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Domino’s Pizza Inc:

A Multinational Pizza Company With Over 17,000 Locations. In 83 Countries Reaching Some Of The Smallest Markets In The World Including; The Cayman Islands, Northern Cyprus, And Kosovo. February 2016 Domino’s Opened Its Thousand Store In India, Outside Of The United States India Has The Largest Number Of Domino’s. Their Subsidiary In China Known As Domino’s Pizza China Has Over 250 Stores In 9 Chinese Cities. In China 90% Of The Orders Are Placed Online Through Messaging Apps Such As Wechat .

Domino’s Operates 18 Regional Dough Manufacturing And Food Supply Chain Centers In The United States, One Thin Crust Manufacturing Center, One Vegetable Processing Center, And One Center Providing Equipment And Supplies For Their Domestic And International Stores

Pepperoni Is The Most Popular Domino’s Pizza Topping In The United States, There Are More Than 34 Million Ways To Create A Single Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s World’s Fastest Pizza Maker The Werner Lunker Can Make Three Large Pizzas In Less Than A Minute. More Than 94% Of Domino’s Stores In The United States Are Franchise Owned. Internationally Domino’s Sells An Average Of 3 Million Pizzas A Day. Traditionally The Busiest Dates For Domino’s Are New Year’s Eve, Super Bowl Sunday, And Halloween. On Super Bowl Sunday Alone It’s Estimated Domino’s Will Sell 2 Million Pizzas 40% More Than A Typical Day.