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Planet Earth Floods

All right, let’s go a little bit into … We’ll do one of these little biographies. Yeah, I should have picked underground worlds, but whatever. We got … This is Planet Earth Floods. Look at all that water. Let’s see, this is a time … Where is it? Sorry.

Time Life Books. This is when Time Life used to make lots of books. They have a lot of biographies. All right. Let’s see what we got. Excuse me. Floods That Come in a Flash. Is that the whole book? Yeah. Well, these chapters were pretty long. Right? Floods That Come in a Flash. 96.

What is this? What is it? 96. I keep getting … I love the ones with the pictures. Right? We get distracted. What are they doing over here? Floods That Come in a Flash. Look at them. They’re stuck in the … Look at that. They’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. That would be miserable. Look at it.

“A mother and child perch precariously on the roof of their submerged automobile as the waters from the flash floods swirl around them.” Yuba City, California, ’55. Trapped atop a car for seven hours. Do you even see the car? I don’t see the car at all, dude. That’s seven hours stuck like that. That would be … Not only would it be scary, that would be absolutely horrendously miserable.

It’s just showing us a little bit of damage. Is this? Yeah. Look, I think this is … This is it before, then a flash flood came. Right? And this is it right after the flash flood. It says nine members of the family … Goodness, gracious. That’s terrible. Nine people drowned in that flash flood. And look, the house doesn’t even … Look, the house … There’s nothing behind here.

Look, the house then was drug away. Wow. Look at this stuff. Right here, we got the severe thunderstorms. Yeah, okay. A severe thunderstorm starts to develop. Masses of low-lying, warm, humid air are sent whirling upward by the atmospheric disturbance and condense into a billowing cloud.

When the cloud rises to 50,000 feet, it is ascent and it is checked and a white, anvil-shaped cap appears, blown horizontally by prevailing winds. Rain begins to fall, producing downdrafts that eventually dissipate the cloud.

So, that right there is what creates severe thunderstorms. That’s crazy. Very interesting. Look at these pictures. This is North Dakota, 1970. How old is this book? Okay, so here we go. We got gauging … Are we still on the same chapter? What is all this stuff? No, no, no. We’re done. We’re out of there. You see, this is a … No. Are we? Could be.

No. We sure are not. It looks like a flash flood to me. Look at these pictures. Yeah. Look at that. That’s a flash flood. Wow. All right. So, this picture right here, which was a 100-year-old … What is it? What did I say? Fieldstone mill? I don’t know what that is, but whatever. On some river I can’t pronounce. This one right here … Had tons of explosive magnesium stored.

And the floodwaters triggered the whatever, and it made a violent chemical reaction and it exploded it. Making the people not being able to get close to take care of it, which that is super scary. Because if you think about it, all this water right there would be contaminated. Right? With probably poisonous water, chemical water. That’s crazy. That is crazy.

Let’s see if we got any more pictures. A little town that faced a torrent. Oh, man. Look at the water coming. Imagine that’s coming at you. What are you going to do? Oh, here’s some pictures. You see the … I guess this is a flash flood. Yeah, look at it. Kind of in the middle of it, and kind of straight in the middle. Middle of the night. See that … That’s what would be scary.

That would be like … This is sad. So, they were driving down the road, and the bridge came out on them. And then, the baby, the grandmother, and the mother, all three of them died. But again, man, at nighttime. That would be terrible. So, yeah. Flash flooding.

There … Honestly, I hear it all the time. I live in North Carolina, but I’ve never really … I mean, I’ve heard it my entire life. Flash flood warnings. And I’ve seen flash floods. Right? And they literally come out of nowhere. But I had no idea that they could be this destructive. That’s just crazy. Wow. That’s crazy. All right.