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Day Eighteen FYMM Fitness

Sorry about yesterday, I just wanted to reiterate you really don’t have any excuse. It’s 10 minutes. 10 minutes minimum, every single day, and it’ll change your perspective in your life. Now, after this run today, 10 minutes isn’t really enough. I know that sounds weird because three weeks ago, man. Whew. 10 minutes, whew. But now, I’m like, “Man, the 10-minute jog, I’m not feeling anything.” It’s really easy. Running backwards, again, really easy. My treadmill only goes six miles per hour, so I’m not sprinting, and it’s falling apart. I’ve said that four times now. So, I’m going to buy another treadmill in a couple of days. I’ll hopefully buy one that goes faster than six miles an hour, maybe it’s just the simple fact I’m not running fast enough. And then, maybe if I pump up the volume a little bit, it’ll be a little bit more difficult, in theory, hopefully. I mean, most likely. But let’s remember, come Monday, today’s Saturday, we start doing two sets of pushups and two sets of curls, and then, above the head. So, we need to remember we’re going to start adding that, but that’s after the run. And so, what I might do, because if I keep running, our treadmill’s going to break. So, I’m going to keep it at 10 minutes. Maybe run five minutes. Well, it’s just a song because I’m not looking at the time when I’m running backwards. So, I’m just guesstimating, oh, a song is long enough. Starting next week, two-a-days, I’ll start doing that. Make sure to remind yourself to stretch. Stretching is a very important key to all this. And with the drinking of water, the drinking of water is easy. The whole waking up and drinking lemonade, basically, pouring lemon in there. That’s not a habit yet. I need to get much better with that. I’m going to have to do a little more research on that because I mean, I have faith. Don’t get me wrong, but not that much faith. Yeah, it’s great. It’s difficult. Because I need to start drinking some apple cider vinegar as well because in the past, that’s helped on just speeding the process up, of everything up. So, do a little research on nutrition. But, let’s get ourselves up to a full workout first, and then, we’ll worry about nutrition. Next month is all about getting us to the four set reps and doing it easily, and adding a couple other things like sit ups and all that kind of good stuff. We still have a journey to get to more nutritional stuff. We got to get to the full workout first. So, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But what I will be doing is just brainstorming a little bit. I got some great nutrition books. I’m building a library. So, with that, I’ll go over a few books trying to optimize myself because each person is different, obviously. But I’ll give tips and traits on what I’m learning for myself. But yeah, as of right now, it’s easy. It’s impossible for me to really convince myself not to work out now because it’s so easy. You know what I’m saying? And that’s where we want be, where it’s so easy, it’s second nature. And I feel good after it, gives me a little burst of energy, which another thing is what I’m working out for, just build my energy up so I can maintain optimal levels longer throughout the day. So, yeah. I’m enjoying it, having a good time. Hope you guys are at this point as well. And through the journey, keep on going.

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