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Good Companies Real Estate

So with these companies, you’re going to gain income for life the same with all the other ones. But this is just a different, a different standpoint, a different, different viewpoint of where to put your money. Right. So, you know, we got a little bit of money in, in land. We got a little bit of money in, in the cannabis sector. Right. We got, I don’t know exactly where you guys are. This is the fourth video. So I don’t want to interrupt you on all the other great things that you’re going to learn. So, you know, we’ve got the federal reserve, we got the interest rates, we got land, we got marijuana. Now we got great companies. Now in this sector, we’re more, we’re kind of talking about companies that own a real estate, right? Like not just like a house or we’re talking about big boy stuff, like huge office spaces, industrial buildings, you know what I mean?

Like the big boys stuff, the commercial stuff. And what’s so great about this is president Eisenhower, you know, long, long time ago, he, he came out with this thing that said, companies, you don’t have to pay us as long as you pay 90% of your profits to shareholders. Right. So when it’s a public company, it’s not my company, not your company. And you don’t really care, you know, because you’re getting an income, right. Well then it’s just advantageous for you to get all the money out after you pay. So you don’t have to give it to uncle Sam. Right. And that’s what the president set up years ago. And so what did these, these companies do? And what’s great is cause they collect rent, right? So every month they’re collecting, collecting, like, like they pay their bills and then they pay you, right. They skip uncle Sam.

Well, you know, they try to skip as much as uncle Sam as possible. Cause that’s why they’re giving you so much of the money. Right. You’re giving it all to you. You know, besides the, the, the upkeep, the, you know, the, the maintenance, the, all that other kind of good stuff, all the profits, 90%, they’re distributed, distributing it to me and you, the shareholder. How cool is that? Now let’s get into that. Companies are, let’s take it away from great names to bring great income. First, we’re talking about Boston, as you see, got a decent level of yield devotee, Neil, 2.8% of your money, kinda expensive, $135.

But as you can see over the last five years is pretty consistent. So it’s a nice place to hold your mind. Excuse me. So with this so this company, I mean, as we’ll see in just a second, it holds a lot of different, different, real estates and a lot of different, different cities. So it has like, as it says, right here, 160 office properties 400, 4 million net rentable square feet, excuse me, as of last year. So we’re talking about like a decent size company and major cities, Boston, New York, San Francisco, and DC. So let’s, let’s take a look at about what, what they have over it.

So here’s a breakdown on where most of our properties are. Obviously there it’s mostly DZ or in Boston as in the company, Boston, the VXP as we see, I mean, it kind of just this one, this doesn’t really tell you much, but all right. So here we go in Boston, they, it shows that 96% occupancy. So look at that, they’re pretty occupied it’s square footage, 14 million square feet and 48 different properties in the Boston area,

Los Angeles area, 27 different properties, New York, 25 different properties. They’re a little bit the is down a little bit in New York, but you know, still in the 90 percentile. So that means that they’re 90% rented out. And if you look over here, they have like decent amount. So you know that it’s only going to get more expensive than these places, especially like San Francisco. They’re a little bit, they’re down a little bit, but again, look, Silicon Valley, we all heard of Silicon Valley, 12% is in Silicon Valley. Then we go to DC for the last one, 89%, you know, they could work on that, but they still have 44 different properties there. And they’re not just in DC, they’re in like Maryland as well. But like that’s a decent property to just hold your money because, you know, especially in these key cities, it’s not like the, the economy is going to stop.

I mean, if it was in Omaha, Nebraska, that that gives a little bit of concern, but we’re talking about DC, New York, San Francisco and Boston, excuse me, we’re talking about like the major cities in the United States. So it’s like I said, it’s a decent place to hold, hold some capital for the long haul. Again, we’re not talking about the next week. We’re not talking about the next year. We’re talking like 10 years, right. Something to hold money that we can pass on to our kids or I, or our grandkids, or a great, great grandkids, something we’re just want to hold and continue to profit off of from now until forever. Right. That’s the main strategy with, with, with, with this whole program. Now, the next one I was looking at, or that I’m recommending is this one it’s mostly down in Southern California.

Right. But the reason why I, I liked this is just the scale that they have right. On the California coastline and what they do, you know, they, they mostly, it’s mostly industrial and like a lot of different shipping to stuff. So like all in Southern California coastline like that, like this is a big pork right here, like the Los Angeles port Los Angeles. So just to have that much exposure and that many, those, that many buildings down in that area is just, I mean, to me, it’s great. I mean, unless California is breaking off into its own country, pretty soon, it sound like a pretty brief, decent investment. They don’t give you very much. But then look at the growth that they’ve had over the last five years. Like this is pretty 68 or the, excuse me, substantial growth. And it doesn’t really look like it’s going to kind of stop, right?

So over the 52 routes yet, well, the $28, but that was like more with like the entire stock market. So this is a huge run and just this year, right. And, you know, obviously wait for a little bit to get in, get in, in a good time. Don’t just buy automatically. But, you know, get in little by little and hold on for a while, like right here, again, 213 properties in approximately 26 million square foot square feet. That is extremely large, right. That is a lot of square footage in the Southern California area. Right. That’s why this one right here. And let’s not forget that because it is one of these lovely, great names, big, great income it’s they pay out majority of their money. So the more money they make in the future, once they stop expanding the more money that they have to give out to you guys right.

In the future. Now let’s go to the last one, which is core. As we see this, I mean, it’s already a pretty big company. It’s a $4.1 billion company. It’s like this someone’s a little bit more difficult to explain. All right. So there, there are data centers, right? So all they like trying to figure, like I try to find the easiest way to explain it. And the more I read and the more I got to try to explain it easily, the harder it was, right. The more I learned, the harder it is to explain it like the easiest way. So in other words, this has put it like this all the servers, right. And then let’s say

Thinkers win, right? Any major program that’s running, let’s say, or a Google, I don’t know, Google. Doesn’t probably not will Amazon or Amazon cloud. They work with Amazon cloud based or whatever, the Amazon cloud thing. So they do work with, I think they also were Microsoft. I’m not quite sure. They’re just, they basically just rent out space or servers. Right. So, I mean, it’s a great business. It’s, it’s, it’s a business. That’s not going to go anywhere because the, the more, the more we’re in this business, the more we’re in the more we expand into the future, the more computers, the more data we store with, the more, I mean, it’s just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And the opportunity for a company like this is just, I mean, it’s unlimited. They already pay a decent amount or 0.4% of your money.

So just put it like this. Every, every year you’re making 4% of your money on a business that is almost guaranteed going to be around for quite some time, by let me show you exactly where they have their centers, just to kind of, it doesn’t go down very much. Okay. Well, I’ll let me hold it right here. So I don’t know what I did. I will hold it right here. So you can kind of see the bottom part. Last one says Silicon Valley, right? So they’re basically in every major city, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Northern Virginia, and then down here with Silicon Valley, right? So they’re throughout the United States. They already deal with, with with well-known companies. And it’s basically like a cash cow. They’re renting out these like basically core site facilities, design construct using industry best practices, but currently operate 21 data centers across eight us markets. So that’s 21 different centers that are, they’re only going to expand. You don’t need that big of a workforce because they’re just computers. So it’s basically, they’re printing cash and they’re giving you a whopping 4.4% of it. Right? So let’s, let’s think Eisenhower for his tax breaks and let’s invest in.

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