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The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

All right, back over here. Let’s go back to this juicy, juicy row we got over here. The Richest Man Who Ever Lived: King Solomon’s Secret to Success, Wealth and Happiness, Steven K. Scott.

Let’s learn about the richest man that’s ever lived. Let’s see how he accomplished having health, wealth, and happiness. Well, success, wealth and happiness. I mean, how do they know he had health or if he was happy? Just because he was rich doesn’t mean he was necessarily happy. But you know, just for the book, let’s assume that they are right, that King Solomon was extremely happy and rich.

Dedicated to a whole bunch of people… Scrolling, trying to find… There we go, table of contents. Let me spread this book just a little bit so we can see it.

All right. The Key to Winning Every Race. The Activity That Creates Extraordinary Success. The Key That Opens Any Door. The Happiness Secret. Obviously I’m not reading all of them. Winning and Resolving Every Conflict. Turning Your Worst Enemy To Your Best Friend. Disarming the Booby Traps to Success. The Biggest Cause of Financial Loss. Solomon’s Foundation for Success. The Four Qualities That Make You Invaluable, one-oh-five. Yeah, let’s check it out… A little far… One-oh-five. Look, wow. This is a pretty long chapter where it’s 117 and we’re still there. Oh, well, it doesn’t matter. We’ll just pick right here.

All right. I have a proverb. Graciousness, the attribute that raises you up in the sight of others. A gracious woman attains honor. I don’t know if that’s the one I really want to use. That wasn’t like generosity. No, let’s do a better one. The ultimate cause of dishonesty that we may not see until it’s too late. Dishonesty, the consequences of dishonesty that we may not see until it’s too late. Dishonesty destroys the foundation of relationships with others and with God, very interesting. Dishonesty produces never-ending stress. Okay. Why? Deep down inside, you carry a hidden fear that one day your dishonesty will be exposed. You also know you have to keep your story straight. Dishonesty forces you to always think about your past lies, so you won’t say anything contradictory that exposes those lies. All of this creates stress, and we’ve already seen that stress not only robs us of any potential joy, it also ultimately steals our health as well.

Dishonesty ultimately creates unexpected crashes. Every year there are a number of train wrecks, dozens of plane crashes, and millions of car accidents and no one ever boards a train or airplane or steps in the car thinking they’re about to be in a traumatic or fatal crash. I would hope so. Likewise, no one ever tells a lie or hides the truth thinking that doing so is going to destroy the very life that they’re trying to enjoy. But it does. Sooner or later, nearly all dishonesty is discovered by others, and when it does, a crash always results.

That was some heavy stuff right there. Wow. I like how he used the whole airplane analogy and like, you know, no one ever thinks that going into the car might fuck you up. And you know, you never really think of how much a lie… like, this big of a lie, right… Even the little itty bitty ones can really, truly might have, like, a drastic negative effect on the future. Right? So that’s exciting, in that I’m interested in learning a little bit more from this book, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, King Solomon. Right. And I enjoyed that. It made a lot of sense. Kind of makes you think a little bit. I hope you learn something from it. And I look forward to you reading the article below.