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Obviously, you don’t trust me I know what I’m about Fuck You Make Money!

Trust is a funny thing, it has more to do with our own personal beliefs than it does with another person. Trust has become a blanket statement, we tend to think of trust as black and white when it is grey, there are many different degrees of trust. When we say we trust someone or that we don’t trust someone is not a complete statement, every situation is different, if you say you don’t trust someone to do something one way, you are basically saying you trust a person to do the opposite of that way. Let us explore this a little more. 

If I say to my girlfriend I don’t trust you around other men because you might cheat on me, what I am actually saying is I trust you to cheat on me. They are basically saying the same thing but internally they are very different, one causes anxiety the other provides clarity. If she cheats on me she might have broken one trust but now has built a different trust. We have all heard this saying “I knew you were going to…” when we say or hear this it is a confirmation of trust, “we knew something” but most of the time we still get hurt when we already knew the outcome but why? We tend to confuse trust and hope when our instincts are telling us one thing but we still want to believe in a different outcome that is us confusing trust and hope. Our instincts trust the reality of a situation, while our emotions hope for the desired outcome. Hope is a dangerous thing, it has the ability to distort reality. Hope is only a projection of ourselves, when we hold ourselves to a certain standard then we hope others hold themselves equally to our standards. However this is rarely the case, people as individuals have their own perspectives, beliefs, standards, and stories. When we project ourselves onto other people we are setting ourselves up for failure. 

Let me take it big picture; If you are Christian then you “trust” Jesus is your prophet, if you are Muslim then you trust Muhammed is your prophet, if you are Bahia then you trust Bahaullah is your prophet, and so on with each religion. If each of us trusts in our own beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories in regards to religion, does that mean people who do not trust in what we trust in are wrong? I hope our minds are large enough to accept people with different beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories. As you see I did not use the word “trust” I used the word hope. Unless I can empathize with each individual. I don’t know what their core beliefs are so I can not project my beliefs on to them. I can however trust that each person will have their own beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories. 

We have a hard time accepting new things in life, it could be as large as a new perspective on life or as small as having a different seat in a meeting than you have been accustomed to. We find security in monotonous routines. When we see or hear a phrase like “Fuck You Make Money” it is natural to be transformed into a defensive or curious state, depending on our own beliefs. This quote realizes each individual has their own opinions in life, when you hear a phrase like” Fuck You Make Money” it is normal to not “trust” me or anything I believe in. as the saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” it is the same with new or different frames of mind. If we set our bias aside we will allow ourselves to absorb the message being presented. When we choose to disarm ourselves and attempt to empathize with other frames of mind, we realize the commonality of all of our core beliefs. This can only be achieved with the “seek first to understand then to be understood” mentality. This is a difficult task, we have been programmed to talk but not listen, to actually listen to people is a learned skill. When listening to another person, we must pause everything else in our worlds and indulge completely in what the other person is trying to say, when we do this and take this amount of time we are able to identify if the person is someone we want to put our trust in or not. To go a little deeper, we can pick and choose how we want to trust the person, as every situation is different the levels of trust for each person and with each situation should be different. 

I know what I’m about Fuck You Make Money 

“If you don’t stand for something then you are bound to fall for anything”. It is quick and easy to judge another but first, we must judge ourselves, What do you stand for? I understand the way I think is unique, I also understand the way I think could be construed as being controversial, but FYMM is my belief, perspective, standard, and story. Through the course of the book my mission is to appropriately display my beliefs, perspectives, standards, and stories with the intent to give inspiration, motivation, guidance, and support. As you continue to give FYMM your complete attention, I hope I am able to provide a resource for you to refer to for: 

  • Inspiration
    ○ Inspiration can come in many different forms, my hope is through my writings I inspire you to be great and aspire to accomplish amazing things. Where every day you “make the impossible possible” 
  • Motivation 

○ Through my work ethic and my endless projects, I hope I motivate the laziest couch potato. Self-motivation is extremely difficult but through my classes and my writing I hope I am able to take some of the burdens most people have of “not being motivated” 

○ I have gone down every wrong path imaginable, to have the ability to guide you away from the stupid things I have done in my life would be great, but providing the guidance after we have made a terrible mistake is the key. When we are still at our lowest point is where we need the most guidance but far too often that is when guidance is the hardest to find. 

○ There have been more times than I can count where I wish I had a support system, now I have had small instances or periods of time where I had support but being alone has been constant. I hope my writings help other people just like me who are alone and don’t feel like anyone in the world cares. The world can be a lonely place, my intention is to provide support to those in need. I may not be able to be present in the physical form but in the spiritual form, I hope to provide whatever is needed.