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How To Be Touched By God, Without Preachers Who Have Never Left The City

There you go on his way to Israel. It’s not leaving Asheville right now, driving myself down to Charlotte. I’m saying, wish me luck. Y’all make sure that I make it down there and say, no. Uh, no chop was yadda. I mean, well, I guess I’ll check in what you want to get down to the airport. Um, it’s kinda sucky as much as spelled monster all over my pants. The only pair of pants I have until I get to Israel and they’re wet with endgame, be sticky with monster all over them. That sucks. It’s all over me. I’m sitting there while I’m paying attention, having a good time, my shirt and my hand, you know what I’m saying? Groove into the music and this hand bow knocks. It turns it all over, all over my pants, all over my crotch area, all over everywhere.

I see we started at, uh, eight o’clock in the morning. Now we’re on finally on our way to Tel-Aviv actually they said 10 hours. I say 11, couple more drinks. And it’d probably be like four hours to me. Cause I ended up drinking. Now all of them falling asleep, five hours gone. I’ll be up in a minute. Let me check back in with you guys. When I get there mental note, this is the first time I’ve ever done. This has been pretty victorious. I feel kind of stupid. I have no tags on my bag. Not at all. I don’t even barely know what my bag looks like. There goes my sister, my sister’s friend. You know what I’m saying? I’m here. Customs through Israel was absolutely nothing. Coming back to America. I might have more problems. Uh, she wants to take a picture of it. So here we go. I just was informed that uh, Mount Carmel. No, no. If you guys can really see it Mount Carmel with all that stuff were there. I know that some kind of wait a minute, y’all got every kind of fruit out here, every kind of fruit. That’s our driver right there. Every kind of fruit of every kind of fruit. Everything is out here. We’ve got all lives. I don’t really know how, because they got good. Wait a minute. I guess we are tropical. We are topically.

This is Chavez. This is, let me explain it my way. It’s tropical topically in the desert because how can you not say he’s tropical care and you got Palm trees everywhere. No. Then that’s jungle tropical desert,

My trick to it. So that’s sitting there explaining my videos. Uh, we actually planned having my sister talk cause I was like a week before. I was like, yeah, that’d be crazy. If we had someone from like different places call in. Cause the first time we did it was with Allen. I had an epiphany. I was like, yeah, we’re going to have someone call in. And so then it brings everyone together more. And then like five minutes before this, before she called I, we had just gotten off the phone from California talking about the same exact quotes. And then I, I broke it down even a little bit more of those quotes, the same quote. I mean, you’ll hear him in a minute is I have people. I actually rap about them. Clothes, put music behind them and then they started rapping about them. So this offer to close to this kind of prison. So this is everybody right now. They’re all enjoying the video and eating cupcakes. We just ate some spaghetti, no lasagna. Excuse me. And we’re watching the video with

. I met some, some really cool people tonight.

Well, this isn’t very much of a beach. This is what they call it. A beach out here versus the sand. Where’s the wind. It ain’t nothing. Nothing at all. This is rocks. Well, that’s the Mediterranean guys. Alright. I’m already a little out of breath. I just walked up this Hill. Can’t really see it’s a Hill and walk to the very top of the Hill came and see the top. I’m going to show you the first little part and I’m going to go through, you see it. You see that big shrine in the middle. Yeah. That’s half what I am now halfway. Yeah. This is a better view of the second half I had to stop right here. Cause he listened Claire. She looked carefully, um, way in Israel. Right? And I can hear chimney. I liked the way you do it right there. Listen, it’s coming from that direction. I liked that when you do it right there. Well, I made it to the top. This is what I’m doing. We’re rolling. These tarp, these carpets,

The video

That goes Peter right there.

I guess

I hear a whole bunch of Laura. I was wondering what it was now. I no longer have to wonder there are peacocks. So this is where the, how loud was, what? This is where he stayed. This is where he stayed. But it’s not that small of a house. He made it seem like it was a little shack here. This is a house. This was bigger. Is this is not that bad. We get to go in time.

No, yeah, go in. You’re on pilgramage next year.

We’ll first set up.

So this is the mill they’re going to restore. One of them is going to be working.

Okay. So Kara, explain what you were explaining to me about the tides. So where the conversation started with how everything is financed, because this is it’s pretty a big project right here that, uh, it was pretty big. I actually, I asked my sister, how, how did they finance everything? And she said that what

It’s all from donations from the Bahais around the world. And so each behind contributes to the high fund, you know, however much they want. In addition to that, there’s the lawful hula, which is basically that everybody has, um, their income. And if you earn at least I think it’s something like the equivalent of a thousand dollars a year or something. What you do is you pay all of your basic necessities. And so let’s take, let’s take something easy, like a hundred dollars. Let’s say all of your basic necessities, which are food, clothing, school, anything that you must pay is shelter, shelter, all of the very necessities of life. Let’s say that takes up of your hunt of your a hundred dollars. Let’s say that takes up $50. And then you have $50 of play money. This is what you used to go on vacation. This is what, you know, your extra money, right? Non-expensive so of that $50 that you have extra money, you give 19% of that to the behi. Um, you give that as a payment to the high community for Hubble, blah, and you pay it to the center here in Haifa. And then they use it for the development of the Holy places and preservation of all these homes.

Now we’re on our way to Bazi

Place of delights,

Ron Norway to Bazi, explain where we’re going.

Um, we’re going to the shrine of Baha’ullah, which is the resting place of the founder of the Bahai faith. And it is, uh, Eric’s first visit ever. And that is not rude and it’s no ruse the behind new year. So we’re very delighted to have him here with us at this most special time. So here we are, we’re at the bachelor visit

Talk normal. I was like, I can not be

Okay. So this is a bachelor visitor center and you can see right through here. People are right now breaking the fast, which has been going on for 19 days for sunup to sundown. And tonight is that even the, um, behind new year, this is the bachelor visitor center is where behind pilgrims and visitors will come to, you know, take refreshment and use the facilities before they go to the shrine. And mainly a gathering point. People will come to study and read books and stuff.

And Jared, it’s all on Carolina, blue and white.

Good. I know we have to keep the Concourse in higher, the souls that have ascended to heaven. And they are a certain chosen group among them who basically their mission is to kind of watch out and guide the people on this earth. And so they see that the Concourse in high circles around this most Holy spot in North, because the Bahais believe this spot is the most Holy spot. And so it’s full of spiritual, potency and power. And um, through the fact that the whole, his remains are here and that he’s here and everything, it makes it a very, very intensive.

You heard it first, but to millions across the world, this is a dream come true. We’re sitting there watching the sun rise.

Walk one time, take your friends and girlfriends come in Israel. And very nice. Yeah.

When was the last time you saw the sun rise? Sunrise every morning. Well, I hope you enjoyed that video if you did. And you want to learn more about my trip when I was in Israel. Yeah. So if you want to learn more, there’s the book.