someone living in the past will continue to struggle in life and not understand why.  Whereas the person whose mentality is living in the future is able to constructively solve past mistakes and create a more productive future. 

It is not a zero-sum game, where you either have one type of mentality or the other, if it were that simple it would not be so hard to spot.  Each of us on a daily basis interchange mentalities subconsciously, depending on the particular subject being discussed. We already discussed an array of different topics so let’s examine those in more depth. 


We all have the “one that got away” or in some cases the two or three that got away. We dwell in the past, after the initial breakup we might even go into a state of depression,p now how long we stay in that state is purely our own choice driven by our mindset. If we keep looking into the past we will convince ourselves how perfect everything was and how if we had another chance everything would be different and better. We will replay every fight and think “what if”. What if I did this and what if I did that. This disruptive state again will last as long as we allow it to last. The mentality of a person looking to the future will understand that people change and grow over time. Will look over the life of the relationship with gratitude and appreciation, because they understand how to analyze the relationship constructively and absorb the things which worked and will dismiss the negative behavior. Awaiting the next exciting relationship God has for them. 


Money is just like a significant other it has the power to activate extreme amounts of emotions. It is most detrimental when the person has had money then lost it. The amount of confidence that is stripped from the person surpasses the amount of confidence one needs in life for basic functionality. The constant thought of past achievements can distract the person from accepting the reality of their immediate situation. The inability to accept one’s life can cause a person to invite uneducated risks, and further hurt the individual financially. We call this “keeping up with the Jones” when a person buys things they cannot afford in order to impress spectators or oneself. A person who focuses on the future accepts the new life they have and analyses their past behavior to dissect the problem and then makes the necessary changes for the future. The person whose mentality is about the future understands that disruptive behavior only compounds into a much larger problem.


Nobody is perfect. We can all strive for perfection but in the end, none of us make the perfect decision all the time. Whether it is your mother, brother, father, or daughter no one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Holding resentments about past events is not a healthy way to deal with anyone much less a family member. I fall victim to this, I am having a hard time forgiving people’s actions from the past, by choosing to hold on to past resentments and grudges. I have not allowed myself to grow into the individual I am supposed to become. Hate is a funny thing when you hate another person or thing it also consumes you, when you think you are punishing someone else you are in turn also punishing yourself.


This is the plethora of looking into the past, whenever we encounter a friend from our pasts the first thing we tend to do is tell stories about our pasts. “Remember when, do you remember” and any other catchy overused phrase. I don’t particularly believe in the word friendship, I believe it is overused and has lost its value. At the core friendship can be a beautiful thing, a true friend has your best interest in mind. A true friend does not allow you to wallow in the past about anything they are always encouraging you to better your future. What most of us have are acquaintances, people we have in our life to pass the time. Misery loves company and a person who continues to live in their past is miserable. They need to find like-minded individuals to continue their path of self-destruction. They are miserable because instead of focusing on solutions to their problems they are only focused on their problems and only remember the “good ol days” when life was better for them.

Past social environment 

As we get older we adapt to our new lives,  for some, that means moving to different cities or schools, it could be as large as a move to a different country and as small as moving across town.  With all these changes it is only common for us to think and remember our past lives. This can be healthy in moderation, giving us much-needed motivation, however, when we dwell in the past we forget to focus on what is more important and what is in front of us. Take a moment to think about the different conversations you have with other people and really listen to what is being said. Is the conversation progressive? If it is what are you discussing, take notes when you feel the conversation is not progressing and later review your mental notes and determine what the problem was and in turn what the solutions are. You will find that most of your conversations about the past will become boring because you now understand the conversations are not progressive in other words they are a trap. 

Looking to the past will only allow you to repeat the same mistakes, although analyzing your past to help construct your future is imperative. It will be a struggle but every day we have to challenge ourselves to be progressive, to aspire to have the future we all deserve. 

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My past is always right behind me If I don’t look to the future I’ll get stuck B All I ask is that you follow me Just remember Fuck You Make Money

The past is a funny thing, it is equivalent to our shadow in that it continuously follows us. Every future moment will eventually become a past moment, in our distant memory. With this statement in mind it raises a great question, If every future moment will eventually be a past moment then why do we focus so hard on past events opposed to future events. It goes with this saying if you don’t like your past then change your future. Phrases like “I wish I did this”, “I never have any money”, “if I had just waited” or “I was at the wrong place at the wrong time” are indicative of a person who focuses more time on the past then on the future. To better explain this, imagine a person who always holds a grudge, what is the one thing we all wish they would do? LET IT GO!!!  When we hold onto a grudge we think we are “winning” or we have power over the situation, a person with “power and control” issues usually has hard times with letting things go. For some reason people with “power and control” issues feed off of being stubborn and difficult, in their minds letting go is the same as losing. What they don’t see or understand is that always holding that grudge and living in the past they become stagnant and miss out on great opportunities. Sometimes your worst enemy will become your best friend. 

A perfect example of how holding a grudge and being stuck in the past can and will be detrimental to any relationship.  Four years ago I met the woman of my dreams, she was perfect in every sense of the word. I made a huge mistake, a mistake that most women would have run and never looked back. I broke my goddess’ heart, she did not however run from me she did something that looking back was way worse. She held and still holds a grudge, in her mind, she has won. Everything we dreamed of doing together she did with someone else. She stopped taking pictures with me, (to this day we have no pictures together after the first time we met), she has become non-agreeable, saying no to everything I suggest. One of her dreams was to come to America, so I opened a business for us but she wanted no part of it because of her new boyfriend. I offered to put her name on some of my property so that she would own land in America, but she would not listen to any of it. I tried to show her how to make more money online but again will not listen to anything. The terribly sad thing and the reason I am explaining this is after all the no’s and years of my trying to love her she has grown a bond to me, because we have been able to grow in my perception of the world, But in her world, we are still stagnant and have never progressed. 

 In the short term holding that grudge and traveling with a different man, made her happy “she was in control” but there is always a downside to always being right and holding onto the past. After the four years the risk she has, has become much greater, if I leave and find someone else then she loses four years of friendship (because I opened my heart to her) but I, on the other hand, lose nothing, because she gave me nothing. So in the end holding on to the grudge fueled her motivation, but since she is still in my life 4 years later. She made a horrible life choice by holding on to the grudge, four years we could have built an amazing relationship and maybe become a family by now. But because of not letting go she has drained all the life out of the relationship.  This is a personal experience but think in your life about how not letting go has forced you to become stagnant like the love of my life has become in our relationship, it does not just have to be with a different person. How many times have you not forgiven yourself for a past action, by holding on to the past we only get stuck.

By no means am I perfect at this but I do always try and give chances, people might not change but situations do. 

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You always remember what you did for a nigga But Do you remember what a nigga did for you

As there are two sides to every coin there are two sides to every story. In one of my programs, it was drilled in our heads to “seek first to understand then to be understood”. Over the course of my life, I have been in numerous situations where this quote and phrase ring true. In conflict resolution, we tend to forget to hear the entire spectrum of a situation. We allow our emotions to cloud our judgment. We as a society have been trained to approach the world differently than my programs drilled into my head at a young age. It is fascinating to see how far we have not gone from being a small child. Let me give an example: if you have observed a 2-year-old, a child just learning to talk, if they make a mistake and called upon their mistake their first response is “no I didn’t do it”. We all get a good laugh at how cute they are and carry on with our day. Well let’s look at the same 2-year-old ten years later now at age twelve the same behavior of avoiding responsibility occurs and we wonder why?  Now take an adult, for the most part when we make mistakes we always have an excuse on why we made the mistake, the same behavior that was ingrained to be ok since we were two years old. We try to be understood first then we try and understand. We are always defending ourselves even when we are not being attacked.  Quick tip, another thing that was drilled into my head was this “ if a person is able to affect your emotions in any way they now have power over you, why are you giving that person your power?” 

 You always remember what you did for a nigga

I fall victim to this as well, it is an easy thing to do, with our daily lives it is easy to become narcissistic and only think about ourselves. When we watch old gangster movies we remember the names of Al Capone, John Gotti, Lucky Luciano, even Pablo Escobar. One thing in common with all the movies about these individuals is they are most certainly the boss. They all have a demanding presence and were all ruthless at an instance. When we grow up idolizing these people and repeatedly watching movies based on that lifestyle we begin to implement that way of life to be the reality. Now if this was only on a singular term it would be different but we are talking about a massive amount of people who are watching these movies and falling in love with these movies and video games. Now we have a massive amount of people with the ruthless “dog eat dog” mentality.  

But why does this matter?

 Hollywood is not giving us the full spectrum of the situation about these people, they create the story based off of one person’s rise to power. A man on an island, so to speak. In these 2 hours of entertainment, we are manipulated to think our idols actually did it on their own, with a narcissistic attitude. So in turn we have the narcissistic attitude, where we want to rape and pillage just because we saw it in the movies and we think our idols would be proud. It is easy to forget Pablo built hospitals, Lucky helped during World War 2. The only way we can survive is if we look past our selfish and narcissistic attitudes and begin to help each other, reach higher dreams and aspirations.

  You always remember what you did for a nigga

This is such a regressive way of thinking, I am the first to say no one does anything from the kindness of their heart, we all have a sense of self-preservation, that is normal we are human. However, why people do things is what I am discussing. Do we only do things for narcissistic gratification? Here is an example you help a friend in need; it could be with money, relationship help, homework, anything. What was your purpose in helping your friend? Now since we have the understanding we don’t do anything from the kindness of our heart that only leaves us with a couple of alternatives. We helped our friend in a vindictive way (having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge) or in a benevolent way (well-meaning and kindly). One way of helping is the same as “crabs in a bucket” where we only wish to help as long as it does not allow the friend to progress more than ourselves. 

The other way of thinking, the FYMM way of thinking is to give in a benevolent way, as Pablo was when he intended to build hospitals. We first need to take the time to become empathetic to our soundings, as opposed to having the “crabs in the bucket” mentality. If we remember no great man became great off the back of his own labor, but instead became great and built massive empires off the backs of a collective group of people. Not all of us are meant to build empires, but the one common theme is they all will remember the FYMM way of thinking and always remember what a nigga did for them.  

Do you remember what a nigga did for you

Think of any great achievement you have had in your life, it might have been your achievement but you did not accomplish it alone. Learning how to crawl, walk, talk, or run. Yes, they are all your achievements but they were not accomplished without the help of others. This however is not as straightforward as one would like. We all agreed that the person we are today is a combination of different interactions with people over the course of our lives. In an unbiased way of thinking of ourselves and our past, we will begin to realize our entire personality and thought process has just been small snippets of different things we saw or encountered during our lives. This is what brings truth to the “I am a product of my environment” statement, If all you know is hell then all you have is one frame of thinking.

This past year as I have gotten older I have done just this, I looked at why I have not accomplished my life goals, I started to analyze my own interactions with different people in my life. When you do this you have to remember it is imperative to be unbiased, in that you can not use emotions. When I stopped remembering what I did for a nigga (crabs in the bucket mentality) and began thinking in a progressive FYMM manner and started remembering what a nigga did for me, it changed my outlook on many things. In one of my programs as an exercise, they would make us look our friends in the eyes and we would have to tell our friends all the ways we choose to hurt them, you would be surprised how vindictive people are. With this in mind, I was able to analyze my past encounters and formulate a solid plan to accomplish my goals and the people I want in my future.  

It is very important for us to remember what a nigga has done for us, whether positive or negative. With deeper analysis, we realize we learned a lesson either way. Our life is shaped with two variables, because of and in spite of. I became a drug dealer because of the environment I was raised in or I made it out of the hood in spite of the environment I was raised in. As we take a deeper look at both phrases, we must remember we are the masters of our own destiny. We as individuals have the conscience choice to allow others to manipulate our power or to make the choice to control our own emotions and future by having a better understanding of ourselves, and what a nigga has done for you. 

Because of

  • Society; The Black Male is feared and depicted as an ignorant beast
  • Environment; I have been another status quo and become another statistic
  • Family; I have never seen the world or tried new things 
  • Friends; I am a certain person and expected to continue to be a certain way

In Spite of

  • Society; I am intelligent and well mannered
  • Environment; I have risen above the expectations of the world and become successful
  • Family; I seen the world, met amazing new people and tried thousands of new things
  • Friends; I have learned that people grow and friends are perfect for certain times in our life like a revolving door

In order for us to have an FYMM mentality we must, first, acknowledge the “crab in the bucket” way of thinking, “I have done this for a nigga” and transition to a “what has that nigga done for me” mentality, constantly evaluating the individuals in our life, making sure we do not allow people in our lives who have a vindictive way of helping us. 

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I don’t care about what you did I care about what you’re about to do

“War stories” is what we used to call them at Aspen Achievement Academy. A “war story” is a story about your past, but not just any story; it is a story that you take pride in that does not have much value, a story where you are glori- fying negative destructive behavior. I have been through lots of different adventures in my life, some of my adventures have been dangerous, some have been detrimental, and some have been productive. The common thing has been my ability to constructively learn from my adventures, but having the ability to extract different teachable lessons takes time and practice. Learning how to analyze our pasts and extract teachable lessons is a skill all of us need to practice and strive to perfect. Whether we are using our new found lesson to teach our kids, peers, or even ourselves every ad- venture has its own particular lesson to be learned. “War sto- ries” are obviously different for each person, however i have lived many different lives, and been in hundreds of different social structures and the use of “war stories” to pass time is constant. 

How do you know if you are in the middle of a “war story”? 

Have you ever listened or told a story where the other person or you don’t know a single person in the story? A sto- ry where it is only funny to one person, but is always fol- lowed by “ I guess you had to be there”, or the best. This is really when you know you have become victim of a “war sto- ry”. When your patience has run out and you have to ask “what is the point of your story”. This gives a very broad ar- ray of examples, but we have all been in conversations just like these. As your mind transitions into having a FYMM mindset, you will begin to realize how painful it is to waste precious time with people who only are concerned with “war stories”. As we have discussed numerous times before, hav- ing a FYMM mindset is about being progressive not stagnant or regressive; being stuck in our “war stories” only keeps us in the past. A friend came to visit recently, as we were talking I asked about their plans. This is after about an hour or so of “catching up”, telling “war stories”. The answer I got was shocking and scary, my friend really did not have any plans at all for their future, it was more or less a “wing it” mentality. That is the problem today we can spend hours talking about what we did but only a few sentences about what we are about to do. 

I don’t care about what you did

Everybody has a story and everybody wants their own particular 15 minutes of fame where they are the center of attention. This could be in an argument, trying to persuade your opponent to see things your way. For the most part we all want to win the “influence game” between people. “Influence game”? Yes, if I am listening to you then you are influencing my time with your perspective and mentality, the same is true if you are listening to me. For the brief time you are listening to me, I am in control of the “influence game”. Everything begins with a thought, so if the wrong person is in control of the “influence game” then it can and will have detrimental consequences for the listening party. When you become FYMM you need to pay careful attention to the conversations around, if they are conversations about what people have done, then an alarm should go off, to proceed with caution. If the conversation is a progressive one about one’s past, what they have learned, how to avoid certain pitfalls, common sense or wisdom. Then it is ok to allow that person to control the “influence game” for a while, as we might learn something to benefit ourselves. However if the conversations are about how great someone else is or what great achievements they have accomplished, or discussing a person you do not know and will never meet then run as fast as you can as that is not the type of person we want to be influenced by.

One of the most annoying things in my life is when people talk about my past for me, this has happened more times then I can count, I will be discussing one of my future plans and out of nowhere a friend will blurt out “you know he went to Harvard” or “you know he is a millionaire”. I guess people do this to validate everything that I say, like since I went to Harvard or I am a millionaire my words carry more value or weight.

As we are discussing the “influence game” at first thought the mention of Harvard or the fact of me being a millionaire, would bring value but in actuality what happens is the person’s attention is broken and now are more concerned with what I have done opposed to what I am about to do. 

The new winner of the “influence game” is my friend who blurted out my past. The attention is still about me, but now I am no longer in control of how my life influences other people. Years ago in Pacolet, the first season so it was mostly like camping, while sitting by the fire, my cousin from my black family in California started to “war story” and he started talking about my “gangster life” past the people around the fire were listening in disbelief, they would look at me and say “Erik” my cousin started laughing and said “yall dont know shit about this nigga” when asked I just responded “telling those type of stories would not help you, so why would I tell you? I don’t need to impress you”. 

I care about what you’re about to do

I tend to be alone more than I would like, not because I like being alone, but because most people refuse to talk about the future. Past this upcoming weekend, most people don’t have much of a plan, they just exist in this world without really living. The special few who actually have goals, if you ask them what happens after they accomplish their goals then they usually give a blank stare, like after the goal is accomplished the end credits are going to roll like in the movies. 

Life is influenced by so many different variables it would be irresponsible not to plan different situations and outcomes. Again having a mentality of never settling and always striving for more is not a common trait, so it is understandable if in the beginning it would seem odd. As we all remember, I needed help to get me out of my worst case scenario lifestyle. If it was not for a select few people who never allowed me to settle then maybe I would have also been a victim of only being concerned with what I have done opposed to what I am about to do. 

Dreams are huge in life, without dreams life can become grey and stagnant. Nelson Mandela lived 20 some years in a prison camp and then became president of South Africa, if he can stay focused on what he was about to do through all the pain and struggle he had to endure then I challenge us all to follow suit. To stop worrying about what we did and focus solely on what we are about to do. 

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Obviously, you don’t trust me I know what I’m about Fuck You Make Money!

Trust is a funny thing, it has more to do with our own personal beliefs than it does with another person. Trust has become a blanket statement, we tend to think of trust as black and white when it is grey, there are many different degrees of trust. When we say we trust someone or that we don’t trust someone is not a complete statement, every situation is different, if you say you don’t trust someone to do something one way, you are basically saying you trust a person to do the opposite of that way. Let us explore this a little more. 

If I say to my girlfriend I don’t trust you around other men because you might cheat on me, what I am actually saying is I trust you to cheat on me. They are basically saying the same thing but internally they are very different, one causes anxiety the other provides clarity. If she cheats on me she might have broken one trust but now has built a different trust. We have all heard this saying “I knew you were going to…” when we say or hear this it is a confirmation of trust, “we knew something” but most of the time we still get hurt when we already knew the outcome but why? We tend to confuse trust and hope when our instincts are telling us one thing but we still want to believe in a different outcome that is us confusing trust and hope. Our instincts trust the reality of a situation, while our emotions hope for the desired outcome. Hope is a dangerous thing, it has the ability to distort reality. Hope is only a projection of ourselves, when we hold ourselves to a certain standard then we hope others hold themselves equally to our standards. However this is rarely the case, people as individuals have their own perspectives, beliefs, standards, and stories. When we project ourselves onto other people we are setting ourselves up for failure. 

Let me take it big picture; If you are Christian then you “trust” Jesus is your prophet, if you are Muslim then you trust Muhammed is your prophet, if you are Bahia then you trust Bahaullah is your prophet, and so on with each religion. If each of us trusts in our own beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories in regards to religion, does that mean people who do not trust in what we trust in are wrong? I hope our minds are large enough to accept people with different beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories. As you see I did not use the word “trust” I used the word hope. Unless I can empathize with each individual. I don’t know what their core beliefs are so I can not project my beliefs on to them. I can however trust that each person will have their own beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories. 

We have a hard time accepting new things in life, it could be as large as a new perspective on life or as small as having a different seat in a meeting than you have been accustomed to. We find security in monotonous routines. When we see or hear a phrase like “Fuck You Make Money” it is natural to be transformed into a defensive or curious state, depending on our own beliefs. This quote realizes each individual has their own opinions in life, when you hear a phrase like” Fuck You Make Money” it is normal to not “trust” me or anything I believe in. as the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” it is the same with new or different frames of mind. If we set our bias aside we will allow ourselves to absorb the message being presented. When we choose to disarm ourselves and attempt to empathize with other frames of mind, we realize the commonality of all of our core beliefs. This can only be achieved with the “seek first to understand then to be understood” mentality. This is a difficult task, we have been programmed to talk but not listen, to actually listen to people is a learned skill. When listening to another person, we must pause everything else in our worlds and indulge completely in what the other person is trying to say, when we do this and take this amount of time we are able to identify if the person is someone we want to put our trust in or not. To go a little deeper, we can pick and choose how we want to trust the person, as every situation is different the levels of trust for each person and with each situation should be different. 

I know what I’m about Fuck You Make Money 

“If you don’t stand for something then you are bound to fall for anything”. It is quick and easy to judge another but first, we must judge ourselves, What do you stand for? I understand the way I think is unique, I also understand the way I think could be construed as being controversial, but FYMM is my belief, perspective, standard, and story. Through the course of the book my mission is to appropriately display my beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories with the intent to give inspiration, motivation, guidance, and support. As you continue to give FYMM your complete attention, I hope I am able to provide a resource for you to refer to for: 

  • Inspiration
    ○ Inspiration can come in many different forms, my hope is through my writings I inspire you to be great and aspire to accomplish amazing things. Where every day you “make the impossible possible” 
  • Motivation 

○ Through my work ethic and my endless projects, I hope I motivate the laziest couch potato. Self-motivation is extremely difficult but through my classes and my writing I hope I am able to take some of the burdens most people have of “not being motivated” 

○ I have gone down every wrong path imaginable, to have the ability to guide you away from the stupid things I have done in my life would be great, but providing the guidance after we have made a terrible mistake is the key. When we are still at our lowest point is where we need the most guidance but far too often that is when guidance is the hardest to find. 

○ There have been more times than I can count where I wish I had a support system, now I have had small instances or periods of time where I had support but being alone has been constant. I hope my writings help other people just like me who are alone and don’t feel like anyone in the world cares. The world can be a lonely place, my intention is to provide support to those in need. I may not be able to be present in the physical form but in the spiritual form, I hope to provide whatever is needed.