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Day Three

My apologies. I was supposed to make this video before I went on a run. Forgot, so, I’m making it after. But I want to bring something to the forefront. I lied a little bit. So, this is day number three for you guys, but in actuality, it’s a week, maybe day number 10 for me on running. And a funny thing happened this morning. I wanted to run. Midway through, I wanted to quit like every other day, but I ended up watching something, and it sparked my interest. And then, little by little, like I said, If you take my class, the way to accomplish any goal based on the Kaizen method, then you’ll understand what I’m saying. But don’t try to shock yourself into it.

If I try to do an hour today or start off with that, then it’d be ridiculous. But one day at a time, 10 minutes, 10 minutes, because the 10 minutes is something that I can convince myself to do. An hour? Yeah, right. I’ll never do an hour. That won’t work. It takes too long. But 10 minutes works. And then, after a while, it becomes a habit. And then, your body starts to yearn for it. It’s just like smoking cigarettes. At first, when you first started smoking your first cigarette, you didn’t want it. You know what I’m saying? It was probably like, “Oh God, it’s terrible.” But then, over a little bit, are you still smoking? Or even beer. The taste of beer is terrible. Or energy drinks. They’re terrible. They don’t taste good. Right? But after we drank and drank, and drank, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink them, then we acquire the taste for it.

It’s the same thing with exercise. At first, the taste of it, running on a treadmill’s absolutely miserable. Chests are burning. You know what I’m saying? Spitting every five minutes because you’re hocking up loogies. You know what I’m saying? Wanting to quit. But if you continuously do it little by little, mind you, it’s only 10 days for me. So, it’s not like I’ve been doing this for months on end. But today was like a turning point. We’ll find out tomorrow if I’m motivated tomorrow. But after the fact, I feel motivated, and I want to do more. I might want to go to the gym or I got a little mini gym at the house. So, we’ll see tomorrow. And maybe, we’ll give it two more days. If I still feel like this after, man, let’s do a little bit more.

This 10 minutes isn’t enough. Right? It’s not as tiring as it was in the beginning. Well, then, maybe we’ll add some pushups. We’ll do some pushups and some curls. Do two sets of 10, of each. I don’t know if I’m going to do it. I’m not there yet. But if I feel like I do right now in two days, then what? Today’s Thursday. So, Friday, Saturday, then, we’ll go Friday, Saturday, Sunday of running. But if I feel good, this good Monday, then we’re implement a little bit more. Maybe run for 12 minutes, and then, maybe just do 10 pushups and 10 curls. Or whatever it is. Just find a little something else that I’m going to add to the system. All right? And we’ll go from there.