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Day Twenty One FYMM Fitness

Today’s Tuesday. So day number two of doing two sets. Got more energy. Easy peasy, one, two, three-sy, really. Still had a little energy to jump around (simulating jump rope) after my second set. Is it easy? No, I didn’t say it was easy. Now don’t get me wrong. My arms are on fire. Shoulders on fire. You know, when I was running backwards, it was on fire. But other than that, I like it though. My body’s become accustomed to it so it’s starting to feel good. I’m getting addicted to that feeling opposed to being addicted to the feeling of not being able to walk up a hill. Because you have to enjoy that feeling if you want to continuously smoke cigarettes or do things that force you to lose your cardio. I’m trying to think of a politically correct way of saying if you choose to make bad decisions in your life, you must enjoy the way that you feel, like the deterioration of your body, or you wouldn’t do it. So that being said, water. Drinking one of the liter bottles. is easy. It’s not even a challenge anymore. So I might need to up my game a little bit, because I’m still really thirsty, but I’m sweating a lot. I guess it’s better than before because before I wasn’t drinking water at all. Next Monday, I plan if I’m not lazy, then I’m going to plan to have a camera up while I’m working out. So if you enjoy these entries, if they’ve helped you at all, then sign up for that. I’m going to charge a little fee, a membership fee. if you actually want to work out with me, it’s just me filming my exercises, but you’ll be able to do it with me. I am charging a membership fee to show yourself your commitment to yourself. that you’re committed to spend X amount of dollars to make sure that you do it every single day. Let’s see. Whatever a regular meal at McDonald’s is per day, then that’s how much I’m going to charge per month. Or even a Starbucks. If you have enough money to buy Starbucks or a McDonald’s every day, basically fast food, then you have the same amount of money to invest in feeling good, your health. So, yeah. I mean, that’s just fair. We are just going to substitute. All right. Well done with house cleaning. I feel much better, I’m waking up really early now to prepare myself to do two-a-days, it’s before five o’clock in the morning. Yesterday I was lazy. I didn’t feel like doing two-a-days, I’m not going to lie. I had to convince myself. So I’ve yet to figure out how to just do something. But subconsciously little by little, I am going through every reason why I shouldn’t do it, if that makes sense.  So before long, my subconscious is going to X out every possible excuse how and why I can’t do it. And eventually once it’s done, computing. Once it’s done X-ing them all out, then I’m going to set the bike up and I’m going to start doing it because then I’m not going to have any other option. It’s just like with the “10 minutes of running”. I have no other option but to do 10 minutes a day because I’ve X’d out every way to convince myself not to run. time yourself going to the bathroom, taking a shower, and eating all take around 10 minutes. So you see what I’m saying? All these things are small minute periods of time throughout the day. So I’ve convinced myself I got 10 minutes a day to run. It is such a small amount of time I X’d out every reason why I couldn’t do it.  Now, I have to figure out every bloody possible reason why getting on the bike is a must and there is no reason why I should not ride. I’m not doing it consciously. Let the back of the brain do it. It’s like the computer, let it work while you’re not paying attention to it. It’ll do its job. You just gotta tell it what to do.

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