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Juicing March 22 Am Test

All right. Welcome back. Let’s see what we got right here. Let’s check out the flavor or the color quick. So I don’t know if you can kind of see, uh, the color contrast that we have. This one looks like we have a lot more foam, so I’m gonna dig a little bit off the top. Um, cause you know, the foam is not the greatest, but let’s first stir it up. Well, let’s try to get some of this foam off before I just throw the phone. See it’s it’s not quite as bad, but it’s, it’s it’s full,

Right? That should do it. Forgot to start.

So as you see, it gives us what is that smell? It gives us a kind of an orange flavor. Uh, I think the honeydew, the honeydew, uh, it, the honey during the squash. Well aunt, well, everything in here besides the carrots are, are everything but orange. So it’s really the only the carrots that are giving it the, the color, which is kind of surprising. Cause I only put three carrots in here. I mean there’s, I mean, there’s a lot of, I don’t know if you watch the other video, there’s a lot of juice in here from, um, just uh, the cucumber. So is that what I smell? That might be what I smell. Let’s give it a shot. All right. And my first, My first impression is it, it gives like a dry flavor kind of how the sweet potato gives us how it kind of like chalky in your mouth afterwards. Um, let me get another try. Yeah. Yeah. It gives it.

It’s not the most refreshing

Drink. Right? You remember yesterday? I was like, man, or yesterday morning when we’re drinking the watermelon, the watermelon gave us that, that cool, refreshing flavor. Well, there’s none of that in this

I don’t taste the refreshing part. Kind of like the water,


No, it’s not thick. Um, it’s, it’s the same con uh, consistency as yesterday with the water w more with the melons, less like thickness. Um, I, I, we need to try the melons with a little bit of, of a celery. Cause the celery I’m thinking gives us that thickness. This does is not refreshing. Like I said, but it goes down really easy. Right. It kind of, you know, when you eat a Skittle and then it kind of leaves, leaves that stickiness in your mouth.


Like, that’s this and that’s really weird. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s leaving us like the same as if I ate like a, not a Snickers, excuse me, Skittles. You know how after you chew a whole bunch of Skittles, your mouth is like, you could, it’s just really sticky. And I don’t know how else to explain it. So if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go grab a bag of Skittles, eat some Skittles and then you’re not what I’m talking about,

But yeah. I mean,

This is juice, this isn’t vegetable water, right? I couldn’t tell a difference. This is straight up juice. And I know, I know, you’re it. How am I different differentiating it? Um, the sweetness factor, the, the ability to, to basically chug it, um, and the stickiness in my mouth. Right? Cause I’m, I could be completely wrong. So don’t quote me on this and, and don’t be like, well, Eric said, well, I could be wrong. Eric could be very wrong with this, but it tastes kinda like the sugar. Maybe it’s the sugar that’s making my mouth sticky. As with yesterday, it was more a refreshing flavor. Like even right now I can feel this. It’s like stuck in the back of my throat, not in a negative way, but just like it’s, it’s not our, how the cucumber says it’s supposed to be for hydration maybe, but I’m getting the opposite right now. It’s kind of like making my mouth dry, not hydrated.

All right. On that goal. I’ve tasted a little bit of a, I actually tasted some of the cucumber on that taste, which is, I brings another point this entire time. It’s not the cucumber I’m tasting. Uh, it might be the honeydew. I don’t know what honeydew tastes like. I I’m sorry. Maybe I should have like ate a small little piece of it before I chopped it all up and made it into juice. Cause I have no idea what the flavor tastes like. I particularly don’t like any kind of Mellon. Um, however, the last few days we’ve been trying them and they’re they’re good water. Good fillers. Right? They’re good fillers. So

Yeah, this is, this goes straight to you. All right. I think I’m trying to think so. I’m sorry. Um, it is a good morning drink though.

It doesn’t really

Well. I don’t know, because in the morning time, I don’t really want my mouth dry. I don’t know. This is like, it goes down. Well, everything is like great about it. But the after dryness and stickiness in my mouth is just it’s too much, but I can’t say it’s bad cause it was good. I just don’t know what time of the day. This would be the best for not at night because of how much sugar, but is this the before meeting drink or is this before the uh, time at the gym? Right? So, And that’s all we have it. The, the little end. Part’s not as bad as the other ones, but I’m still, it’s still not good. So talk to you all later.