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Full Disclosure I Can’t Just Drink Vegetable Water

Good morning. I’ve already it’s like six today. I actually got up first thing in the morning. Before this full disclosure, I didn’t make my second choose video yesterday. I had to sit down and have a real sit down with myself. Right. I talked to a couple other people, put it by in the end. It’s always my decision because it’s my life. And I decided that just drinking vegetable water was not productive for me. I was losing on multiple avenues. So I had to get, I bought some food and it’s crazy. Put some food in my system. And the next morning I’m up. Ready to go? Have motivated, slept well. Did everything have my little brainstorming session last night? Everything. So am I discouraging everyone else? No, that’s not my intention. My intention, however, is to again, reiterate the fact that each person’s body is different. So for starving myself, maybe that would work for other people, but I already almost do that on my own anyways. So by taking out the little bit of food that was giving me my nutrients, wasn’t as helpful as one may think. Am I going to stop juicing? My, my you know, taking my vegetable water? No, I’m about to go make my vegetable water right now. But I, I also am going to incorporate food as well. So over the course of, I might, I don’t know.

Yeah, maybe next week I’ll start because I’m going to continuously show you, show you the vegetables I’m putting together and then, you know, discuss how it tastes, why it’s going down. I think next week we’re gonna, we’re we’re gonna cook and we’re gonna cook healthy, right? Nothing fried nothing. Just try to cook healthy and I’ll make some videos on healthy cooking. Cause I like the vegetables. I don’t mind eating the vegetables are pretty good. I don’t mind eating food. That’s good for you. I don’t mind eating healthy. So I think part of it was is that I was wanting to become super human, healthy, however, I’m I already eat healthy. Like for the most, most part I might slip up here and there, but it’s I already eat in moderation. I don’t stuff myself with I already, I burn like a thousand calories a day through working out.

So dropping my calorie and take to lose weight. I already knew that if that your body will run off of its fat. So I like a lot of this stuff that maybe be new to other people was not new to me. Like I’ve already studied that. I’ve studied how, what works with my brain or with my body. So with the juicing, it wasn’t optimal. Optimal for me. I needed to it a little bit of food and protein cause my muscles were hurting, right? And the weights were getting extra heavy this morning. I woke up, had some food in my system from yesterday. My muscles aren’t quite as sore. So whatever I did yesterday, maybe it was the protein came in and helped relax my muscles out. So we’ll see today when it comes to working out, if my muscles are not as sore, then it was the best decision to put some protein and put some solid food in my system. Now, with that being said, it’s time to go juice.

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