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Beet Bok-Choy Broccoli – Ingredients

All right, good afternoon. Now

For our afternoon drink, we like, you already know we’re going more green than our morning drink, which is more based off of sugar and trying to get more fruit into our diet. Right here. We have bok choy. Yup. I had to see, I had to get the, the receipt, the bok choy. This is a beat. That’s a broccoli. I had no idea. Broccoli looked like this. I had no idea. This is some zucchini. We got our lettuce, we got some spinach and we have some ginger root. Now, depending on how much, I don’t know how much water or how much vegetable juice is going to come out of these. Hopefully you eat the whole beat. I don’t know. I’ve never ate it before. Hopefully you eat all the buck chewy or bok choy, whatever. Hopefully you can eat the STEM of the broccoli. I’m not sure these are all kind of brand new for me. I had no idea. Broccoli even got that big. You’ve never tried this before in my life. Unless it was something I ate that I didn’t know. Was there a beat? I think beets or sweet. I’d have no idea the Ginger’s for flavor. All right, so let’s check it out.


All right. First let’s go with zucchini vitamins, a C and K men. Gunnies potassium, digestive health and blood sugar control, heart health and eye health. Let’s see what else we got broccoli chop. Okay. Abreast of it’s all over here. So we have lettuce, lettuce right here. Vitamins a and K potassium zinc, full aid. Anti-Inflammation sleep aid. Anti-Anxiety relief. This is why we’re having at night. Cause it says sleep aid. Okay. Now we go to the other page. Beat. Here we go. Full, late mag. Remember this, this is our beat right there. Not the top. Not that the red one. That’s our beat. Full, late Magna needs, potassium, blood pressure regulation, heart health, digestive health and food. We’ve got some brain health with that. That’s nice. I like that. When you to pay attention to, or at least remember that. What else we got? We got some broccoli, which is the broccoli. Here we go. Vitamin C B N a potassium calcium cancer prevention, cholesterol, health and eye health. Okay. That’s nice. I didn’t know that that had, it was good for your eyes now. Bok choy. Here we go. Bock toy vitamins, a C and B calcium brain health immunity, a boost and cancer prevention. All right. All right. So now we have our spinach.

Where’s the spinach. Oh, here we go.

Vitamins, K a B and B six full, late manganese. I help brain health and muscle health. The rest is the ginger, the ginger root, which I don’t know if they have the ginger. I do not see the ginger in here.


So we’ll add that to the list of fruits that are not in here. The green juicing recipe book again. Yeah, so you know the drill. I will see you in just a minute after I grind some of this stuff up again. I’m not trying to use all of this stuff. Hopefully half of it and I’ll have a full cup because I think this is going to have a lot of vegetable water in them. All right. Talk to you later.

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