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I Found The Real Live Bird Whisper

Now you’d go insane. This is my new friend. I don’t know why it came to me now. I’m blind in the bird. Now you see that. Look at the, I gold. This bad came to me for a reason. He can wear a message. He doesn’t even want to go back and look at that. Okay. It’s actually not used to this, but let’s see if you had any, I struggled to free itself. I love you too. I don’t even have a message from you going to tell him you want to talk to my ears. I talked to you, what is it? Oh, we’re going to make a whole lot of money this year. Wow. How are you going to make that? Knowing that no one here that just talked to me. Oh, really true. The gold. Oh, I believe that I believe, but the Burton [inaudible] you see? Do you want my bird to fly is easy that you see that it doesn’t want dad. And that’s the one dad who wants to be like kids. You see, you see over here. No, if she was banished out of my eyes, I would have left it.

She not playing with me like a dog, another tattoo. It’s the tongue. And that’s the only way he could touch you. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. I think the flashlight it’s her eyes. Yep. No, no. You’re good, please. Your beak. I got you. Right? So we’ve got the of God and the animal talker. You better watch the bedroom. Not because he likes dogs too. Yeah, I’m a dog. If you’re ever in trouble, you know what I’m saying? And you pray, you pray hard enough. God will send me. But if you ever need to help with animals and you need motor attended talks to, to talk to Joe, because Joe talks to animals as you, when the bed is few to me and you’re phase, right? Yeah. Try to put him down. Try to put them down again. The, the bird doesn’t want to go. Okay. No, no easy. Easy. It won’t go anywhere. We’ll come back. I’ll go grab it.