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Build Your Library – Remember The More You Learn The More You Earn

At the end of the day, I like to know, relax and slow my mind down. Cause you know, throughout the day I’m usually in front of a computer working or, you know, I’ve got the TV with the educational programs in the back and, you know, listen to Ty Lopez, grant Cardone or Russell Brunson, you know, Tony Robbins, whatever, listening to back while I’m working. And then, you know, at the nighttime I would, I was going to read, I had this book right here, the jello girls, a family history. It’s going to start that one today. Cause I was going to, I was listening to Ty and he talks about, you know, a nighttime read a biography, but I lost interest within the first five pages. It was kind of boring. You understand what the was or understand what’s going on. Right. I mean, I’m not stupid. I got what’s going on, but it didn’t

Didn’t grasp me. Right. So then I was like, you know what?

I want to look through my library and find every marketing book. Like I just moved into this room, like literally moved across the hall. So it’s not like I moved forward, but I haven’t in this room. I have, I got more of a library like this isn’t this isn’t my main library. My, my main room. I got a bigger library. But in here, just through just looking through some books, I’ll show you

Marketing books at Brown, we got this one, we got this one, you

Gotta get the global marketing.

Got that one, this one
Word of mouth marketing, you know, probably be a good one, an older one. But I was, I was flipping through it. I mean it got nine case studies plus 40 plus examples of marketing and action. So just, you know, while you’re building a swipe file, it’s always good to look at the older stuff, see what worked in the past. And then we’ve got, this is a real one product design, but you know, it’s really old, but I bet through here, if I skim through it, I’ll find a little piece of butter, like a little gold nugget or something, you know? Cause you have to remember like through everything, you don’t have to read every word, which I like to read every word. Um, I’m one of those weird people that like to read every single word and every book. But if you don’t have time or if you’re not, you know, weirdo, like I am then, you know, just scam through the, or like skim through the book and try to find at least one golden nugget.

Like it’s a guarantee because this is just one room and I didn’t look very hard. Like if I, if I looked at every single book and read the title of the rebook, then I probably find more. And then the main library, I think I’ve found there’s more of a minor. I have a way more, this is just this room library. All right. But in this room randomly I one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight different marketing books. Right? So with the spirit of this, it said the average American reads one book a year, the average top CEO reads 52. Right? So if you don’t have a library,

I mean,

Like I said, this isn’t even my main library. This is just in my room.

Not even my main room. This is just one of my rooms.

I’ll show you on a different video. My house, my other room, my other rooms were like excite Lapidus. I have some really cool books in those. And then in the big room, I got the bigger library. But uh, back to what I was saying, if you don’t have a library in your house, you need to build one. Right? Cause if whatever topic that you’re looking for yet, okay. YouTube is great. But YouTube,

My mom,

Most people on YouTube didn’t spend very much time on making their videos. Right? So this book right here, like I was saying, designer’s guide of marketing or guide to marketing right? With all this, like this lady, Betsy Newberry’s. She took a lot of time creating this book, right. To find the 40 different examples. And the nine case studies like she studied and did that, like this book right here, this is a college course on marketing, real people. All right. Mostly your, your YouTube was aren’t gonna one. They might. Yeah, you’re right. They know the internet marketing, but at the same time, the real good ones have taken time and time and time and studied. So if you want to become great at something, you know, pick up a book, don’t just use YouTube. Right. And pick up a book. Right. Because even if you listen to some of the greatest marketers out there like Thai or, or, or even grant, right.

Grant’s written five books. Ty’s written a few books, but always talks about books, Russell Brunson. He’s written what? Six books. So if you just kind of think, you know, what, how are all these people getting successful? And it’s books, Warren buffet says he reads like eight hours a day. Just imagine that that’s a full-time job of reading. But then at the same time, look how much money you guys. So maybe if we all just read all day, we’d all have money. Right. Because instead of going out, he’s reading a book, all right. Well, he’s not spending very much money by sitting in the house, reading a book, expanding his mind. Right. So that’s why he became such a great investor. He’s not out or excuse me, not out messing the money up.

All right. But what you going to say?

But Erik books are expensive. That’s thousands of dollars. Yeah. Yeah. I get you. Right. Cause one of these books, if I was selling these books, what? This one, one of them, $64.

So yeah,

It adds up. But what I’m going to do because you don’t have a bookstore on Amazon. And then I have a lot of excess books in my garage,

Just boxes and boxes of books.

What I’m thinking about doing is, you know, when I have some time I’m going to get everything organized. I’m going to help everybody create a library right now where I got this idea. It wasn’t, I’m not going to lie. It’s not my idea. It was Joe’s idea in Africa. Right. I was like, you know, I got all these books, what should we do with them? And he’s like, well, send them. And then we’ll create people’s libraries. Just like you have a library in your house. It’s like, you know what? That’s an ingenious idea. All right. Cause if we can bulk sell books because like having a library, we’ve talked about it in the past is it’s more of like a S like status right now. You know, maybe Jordan’s to use his status. Right. But I bet you, Michael Jordan has a library or a study in his mansion.

Right. So if you’re buying his shoes, but he has a library, think about that. And which one would you rather have? What he has or what he’s selling. You I’d rather have what he has. So, you know, maybe a library is a good idea. And in the future, you know, because I have this problem, I really have this problem. And hopefully you guys can help me out with this problem and I can help you guys out. I have too many books right? In like my overflow of books, not my library. And you can never have too many books for your library, but my overflow of books in my garage, I need to create space. So once I kind of figure out the ins and outs of everything, I’m going to start selling, you know, the, the large you, uh, post office boxes, right? I’m thinking I’ll fill the box up. I think, you know, if it’s all textbooks, it can fit maybe 10 to 15. But if I throw other books in there, I can fit maybe 21 to 25. So anywhere like 15 to 25 books per box, what do you think? A fair prices?

Because I want to inspire reading, let’s say $2 a book. All right. We’ll do an average. So we’ll sell the box at the lowest, right? Just because if it’s, if it’s all textbooks, we’ll go an average plus 10%. Right? So 30 plus 10, cause I said 15, it was $2. Well, it was just go $2 book. So $30 for a box, right? When it was large, large post-service boxes plus 10%. So we’ll go 33, 30, $3. And then you guys pay for the shipping. And I think that’s fair because one of these books alone could cost you $64. Like I showed you. So if you get, if you, if you open the box, it’s, it’s almost, it’s almost guaranteed. You’re going to get three or four books that are worth over $10. So you’re going to be getting half the books for free. And then you’re just paying for shipping and I’ll ship it out to you.

Not like I said, it’s not available right at this moment. It will be in the future though. But let me get back to build your library so that at any given time, you can just look around in your room. All right. And find one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight books on the topic that you’re interested. And if you don’t even like to read who cares because most of them have pictures and you can just read the little pictures for each of the things that are interesting. Right? Remember, build your library, man, use this. The more you learn, the more you earn.