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On The Way To Atlanta To Buy Books

Good morning, everybody just want to let everybody know what I’m up to. And then I’m going to say hello. I’m going to turn a light off. Alright. So couple days ago, a week ago, I got a, a message and I keep my books for pretty cheap. And if you remember, like two weeks ago, I went down to Atlanta. I picked up some books and said, drive four and a half hours there and then four and a half hours or five hours back because I’m having, so it takes me a little bit longer to get there. Well, the last time I was down there, you seen how many books I had, but the problem was that we lost any books. Like, I didn’t know where they were. He didn’t know where they were, the person where I’m going the warehouse. Well, last week he calls me up well, furniture books, right?

So I have the same amount of books that I had last time down there waiting for me. So that’s great. You don’t have to pay for them because they’ve already been paid for. Right. And then he told me that they had a problem, right. That they had a problem. And they needed me to solve before. The problem was, is that they have no more space in their warehouse for all the books. Right. Not just my book, but other books. Right. There’s more books there besides just my books. Right. And so he told me like, drive down here and get your books, which I think, I honestly think he just giving me more books than I had, because I don’t see how you’ll see what I’m talking about. When I show you the picture. I don’t know how you miss places, seven of these things, like they’re not small.

So I don’t know how you misplaced seven, right? Two or three. I get seven. That’s excessive. And especially how large you are. I’ll show you what I’m talking about. Get that. I can’t take pictures inside. So I’ll show you pictures, whatever, video, whatever. And I’ll show you what I walked out. So he told me, basically, get a big truck. Now. I don’t know if he’s put some, I don’t think he realizes how big this truck is and how many books I can actually get on this and trucks. But I’m following the directions. He said, bring the biggest truck that you can find, come down here. And we’re going to do a in-person auction for the other books, because I got to get rid of him. We got to clear space. So rented the truck. It’s five in the morning have already been on the road for two hours.

So I got about two hours and 20 minutes left and we’re going to see, so again, we’re going to find it soul so far invested. What I have is just the truck, right? So that was $365. Remember the books that the other set of books, if you remember how much, how many other books I got each one of those bins are like $50 and it was seven, 10. So it was $350 books plus the truck. So all together for all, that was a thousand dollars. So like, I can’t, like I already counted these seven bins of books, if that makes sense. So I can’t recount them. Right? So it was $350 last time that we kind of read the books. So all like seventies bins, art per Greek, if that makes sense, what I’m saying. So as of right now, I’m in the truck or the only expense I have is 300 or $360 in a truck.

And then mostly how many, how much I get or how cheap I can pay. Not, not really cheap because they’re not, I want it. How, uh, what kind of deal I can get. That’s it, that’s a better way of putting it. What kind of deal I can get on and how many books he has waiting for him. So I’m a little excited, you know, early, early morning motivation, you know what I’m saying? It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m already up moving around for two hours and talking about books. You know what I’m saying? What are you doing.