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Juicing March 22 Noon Test

Okay. Here’s our attempt at an energy drink. Uh, yeah. I don’t know how else to intro that. Um, let’s get this foam off as you can see, this is, this is some

That’s phone phone. I do not want to drink that. So I’m a little disappointed on my, my citrus juice maker that, uh, or maybe I’m just disappointed in citrus fruit that could, that could equally be true. Cause I figured the citrus fruit was going to be like a game changer, but so far, no, and I mean, I was so excited. I’m not going to lie. I was really excited about this new machine, but then I realized that I only have one thing to zip up on it. And that’s oranges. I have two different types of oranges, but it’s all there. Now we put the seltzer water in here to give it carbonation because energy drinks have carbonation. So it’s mean green. You know, it’s not really mean green is not really much green in here. It’s really what is the zucchinis? The only thing that’s given in its color, I guess, with a guy [inaudible], we’ll get the key weeds green, the guy, why op is green? The orange is orange. But other than that, yeah, there’s not very much in here.

Okay. Um, maybe I’ll maybe I need to start later or a store first and then put the carbonation in here. Cause I don’t taste any carbonation at all. It just tastes really watered down or flavor, but it’s, it’s really watered down. So back to the drawing board tomorrow, this is not the greatest, what is in here. Cause it’s I want to say all I taste. Is it going on? But all right, but if you watch the other video, it’s almost impossible by eight there’s. No [inaudible] in here. There’s there’s like three or four droplets, which that’s very difficult for me to believe that three or four drops gave me the entire flavor. However, that’s almost all I taste is like Guayabo um, let me do it again. Let me see

But remember what our goal with this is? Sorry, I just got it’s just started hurting her son.

Maybe it’s a drink. I don’t know. Like I was feeling fine. Just set. Ready to go. All of a sudden. Wow. Okay. Like to drink one down and some kind of felt funny for a second head kind of woozy for a second. I don’t know what that was. Um, yeah, not sure. I don’t even really know how to classify this. It’s

I can’t call it. I’m sorry. I’m over looking at nothing. Let me, let me do it again. Yeah. I’m not sure it’s not bad. It’s not good.

Now. I mean, again, your body gets used to sugar water as in like a monster or a red bull. So it makes sense that this is not exactly what I was expecting for an energy drink. My body’s used to something different, but again, if this, uh, we’ll find out later today, if I make the third video today on another recipe for more of the afternoon, then I’ll give you, I’ll give you kind of a synopsis of what happened with this. But if not, I’ll let you know tomorrow. Um, as of right now, It’s kind of dry in my mouth out a little bit it’s uh, but it’s it’s it’s not like this morning or not. Whenever was, it’s not a talk, keep going.

It’s not a sticky feeling either. Oh, this is just, it’s difficult to like pinpoint it. There’s nothing wrong with it. Don’t get me wrong. It’s it’s over. It’s watered down. Um, but that’s, it’s, it’s watered down with no carbonation. So the whole reason why I put the seltzer water in there is for the carbonation, not for the water. Right? So that was a massive failure. I’m going to have to figure out how to keep the carbonation in here, which that probably is as simple as get the foam out, stir it and then put carbonation in there. Um, other than that,

The, flavor’s not bad. It’s not [inaudible] or whatever it’s called. Yeah. Basically I, and like I think the head, what happened with my head and my stomach is I’m in fluxing, a lot of juice or something. I don’t know. Um, I don’t feel bad. No, I don’t. It’s it’s a weird feeling. Not going to say like I got all energized. No, I wouldn’t say that either, but I can, I guess this is just something that’s different. I don’t know what I’ll explain it. Something different.

Oh, they would drink all of it. We also got all, most of the foam out. Uh, this video is a little shorter than normal, but energy drink. Number one. We’ll see what happens.