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Day One

So part of my goal, besides just creating a library and creating a whole bunch of different websites for your guys’ enjoyment is to get myself in better shape. I have my own personal reasons why I want to do this, but one of the main reasons is I walked over to my neighbor’s house and I was winded. It’s not even that far. That’s never happened to me before in my entire life. I used to be much more active. part of my problem is smoking.

I had this novel idea I was going to quit smoking cigarettes. So I started rolling the tobacco out of the cigars from rolling a blunt. I’m thinking it backfired on me because it’s way harsher. And my wind isn’t quite there as it used to be. So my challenge for myself and the journey that I’m bringing you guys with me is getting myself back in shape.

Now, like I said, I’m not in good shape at the moment, might be better than you or worse than you. We all start on our own journey. We’re all starting at our own spot. So what I’m going to be doing is we’re starting with this little treadmill. It doesn’t go very fast. You can get it at, I’m pretty sure, Amazon. I’ll have a link down below. And we’re going to be doing this just for 10 minutes. Until it becomes second nature to where I’m excited to do it. Because that’s the same as doing a habit. In order to create a habit, you have to continuously do it over, and over, and over, and over again until your body’s like, “Wow. It feels funny that I don’t do it.” So every day, 10 minutes. And little by little, I’ll bring updates on the new little exercises I do or whatever. Yeah. So enjoy the journey. I don’t know what else to say.