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Day Two

Day number two, nothing really to write home about. I’m thinking of how I can film each little session. As of right now, it’s really only 10 minutes a day, just so I can get my mind and my body used to it and enjoy the 10 minutes. Mind you, because I mean, even today, I want to convince myself I don’t have 10 minutes. So we have to go through our mental toughness, mental blockades, whatever we have. 

To have mental toughness to go through our mental blockades because literally, I have argued in my mind longer than 10 minutes about how I can not find 10 minutes. In actuality, look, I’ve already talked for one minute, so I’m already 10% done. And if we were to count the other little video, which was probably about a minute and a half, that’s 30% done in three minutes. Think about that, 30% done. How many of us can talk and talk and talk for more than three minutes, but then convince ourselves that we don’t have 10 minutes to work out in a day? 

Convince yourself you do. Convince yourself you don’t have time to do the other stuff and convince your mind and your matter that you want to do this and that you’re going to do it for 10 minutes every day until you get used to it. And then after the 10 minutes, we’ll worry about something else. It’s the Kaizen approach, a class about it and everything. All right. See you on the other side. Talk to you in the morning, after I do these 10 minutes.