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Oldies But Goodies: One Day You Will Get Tired Of Going Around In A Circle

I didn’t get, no, I got, no, I got the first we’ve got the whole first half done. You know what I’m saying? That’s that’s in there when they get the, you

Get that. That was some crucial

That really was. We got to get some more fam and stuff. We’re sitting there talking about it when we just meshed and stuff. I being stupid, not checking the fan and stuff, and we left y’all out some real deep. So we’ll get back with you and stuff, but we just got to get some more film and stuff and Hey, and find us another quote for the away freaks, man. We had too much. Now that’s a gift to y’all. It’s the same that you’re not going to be able to get it, but it’s going to come, come back around. We’re going to smoke some more of this good way. Heineken you going to owe us some money for this. Cause this is instant promotion down saying we drinking our Heineken, smoke on our weed. Watch this man Heineken sell like 60 billion worth in a year. I’m on my 30% Heineken.

That’s true.

Thinking about money, always thinking about money, baby. That’s what we’re trying to get. You motivated. You don’t have to be a Rhode scholar. You don’t have to be a, jeez. You don’t have to be nothing. If you can count that money, just like on the street, carrying rocks, you can, if you got that money, then you can make it in this world. And that’s where it is. That’s all you just don’t have to got rocks no more. That’s all pretty much. I mean, what I showed on Sunday speech, you know what I’m saying? Garbage to gold, something simple. I mean every, every ain’t going to want to do that. If I’m a block, boy, I ain’t going to want to do that. You feel me? you. I ain’t going to do it. I understand what you said, but in the same sense, I’m just trying to broaden your horizon just a little bit.

And through the time, one of these messages of, of how we make money is going to click into you. You know what I’m saying? Real song to real soon, we only have four Sundays in a month. So I can’t give you all the knowledge as, as fast as, as I would like to, but it’s all going to come to you pimping. You know what I mean? you make money. We can. So let’s get real. I’m going to talk to the block bars. There’s going to be a time. Where are you going to be in the chest? Then you’re going to be tired of going back and forth in and out of jail. You know what I’m saying? And, you going to finally realize that you ain’t no future. And just out there on the block, selling rocks, you know what I’m saying?

You gotta make that money work for you and stuff. And this wouldn’t you. Make money. Come in and. We’re going to try to show you all the way to make that money work for you. When you quit being in a pen of glittery, what did we call them? Pen? And because you lynching yourself each time you go in it, you’re trying to sign my stuff. You letting them take care of freedom, your knowledge, your brain, your time, your life for free rocks and fish from the dollars that ain’t worth it. You know what I’m saying? Let’s do it another way and get on board with this. you make money. We come from the gutter, Hey baby, we’re in this. You know what I’m saying? I’m you know what? I’m glad that you brought that up. Cause, cause I, you know, I was telling you about my, my or I didn’t tell you my in jail, putting the shout outs to out, you know what I’m saying?

He in jail, parole violation. He and they been there in a year and for a year and he and I locked down where he only get one phone call a month, one phone call home a month. All you can do is write that. You know what I’m saying? And he couldn’t even get that one phone call until he got a job. And even though you in jail, they ain’t trying to give you a job. You know what I’m saying? They only give it unless you going to do some that you ain’t that, you know what I’m saying? Or do boy, yeah. You going to suck Dick. You know what I’m saying? You might get a job. But you know, I said the typical, you know, my tell him he got 11 months left. You know what I’m saying?

He says nothing to me. You all know why? Cause I’m a beast. You know what I’m saying? you make money right there. We do our time. We don’t snitch. And we, we, we beat, you know what I’m saying? A beast in your own mind, what do you see yourself? A cat or a lion? You know what I’m saying? I see a lion. I don’t know about you. I feel like I said, you got one of them times. You’re going to get tired of going around in a circle, thinking that you making money out here on the block, thinking that you shell in a bunch of rocks, thinking that you a bunch of pushy or whatever. You still in the ghetto. Think about what I just said to you. You still in the ghetto, what are you at in the ghetto in the car. Now buy into this book. You get a part ownership in it. You gotta weigh out the ghetto. You got something that’s real. You’re giving back to the worry three months you get paid every three months. That’s something real. Something that you could say is yours.

We’re all in this together, baby. Ain’t nobody can take it from you. Even if you add jail, you own stock. Put it in a trust fund. Yo, your family lives on forever. You got life in jail, but you can still make your money. What? What’s the government government can only, you only have to declare up the ATS, right? Yeah. So let’s say you have a hundred GS, right? Say you tell your, put five GS every month. And some stock are in a trust fund instance, stock it, slow money on putting it all at one time, you clean it. You know what I’m saying? Not really thing. Cause it’s not illegal. Cause you only declared five grants. Government don’t give a about anything unless it’s eight grand and above. So you do uncle Sam white, the way they want you to do it.

And you invest in reinvesting it into the government, earns the business. And so the government really ain’t, ain’t tripping cause that’s that’s free money for the business for the government. It’s the win-win situation for everybody. So then all y’all dirty money that you can’t do nothing but buy dumb with. Cause you ain’t got no say in it. Cause you can’t declare it. Cause the government going to take it. You put it all on a truck and the bank is the bank on. Take it. And then your kids, your descendants, give it to them in a steady way. Let that money make money for your kids and your family forever, forever ever under the mattress. It going to live for a minute. Ain’t gonna never appreciate and a car. You can record tomorrow. You know what I’m saying? It ain’t where and big hoopty tires and all that.

There they look nice. But you don’t do nothing but tell on yourself, Hey look here. I’m a dope dealer coming to arrest me. You know what I’m saying? Take my shirt and put it on and let the white man get it for free. You know what I’m saying? We trying to stop this cycle, this vicious cycle. Even if somebody, one person hit us, we not done our job for today. If one person learns something from what we just said and it’s own little session today, then that’s all right. We uplifted some one person you shut up, sir. And that’s what we’re trying to do here. You know what I’m saying? Open your eyes. That’s why I should quote, book. Just show. Oh we stopped to put you on phone. Boom. Oh, that makes sense. I might read some more. You know what I’m saying? Then we got the pitchers jumping off.

We got this little sessions talking to y’all one-on-one for real letting you see we smoking weed. We under the influence and stuff, but we talking real. Wait, wait all the time. You see what I’m saying? We’re not out on the corner. Just talking about who, who, uh, who we last night, go back to the court. Nasty pushy. You know what I’m saying? Some nasty. Nope. Read him the whole. Cause this is the different section. So if they just looking at this accident, they ain’t going to know what you’re talking about. Okay? Nick, these make me mad how sad they would rather with nasty push and get paid. I’m going to get mine anyway. you make money. You have to conquer your drug before it conquers. You just remember, you make money is right behind. That’s what we talking about. We really in the back, you and I own an enterprise everybody’s enterprise. Not ours, not just me and his here. Not other people does everybody. So we could show some kind of ownership, some kind of ownership of anything. Usually what I’m saying is anything is it’s deep thing, big thing, real deep thing. Cause this book will live on forever. You know what I’m saying? And it’s going to teach. It’s going to reach everybody in the world. Our goal at you make money is to reach the world.

See how many people in this world, 6 billion, six barrier. Our goal is to be able to reach 6 billion people, all working together, all helping each other. Get rich better. That sells. the Sadie. the jealousy. Cause if, if we, if there is no jealous in this world, we be a happy world. The only thing that gets in this world, I’m not saying, everybody in this world is jealousy. That’s it now think about that. Think about this. And this is a metaphor and I want y’all to understand what this metaphor means. You’re on this earth with 6 billion, right. That can’t be wrong about nothing. And what that was saying that I’m asking you to tell me something wrong. you. it. We end it with that.

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