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Finding Gold near Bogoso Ghana Africa

On our way to where are we going? Say it loud so people can hear you karate. That’s what I mean. Yeah. Well, none of us understand it. So did you want to know why we’re going to talk right. [inaudible] right now we are in TOK, karate heading towards top the mind Tucker at his station, not too far from the tuck ratty airport. We got here not too long ago. About two minutes ago, we headed towards the top are where the mines and the diamond mines are right now. And that’s what you. Make money on the bus. Very small bus trip. I do torture.

miserable for an hour and a half sitting here listening. gospel. [inaudible] can’t you can’t see what would you want to see by this time? We’ll bring all this out in the middle of the Boonie Boonie for real, not light at all. I swear to God, I get my [inaudible] typical shape with idiots has had to get off the bus. Don’t know where he is now when people do stupid. Yeah. The early bird catches the early worm. You have to fast eight 30. We’re not that early. Yeah. We early because some other kind of mystery walking by white, keep on falling at towards low-cost right. We can see, we got that little safety vest. So we looked like workers and everything. We’re trying to blend yeah. Yeah. That’s my, my granny. And that is Jerry Johnson out here in the bushes. And we’re at the refinery right now. It’s a small one.

Now that you can see the glitter because of the flashlight. So now we’re discussing the business. You guys ever watched the other videos of Eric and Joe buying a bike kind of same thing. All right, Joe, explain what the we’re going to do. We all have very much right now. We don’t have too much cash in us. We just come in. This is more or less like a test drive. We’re just coming to buy a few nuggets and then a few finished products. Right? And when we buy that, we see what we could be going to make out of that. We, we, we know we end up, we’ve taken chances, but we not taking chances because we are here buying the thing. High kite is actually 20, 23, 21 carts. Right? So buying they’re already finished and processed the one day we find one and then we bind the nuggets, but this is just a test drive. So we just buying a little and then we go the back. If we came back today or tomorrow probably take too long next year. Yes. But tomorrow we leave first thing in the morning. Boom. You know what I’m saying? We don’t

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Bloody horn out here. So that is it. You’re going to see us. The next video you’re going to see is there’s a little,

But a goal probably would probably wait until we get back to a hotel.

Cause they going to say, yeah.