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Alphabet Inc:

Googl And Goog Are What Makes Up Alphabet Inc. The Company Is In A Range Of Different Services And Products With Their Flagship Company Google. The Google Segment Includes Internet Products Such As Search Ads, Commerce, Maps, Youtube, Google Cloud, Android, Chrome And Google Play And Assortment Of Different Consumer Enhancement Apps. Other Google Products Which They Generate Cash Flow From The Sale Of Digital Content Advertising Revenue Applications And Cloud Offerings, And Sale Of Hardware Products. A Least Known Segment Of Alphabet Is” Other Bets” This Department Of The Company Engages In The Sale Of Internet And Television Services Through Google Fiber The Sell Of Nest Products And Services, Licensing And Research And Development Through Verily. Google Assist Is Their Ai Voice System Which Allows Customers To Type Or Talk Into Google, Google Maps, Google G Suite In Google Photos Which Allows People To Store And Organize Their Content.


Calico Labs Is A Research Company Who Focuses On The Biology Of Aging And Longevity With The Overall Goal Of Creating Longer-Lasting And Healthier Lives. In 2015 They Partnered With Mit And Harvard To Advanced Research On Age-Related Diseases And Therapeutics.

Capital G:

This Is Alphabets Independent Growth Fund (Private Equity), The Investor Capital To Accelerate The Growth Of The Industry’s Leading Entrepreneurs. With Over 3 Billion Dollars Under Management 45 Companies, 8 Ipos, 7 Merger-And-Acquisition Exits, With Over 2000 Googlers Engaged Capital G Is An Investment Fund To Reckon With. A Few Other Notable Companies Are Airbnb, Credit Karma, Duolingo, Lift, Crowdstrike, Uipath, Freshworks, Zscaler, Stripe, Robinhood, And About 30 More. 


This Is Google’s Venture Capital Investment Arm Which Provides Seed And Growth Capital, They Are A Separate Independent Decision Making Financial Firm. With Over 300 Active Portfolio Companies 5 Billion Under Management, 36 Ipos, And 135 Mergers And Acquisitions.They’ve Broken Their Portfolio Into Four Different Sections


  In This Part The Companies They Serve Are Uber, Jet, Medium, Blue Bottle, Lemonade, Stockx, Nest, Lime, Blavity Incorporated, Plus Many More


  Through Their Enterprise Investments They’re Looking For Founders Who Push The Edge Of What’s Possible The Companies They Have Found That Fit This Criteria Are; Slack, Stripe, Samba Nova, Thousand Eyes, Duo, Core Os, Docusign, Get Lab, Cloudera.

  Life Sciences:

   Making Up More Than 1/3 Of Their Entire Portfolio They Invest In The Entire Healthcare Spectrum With Companies That Include; One Medical, Grail, Verve Therapeutics, Pact Pharma, Flatiron,Arcus Biosciences, Foundation Medicine And Magenta Therapeutics,

 Frontier Tech:

   The Future Is Robotics, Quantum Computing And Artificial Intelligence Through Their Frontier Tech Investments They’re Trying To Capitalize On Companies Who Have The Intention Of Tackling World Issues. These Companies Include Carbon, Impossible, Zipline, Ripple, Spinlaunch, Farmers Business Network And Bowery.