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The Greatest Reason In The World To Make A Difference In The World

Any which way there. Okay. It’s just ugly now, but we’ll just get to the point. Why Joe blinds, everybody. All right. So we discussed a whole bunch, you know, we got the Kaizen way, we got different ways and different methods of, of, you know, the way I’ve tried to explain and how to do different things and the step by step process. Right. So I’m gonna ask you a question five years ago, when I was out here, do you think I would be able to sleep outside and come to your village? You wouldn’t why Joe, because would I even spend the night at your house five years ago? Okay. So a lot of people don’t understand what going to the farm and pack lit I was doing. Right? So a lot of things is training, right? So over the last five years, in order for me to come here and to be able to go into the Bush and be able to feel comfortable and build my immune system to be able to do it is through training.

Right? So when everything that you do in life, you have to train yourself, right? So over the last few years, as Joe knows, pretty well, snows live on a farm. And then I was living in a rundown house, right? So the reason I was driven on the farm, in the burned down house, and so that I would be accustomed to being uncomfortable. Right? And so by living in those environments and not always eating the cleanest food and not always being the cleanest, it allowed me to be able to come to an environment like this and feel completely natural and comfortable. So when everybody thinks, Oh, Erik just wear clothes, everyone does that. There’s always a rang to a reason. It’s never just because I do it for no reason. It’s always an extra strategy or there’s always a reason on why I’m doing something. So everything that you do or somebody else does always have a reason on why you’re doing it. Right. Because I mean, where I’m looking.


How many of y’all could sit there and take it out here and feel comfortable? No,