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A Nice Load Of Books

Good morning. So it stopped raining. Fine. It’s the next morning? So yesterday is when I went and got the books. So there was a lot of books in here. There’s a lot. It’s not a little, it’s a lot. Um, let’s, let’s remember. Uh, let’s just say, cause I had to leave some of the books there. I didn’t have enough space and then some of the books were on the ground, so there’s like two or three of the little bins on the ground. Um, cause you gave me more space, but then the boxes you’ll see what I’m talking about in a second. The boxes, uh, two of the boxes and like three of the bins were mine before, but everything else is what I bought yesterday and I’m not the guy told me, don’t tell your total the price for me, but let’s just say with the trucking included, it’s less than $1,200. You know what I mean? And here’s the books

So, like I said, it’s, it’s not a whole, whole bunch of books. Like it’s not filled to the top. All right. But I mean, if it was filled to the top, I it’d be too heavy for one and I’d really be in like a tank, but, um, yeah. And then he told me, um, that he needs more. And so he has like another truckload for me and then like another truckload for me. So, um, I can’t, I don’t know how many of these books I’m going to be able to take because I don’t have to process them too, but all together I’m guaranteeing like, you’ll see the very end of this. Right. Let’s just remember in total counting truck, right. I’m willing to spend 5,000. So this is 1000, right? Because it kind of in your truck, right? So this is $1,000. Now, you know, it’s hard to tell on the Amazon because it’s going to take me a while to upload all these, like to upload all these books on Amazon.

So, you know, we’re not worried about that, but I will show, uh, like kinda like guesstimation how much each one of these little bins makes me and maybe a box, like, but that’s still a lot of books. So anything over 250 books, then I got to do like a whole nother print, like little form. So I don’t know if the boxes are going to make any sense, cause there’s way more than 250 books. So I mean, that might just be difficult for me to show, but on average, I’d say, we’re saying average here, average, average, average, and making probably like this is including Amazon fee, like $2 and 50 cents a book. All right. That’s on average

Maybe for now we’ll say, we’ll say $2 and 50 cents just because, you know, I dropped the price on a lot of them. And so like that brings the price down and on to get rid of all these books are probably have to drop the price. So profit $2 and 50 cents per book. So I’m going to show you again, profit and you know, they’ll take half of these books out. Cause not all of them won’t be able to go to Amazon. So when you look at this take only like the right side or the left side, right. And that’s the amount of books that will go to Amazon. And then just think it’s $2 and 50 cents per book. The other books go to the library and like, you know, cause I like a library, you got to have library a library and then other little might mean maybe donate the books or sell them a different way.

But like the business model of sending this stuff to Amazon, that’s what we’re discussing. All right. So just imagine you got four boxes and six different little bins. So I’m gonna show you again. That’s that’s all the stuff that we’ll probably end up going to Amazon at $2 and 50 cents a pop with a total investment of $1,000. So that just gives you the guesstimation of how much money I’ll make. You know what I mean? So, I mean, I don’t know how many books are in here. There’s too many counts, but I’ll show you again. And then, you know, if you want to count, you can count, but it doesn’t really matter.

So you see what I’m saying is counted three boxes, one, two, three, doesn’t matter what side is all seen or different, but whatever falls in and then count like there’s, there’s a one, two, three, six, seven, eight, and there’s two boxes right here. Or two bins or underground. So we’ll say four bins of B’s right for, Oh, that’s good enough. So three boxes, four bins. That’s what’s going to end up going to Amazon at $2 and 50 cents a pop in my pro in my pocket off of this run, which will initially or total investment besides time will be thousand dollars. May let’s just say 1200. We’ll say 1200. Yeah. Cause gas got about gas. We’ll say 1200. So yeah, 1200 because of gas. And there I go back down there next week or the week after that and go fill up another truck and I’ll be like another $1,200. And then I’m going to take a break cause I gotta work in inventory. So take me forever to inventory all this stuff up to Amazon. So wish me luck.