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Securities Public And Private Offerings

All right. Box number one. We don’t have time to go through every last book because there’s just way too many. We got A Complete Guide to Gunsmithing. That sounds interesting. We’ll probably talk about that one. Pistolsmithing. If you … guns … You got to … Well, goodness. This is Samson the Nazarene. I don’t even know what this is. This an eight dollar comic. This a musical. Let’s see. Another war book talking about guns. This is That Faithful Lightning: A Novel of Ulysses S. Grant. There’s a literature book. There’s heavy truck systems workbook.

Out of this box, the only ones that I really want to talk about … I’m not going to talk about every last one. Oh, wow. Here’s Securities: Public Offerings and Private Offerings. In the future, once I make more money, then … Actually, I’m going to look at this now because part of the thing, right? If you want money, you got to start thinking like you already have it, all right? Man, I got to blow my nose. I apologize. I’m a firm believer in getting it all out of your system. Don’t sniffle. My dad, he’s always like, “Don’t sniffle. Every time you sniffle, just imagine that’s just you being sick that much longer because your whole system is trying to get it out. So if you sniffle, it’s going back in so it’s opposite of what your body’s trying to do with all the snot and the stuff. You’re supposed to get it out of your system.”

Anyways, here we are. Securities: Public and Private Offerings. Mind, it’s a fat one. There’s no way we’re going through this whole entire book. But we’ll try to find something really, really interesting. All right. We got new developments, introduction to securities, pricing and offering, venture capital, the underwriter, private and limited offerings, public offerings. Then you got … Wow, this isn’t as … It’s Thomas Root … Reuters? A huge company. It’s six years old but the book really looks like it’s maybe 100 years old. See, this is why people don’t like to learn law and things because they make it so boring. There’s no pictures in here.

Let’s do venture capitalists. In the future, I want to be a VC. I mean, I got to make a lot of money in order to do that but you got to have big goals, right? Chapter three. What? What? Oh, this is BS, man. They don’t have page numbers on here? How are you supposed to find anything? Right? This is even worse. It doesn’t even give you a bloody … This is miserable. I mean, this is really cool. Do not think that this is not cool because what this is really doing … You guys are going to have to look to see what I’m talking about. Oh, no. All right. Kind of.

What you’re seeing in here is it gives you fill in the blanks, so I’m guessing these are all forms for you to use. It’s not as learningful or intense as I thought. It’s more a great reference book. Like an absolutely outstanding reference book. But you see what I’m talking about? This was from Gardener Win, whatever, from Dallas, Texas. All right. There’s no numbers anywhere. I don’t know if you can really see. There’s no numbers. When I’m looking through this … See, I sniffled. I’m going to be sick longer. When I’m scrolling through, I’m really truly looking for … 24A. Is this volume 24A? What is this? Ah-ha. That’s probably why I can’t find any of this because we are not in 24A or B or C. We are in volume 24D.

In 24D, we have all this stuff. You got a lot of forms. Restricted stocking, award agreement, stock incentive plan, registration statement, registration form, company offerings. My goodness. After understanding actually what this book is, this is beautiful. Obviously, it’s nothing for me right now. I’m not big enough. I’m sitting at the house talking to you guys. But in the future, this literally is every form that you can possible think of. Consent to service of process, corporate resolution, small corporate offerings, registration form, over the counter QX rules, international over the counter QX rules. This is NASDAQ … NAS .. N-A-S-D and pink sheets forms. Oh, wow. This is awesome.

You got to be a little bit … know the stock market just a tad to understand this, but basically what it’s doing … What this is showing me right here … And I am super glad that I learned this out. The nerd of Erik just came out. What this is going to do … Yeah, I’m going to be reading a lot of this book. Most likely, we will be talking about NASD and pink sheets forms, so over the counter rules. And the reason we’re going to do that … Okay. When you’re in stock market you still have all your … You didn’t hear me say that. Sorry. Sorry. Didn’t mean to.

Anyways, you have your NASAQ, you have your DOW, you have S&P, you have your Russel. Those are indexes. But you also have your pink sheets, your over the counter, where it’s for … All right. Wolf of Wall Street. All right. What he would basically do is he’d take pink sheets, over the counter stocks, and trade them to high net wealth investors. A lot of these are kind of iffy but for my standpoint, if I want to raise capital then I need to understand how to take one of my companies and then take it semi-public in a sense because over the counter is not public public. It is public because people … it’s still listed on the stock market, you can still buy some, blause, blause, blause. But it’s not as glamorous as being in the DOW or the NASDAQ or anything like that.

Once I’ve reached a certain level, then yes I can apply and I can go into the DOW, which I bet you this book shows you how to do all that. Not the DOW, the NASDAQ or the Russell 2000 or the S&P 500. There’s only 500 companies so you got to use your mind. Russell is 2000 companies. We have Russell 2000, 3000, 1000, whatever. It’s only a select few amount of companies. It sounds like a lot but then when you think there’s millions of companies … millions and millions and millions of companies a day that are probably being registered, it’s not that many at all. Very interesting book. Very interesting. Didn’t read very much in it but that’s what this book is about.

Again, we will talk about … This is Securities: Public and Private Offerings, Second Edition. No. 24D. All right. Talk to y’alls later.