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Get your own notebook, Stop acting funny, Stop talking show me the money

Our life is exactly how we make it, now there are different factors which can alter our lives but in the end, it is our choice of what life we live. Excuses are just like assholes, everyone has one, I am no better than the next person in this regard. I make plenty of excuses why I can’t do something, however, I understand that my excuse is just translated as “I am too lazy” or “it really is not that important”. When we discuss money in this context we are not only talking about paper money. We are talking about anything of tangible value you can create or obtain. 

Get your own notebook

In school as in life it is imperative to take notes, when we take notes we remember important things. When I am referring to notes I am not discussing last night’s game, or a math problem, or someone’s phone number. No, I am talking about important notes, life-changing notes about life.  If we do not take notes then we will forget different interactions, the interactions I am discussing are very important to the success of each individual person. For a reason, I am not sure we as humans love to give people a second chance, we allow people to walk all over us. We justify these actions because if in our hearts we are a good person then we project that on to the world and assume the rest of the world holds our values as their values. 

 This is not the case at all, your good and my good might not be the same, for you stealing is a horrible thing and cannot be justified in any situation, however, I might have been starving with no access to food so it was ”steal food or don’t eat”. Stealing to me is not inherently a bad thing, but to you, it could be a horrible crime. 

Having a notebook allows us to take note of different people and the way they respond in different circumstances. We all would like to live in a world where friends have our best interest at heart but that is seldom the case. Most interactions with so-called friends are filled with intoxicating stories or neurotic dangerous behaviors. How many conversations do we have with our friends where we are truly being honest, where we discuss each other’s shortcomings and how we are going to strengthen each shortcoming. Notebooks allow us to refer back to our relationships to see if this is a positive progressive relationship or if it is just a relationship to pass the time. 

Stop acting funny

All-day I hear how and why people cannot get something done. I have always questioned that way of thinking, my thoughts on any situation are always the same. There is a finite amount of time per issue or problem, we have two choices we can spend the time in-efficiently and complain about our problems, and take the victim’s stance. Or we can acknowledge there is a problem and immediately face the problem head-on and think only of solutions. 

The funny thing about common sense is it does not become common sense until you have made the mistake and sometimes after you make a mistake more than once. Then and only then do you develop common sense. My aunt told me “all you need in this life is common sense” however, she forgot to mention in order to obtain common sense I would have to make every mistake known to man, survive my bad decisions and learn from them. I am amazed how many people will make a mistake but not learn the valuable lesson created by the mistake, common sense. Mistakes and learning are a part of life and are like saying peanut butter and jelly you need both to make a PB&J sandwich, just like you must make a mistake to learn. 

Stop talking show me the money

What do people do with their time? I love movies and I also love to be lazy and do nothing. I am one who can watch movies all day long and be satisfied. However, at the end of that day I would have written a paper, inventoried books, cleaned the house, managed my amazon store, sent all of my emails, do my daily exercises, now that I am attempting to step into the social world create videos. That is what I would consider a lazy day, a day that is raining or cold where I am stuck in the house. What I have noticed with a lot of people is that they work so hard and are so stressed but at the end of the day accomplished nothing for themselves. Then what makes it worse is after a hard day of doing nothing then they buy drugs and alcohol or tobacco. To most people who don't have common sense, this sounds normal, but to me, it is backward. Work all day accomplish nothing then spend the little money we make on liabilities, that is a recipe for disaster. 

Stop talking you might learn something: All people do is talk talk talk talk talk talk but after they are done they really said nothing. It is almost impossible to get a word in, we have become so self-consumed that we really don't even talk to other people we just talk. If there is a camera in arms-length then people feel the need to talk and express their opinion on every issue to the camera. What I have learned is when I just listen I realize how miserable people's outlook on life is. Most of the goals and dreams are minor at best. It is a proven fact if you shut your mouth and open your ears you are able to listen better, and with listening better we are able to learn faster. 

Show me the money:  everyone has great advice but only a few have money, only 1% of the world has real money 10% of the world has like 80% of the world's money. If these numbers are remotely close that would mean 90% of the world is not wealthy, so that would mean that almost all the great advice you hear is trash, advice given by the 90% of people. The funny thing is most people will listen to the man driving the Lamborghini but laugh at the man who has a brand new dump truck. What sense does that make? If you can pay cash for a new  Lamborghini or a new dump truck you are not pressed for money as they are about the same price, but one is making money every day while the other is an expense every day. So why would I listen to the person who bought the liability before I talk to the person who bought the dump truck.