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Drives of a Lifetime

All right. Back again, back again. Let’s find another book, right? Hm. Trying to think which bookcase we’re going to start with today. Do we want to learn…? You know what? Let’s learn National Geographic. That’s always fun, because that’s more of like a picture book, you know what I mean? So we’ll go down here.

All right. So, we got this one, this Sublime Nature by National Geographic, we got Night Vision, Journeys of a Lifetime. Over here, Drivers of a Lifetime. Wonder what that is? That looks like all of them that are very easy to see right here. So we’ll pick… Let’s pick this one. I was wondering what this one was. So we’ll just see what this is. Drives of a Lifetime: 500 Most Spectacular Trips. Can you see it? All right. Good. All right. Let’s check it out.

Oh, wow. Let’s check it out, right? We have… Over Hills and Mountains, By Sea & Shore, River, Valleys and Canyons… Less Traveled, Village, Urban, Driving Through History. I’m Pisces. I got to see this. I want to see this. So we’re going to 60, Lakes and Mountains. It’s going to take us a minute to get there properly. That’s why we wanted picture books. Look at this. Can you see it? No, you can’t. Yeah. That’s a good angle for y’all. I like that. That’s a nice picture. Look at that. The Philippines. Okay. Oh, no, that’s Panama.

Let’s get to 60 before we take the whole video looking at pictures. Let’s see. Can you see? Okay. Good. All right. We got Along Newfoundland’s Shore. No, that’s cold. No one wants to go up north. Breton [inaudible 00:02:55] Island, Miami and the Keys, Maine’s Rugged Coast, Chesapeake. This is all cold stuff. I don’t want to go to none of this. I mean, that would be cool to see, a killer whale jump out of the water, but this is all cold stuff. Okay. There we go. Now we’re starting to warm up a little bit.

Here we go. The Winding Road to Hana. Can you see it? We got from the Kahului Airport in Hawaii to Hana, Hawaii. It’s a two hour trip. You can go year round. Yeah. It even tells you Paia, P-A-I-A, I don’t know how to pronounce that, is the last opportunity to buy gas before Hana, so just remember that. And then look, you’ll probably see some… Yeah, look, “Surfer rides mighty wave at Hopika…” No, “Hookipa…” Yeah. Whatever. “…Beach Park near…” Yeah, man. I’m not very good at pronouncing the words. I’m just let you guys look at the pictures. Let’s just look at the pictures. Be happy with the pictures. But yeah, let’s see.

“You can see more than 500 species and plants on your two-hour trip.” You got the Puohokamoa Falls. “Beyond is the Kaumahina State Wayside Park.” Okay, here you go. You can go to the Arboretum. It’s the Keanae… Yeah, that one. All right. When I write my little article, this is too short to… There’s no way I’ll be able to write a long article off of that, but we’ll be able to… I’ll go over a much more of the different coastal paths that you can take that look beautiful. See, I thought we were going to see more of this, right? The French Riviera, but they kind of lied to us and gave us a whole bunch of Canada, and Canada, and Maine. And here’s one to Florida. So three out of four are freezing cold. Maryland. No, I mean, this is all cold places, like I said.

But it looked pretty cool. Right? I mean, I’m interested to read about it. I’m a little disappointed because I’m never going to take those trips. It’s way too cold. I’m more of a warm person, a warm climate person. So yeah, we found at least one, right? That’s great. So we can go swimming in one of the places. All right, catch you later. Oh, again, Drives of a Lifetime: 500 Must-See Places, whatever. And by National Geographic. All right.