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You Have To Conquer Your Drug Before It Conquers You

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When we use the word “drug” we immediately imagine the worst drugs; heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, lean, even marijuana. As it is true these substances are indeed drugs, but the problem with only associating these substances as drugs leaves room for a “normal” person to discredit addiction. It is easy to deny having a drug problem, as we only think drugs are illegal, I want us to take a minute and think about CVS or Walgreens. What are they called? Drug stores. What is their purpose? To sell you drugs. When I use the word drug, I am referring to anything that causes addiction. This ranges from a simple Advil, to exercise, to a relationship, to watching tv, to sugar. 

90% of the people who read this are going to dismiss what I am saying, because a drug addict is a person who lost their teeth begging for money on the street, the scum of the earth. Or a different example is an alcoholic, everybody drinks but nobody is an alcoholic. In today’s society, you are only an alcoholic if you wake up with the shakes, can’t maintain a job, or are drunk all the time.  These are the most common misrepresentations of drugs and addiction.

A few years ago a friend and I ran out of weed to smoke, like most people who want to smoke but run out, we started looking around the house. In every nook and cranny, looking for crumbs.  At that very moment while on our hands and knees looking I told him never judge a crackhead. Again I understand most of you are going to dismiss my statement with a condescending attitude. To all the arrogant people who are better than addition, I ask you to stop eating sugar for one week. That means completely stopping cold turkey. Sugar is in everything and is everywhere, why do they put sugar everywhere? Because of how addictive it is.  

Addiction affects all of us whether we wish to admit it or not. 

The most important thing we can do is identify our own addictions. It could be a simple addiction like the need to take an Advil every time we feel a little bit of pain. It could be the antidepressant our doctor prescribes to us. It could be Nyquil every time our nose is stopped up or having problems sleeping. A while ago a friend of mine was confused about marijuana and why I felt the need to smoke every day, then I asked her the same question, why do you feel the need to take Claritin every day. Her answer was well Claritin is not a drug I can buy it over the counter. Her response is the problem we have today, we only think a drug is an illegal substance.

 If we really take a deeper look at what is a pharmaceutical company? It is a legal drug dealer that understands the brain better than your neighborhood drug dealer. What this causes is a more lethal and addictive drug. Pharmaceutical companies are for-profit businesses. Their job is to convince us we have a problem so we buy their drugs, and become addicted to them. The more drugs they sell the better the earnings and the better they look to investors.

We are truly in an epidemic of sorts, in 2017 it was reported that 55% of Americans were prescribed a pharmaceutical drug. That number is staggering. As the quote states, you have to conquer your drug before it conquers you. I fear if we do not address and face this problem it will only get worse. Yes, all the doctors say they have studied these drugs but there has not been enough time to really see what effects will really take place in the future. In the ’50s smoking and drinking alcohol were normal things to do when you were pregnant. Now we know that is a horrible thing to do and will cause multiple problems for the child. What will these pharmaceutical drugs do to our unborn babies?

I am not writing this from a condescending standpoint since I myself have to conquer my personal drug additions, I am writing this to remind everyone and myself what having an FYMM mindset is about. It is about having a progressive mind. We understand perfection is an illusion but we must strive to enhance our minds, bodies, and souls. We have to battle all aspects of life which deter us from achieving greatness. If we do not face our inner demons then we will succumb to them. Trying to take on an army alone is a very difficult task, I don’t believe any of us are “Rambo ” so FYMM’s goal is to provide the much-needed support to overcome our addictions and find a better healthier way to solve