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Now if gunsmithing wasn’t enough, right? In this little box of goodies that I got right here, right? You got to get your own box and now somewhere around here, you are going to see, I got… Well, I’ll show you the video one of these days, if you continuously follow along with me of all the books that I have in my garage, that like these boxes.

Right. It’s the standard large United States postal box, right?

Are full of books, I’m trying to incite people, to buy books, to create libraries. As you can see, I got books here. If you look on the other side, I got books there. This is just my personal, it’s just like one of my rooms. So this is not my library, my library’s in a different room, but I got all these books.

Back to pistolsmithing. So, we learned gunsmithing and now let’s do pistolsmithing. A Better picture for you. All right. We got the law in the handgun. A place the work and the tools needed. Want to learn how to make a pistol? Files and filing, metal joining, hardening and tampering, how they work, minor repairs and adjustments, repair and replacement of handgun, stocks, site, alterations, and installations. Double action. Revolving tuning and timing, ring fire handgun problems, refinishing.

I didn’t know there was this many chapters. I’m not going to read them all. There’s 30 chapters plus an appendix. So , I’m not just not going to do that. Auto loading pistols, combat conversions and customizing. I mean, that is maybe you guys don’t like guns and weapons, but that literally… I don’t even know how to print it. I’m going to say that again and if you’re like me, then, you know what it’s like, if it’s like candy and a kid’s store. Auto loading pistols, combat conversions and customizing, right? If, that just doesn’t get you all excited…. I don’t know, maybe you just don’t like guns. It is cool, that’s fine. We all have our own things.

Three 20, all right. Auto loading pistols, combat conversions and customizing. Person uses a big boar Arlo and pistols have become dissatisfied with the standard products of the major manufacturers. The burnable Colt 45 M 1911 auto long, the principal choice among fast fires was finally recognized to be far heavier in bulk yield than bulkier than was really necessary. Pistol learells, one of the power and the characteristics of the big Colt Browning design, but did not wish to carry around it’s too… Wow, yeah, that makes sense. Two and a half pounds and generous dimensions. Quite likely the initial emphasis was given to the line of thought when coal introduced its lightweight aluminum frame version of the M 19 or 1911 in 1947 and gave it the name, the Colt commander. You got pictures, please tell me you got pictures of the Colt commander.

No pictures of the Cult Commander, that’s horrible. So, I’m not going to just read the story to you because I’m going to do that by myself. I’m better at reading in my head anyways. Reading out loud I stumble words. So we will go over this, typical modifications and accessories listed below are the various modifications accessories with which are applied to the big 45 and the name of combat conversions. So if you want combat conversion, this is what you do. Shortening barrel and slide, eight accurizing, I don’t know what that is. Installing target or special sites, reshaping hammer, spur and grip safely, or safety. Reshaping trigger guard to form a forefinger rest for the offhand in two hand shooting. Like this…

Checking or stippling, front and back strap. Installing speed type thump, safety installing speed type slide stop, fitting special grips, matting or checkering all I word surfaces, prevent layer, adding soft magazine basis, special troating and tuning to hot, to feed high performance ammunition. Special magazine followers to improve feeding, removing excess metals to reduce the weight special finishes to befriend corrosion, conversion to double action lock work installation of thumb operated clock clocking LIBOR. So I guess, they’ll been able to hit your hand like this. Enlargement of trigger guard for gloved use. Replacement of frame with independently manufactured, aluminum alloy frame, caliber conversions to 0.38, super nine millimeter P, 7.65 P et cetera. This is a lot, right? The chapter is close to 30 pages, I’m already at seven. Man, I’m already at seven minutes. I’m supposed to make these minutes, five minutes.That’s it, five minute videos, right? You could have made two more videos man.

So, I’m going to read, and then you can read the Lorengau article. I apologized seven minutes supposed to be five minutes, this is taking me longer than I want, but it’s actually pretty interesting. Let me see if you can see the pictures. So it really shows you, how to kind of break it down. I don’t know, I’m going to try to get… I mean, you see all these pictures, so it will take me 30 minutes just to go through all the pictures. So what I’m going to do, is write the paper.

Make sure you get to the second part of this, right? And you read my article that I have not written or not wrote yet, but I will write after I read the entire chapter and then there’ll be another video, which you’ll be able to upgrade and you can watch me go through the whole chapter. Until next time.