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Discover The Secrets Of Heaven

All right, let’s pick a book. Let’s see. I’ll try to go slower so you can kind of see the books and then if you see something interesting, make sure you write in the comments and then what we’ll do is, depending on my schedule, I’ll try to make sure I pick that book. Also, depending on how many different people see something they want me to discuss.

First things first. Let’s look at this. A friend of mine just passed away over the weekend, a car accident, horrible, there we go, horrible thing. I would like to think he’s in heaven or whatever religion you believe in. Hopefully he’s in heaven’s equivalent. He was a great guy. Let’s sit there and see if we can find something in this book. Let’s go through the chapters together.

Three parts of eternity. We’re here to care … No one cares. Here we go. A prospect of heaven makes death easy, 17. Oh wow. It’s a little poem. I’ll read it and then what we’ll do is we’ll go from there. There is a land of pure delight where saints and mortal reign. Infinite day excludes the night and pleasure banishes pain. There’s everlasting spring abates and never withering flowers. Death like an error, a sea divides, this heavenly land of ours. Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood stand dressed in living green. So to the Jews of old Canaan stood while Jordan rolled between. But timorous mortals start and strength to cross this narrow sea and linger shivering on the brink and fare to launch away. Oh, could we make our doubts remove these [gormy 00:04:21] doubts that rise and see that the Canaan that we love with un-beclouded eyes. Could we but climb where Moses stood and view the landscape oh year. Now Jordan’s stream nor death’s cold flood should fright us from the shore.

I don’t know. It didn’t really rhyme at parts I thought it was going to rhyme. I mean, I’m going to have to read it a couple more times and then write my paper on that one.

Initial response is that it was horrible. But wait a minute. You know what I’m saying? I got to read it. If you read below, it will be my more in-depth analysis of it. Again, we are discussing Discover the Secrets of Heaven. In that great book, we talked about a prospect of heaven makes death easy.

If you want to look through that and kind of join me on your own little description, I would love to hear it. Below again, you kind of hear where my thoughts come with it. We all have different aspects in life. We all journey to the end in completely different routes and the end being death, obviously. Each of us, no one lives the same life. I’m very curious after you read kind of my in-depth analysis, what you kind of think, and I’d more than love to read your in-depth analysis. All right. Talk to you later.