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Guaranteed By Law

I then training here today. We’re gonna talk about something that’s guaranteed by law helps us out Right now. They’re not as sexy as stock. So people don’t really talk about them, right? If you’re not going to get a huge game, you’re not turning $5 into 5 million, right? That’s what everyone wants to sell on the stock market, whether it happens or not, maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t, but that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the other world. The bond world now was thought, people don’t really tell you is this. If the stock goes under the government forces the company to pay the bonds, first, the bonds are alone. The stock means that you own part of the company, right? So, you know, you have to pay your debt first. So what bond, what a bond is basically is you’re loaning money out, right? So in any, like do your own research on bonds, they’re a great way you got municipal bonds. That’s even greater.

Maybe I’ll teach a class on municipal bonds later. Those are they’ll. They, they get, I mean, they pay much, much higher than regular government bonds and the, you know, we call them munies. But what we’re talking about right now, we’re talking about corporate bonds and even more precise, we’re talking about corporate bonds with companies that are known companies, but kind of had a rough patch. Right. And with this particular company, right. It’s not a company, it’s a fund, right. It’s kind of like a, like a reap, but it’s not, it’s more of like just a fun. Alright. And on this one, what it, what it does is, I mean, it’s, it’s called angel it’s the fund families then act. Right. And I guess you don’t really need to see this screen on this one because it’s, it’s kind of basic. Now what it does is established companies that fell on hard times and a hire properly for the companies to be upgraded, which means, right.

So if a company went down here, like, okay, the issue, the bonds right here, the companies down here, right. This company buys the bonds when they’re down here where, when they’re not sexy. Right. And in hopes that the bond will be, or that the world, well, in, in upgrade the company, which will bring the company back up to where it started. Right. So if the bond, if the company goes right back where it started, then that bond becomes sexy again. Right? So you profit from the bond being worth more, you know what I’m saying? Supply and demand. Right? So when it amine and when the is higher for something, and there’s still a finite supply of them, that the price goes higher, right. When there’s demand is here, no one really wants them. And that’s where it’s called the angel. Right. It’s kind of like the grand slam, but it’s a good way to profit. Plus we’re still collecting the coupon, the dividend, right. We’ll just keep it as dividend. It’s not called a difference, but for lack of confusing, everybody, we’ll just call it the dividends. Right. So we’re still collecting the dividend and on this particular one, well, I guess you do need to switch over, all right, let me switch over.

Oh, I didn’t even start recording this. That sucks. All right. So on this, let me go ahead and you know what I mean? This is what I’m do. I’m going to talk and then I’ll just have a picture open on my face.

So right here, as you can see it, the market cap of this company is 1.3 billion, which not the largest company, not the smallest, not going anywhere for awhile. Doubt it. Over the last five years, it’s stayed pretty much in the same range. It’s not one of those companies we’re trying to get rich off. Like I said, it’s not, we’re not retiring off of this grand slam. It’s not right where it’s not going to be the next Apple where you invest a thousand dollars. And in 10 years, it’s worth a hundred thousand. No, it’s not going to, that’s not what we’re, that’s not what this is about. This is about making 5% on your investment monthly, right? They give you a dividend once a month, right? So every month you’re getting your money, right? And every month, so rain or shine, no, you get on every share that you have right now, it’s $30 a share and you’re getting 13 cents a share.

So if you own for 200 or for $300, you’re making a dollar and 30 cents every month just coming right back to every single month. Now on a different class, your, I will talk about drip, right? Which for stuff like this, it’s, it’d be perfect, right? Because it’s a low cost investment, but yet you’re going to get a monthly monthly month. Right. And that’s, that’s what we want. Right. We’re trying to build different small assets that we can, you know, add to small, add to slowly but surely that by then, we’re, it’s going to be a large asset. It’s going to be worth a lot of money, right? Cause if we were to do this for 10 years and just collected 13 cents a month, or I’m sorry, the 13 cents per share per month, every single month, we’re doing pretty good. So that’s at least that, that we’re making a minimum of a dollar per share that we own a year. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but let’s, let’s do the math. It’s only $30 stock. We’re making a dollar, dollar and 30 cents a year, minimum per stock that we have $30, 10 years. For what? $13. We’re almost made half our money back by doing absolutely nothing in 10 years.

See what I’m saying? That’s that’s, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s and that’s off of one share. Now, if we have, you know, we continuously put money in there, then we’re going to have our money back and on the next, the next one of the programs, I don’t know exactly what number this is, but we’ve, I don’t know if you took drip before a drip after, but after or before, you’re going to learn what to do with that dividend, how to grow larger and larger and larger and larger. Now, once again, to save a nation, you have to start with education. So, you know, save a nation, start with education. That’s what we’re all about here is giving you a quick little lessons on how to change a life for the future.

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