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Hidden hotel bronze, like behind me. I have my computer, which is also being recorded. So on some of this, you’re gonna see me talking on the other part of your is gonna be watching the computer. So what we’re investing in, I mean, I don’t know if you guys played when you were younger, I played in, or, you know, nowadays you have it on your phone, monopoly, you go around and, you know, basis of the game is own as many hotels as possible. And when you all know the most hotels, you’re basically going to win the game. Right. So that’s what we’re looking at right here, hidden hotel profits. We’re looking at companies or one particular that I’ve found, which is I enjoy just because of the type of hotels that they’re invested in, where they’re at right now, you can get the same thing in, as in monopoly, there’s different time you know, you can get, well, one hotel is like, that’s, that’s basically it, but you can get a hotel on each of the three properties, right?

So one hotel on the property it’s worth X amount, right? And so then those are kind of like our cheaper properties, right? You know, the properties on this side and you got the blue, right? The park place and boardwalk, those are your expensive properties right now. You can have hotels on, on the light blue and, and the gray or whatever, the cheap properties. And you know, you’re gonna make money when someone lands on it, but you’re not going to break a bank. Right. You’re not going to make them go. And you’re not going to beat the game really on that. If you only have the cheap ones right now, if you only have the most expensive ones, right. The probability of people landing on those are very slim, but when they do land on them and you got hotels on boardwalk and park place, what usually happens exactly.

You win the game. Right? So with that mentality being thought as well, I kind of was thinking of, okay, more, more of like the higher end properties and resorts, not your motel sixes. Now, obviously you can make a lot of money in motel six, motel six has been around for quite some time. And you know, they always keep the light on for you. Right. But what the hotels that I was looking at, and once again, this is a REIT, a real estate investment trust. So it’s a, a group of money put together and then they, they invest in different, different, and invest in different businesses, right. Or different hotels. Now, when doing this, I was looking for at least something that we can get a decent return on. Right. And so we’re going to be kind of switching over here so I can kind of explain what I found because the recommendation is, well, we’re at least getting 5% on our return, right.

5% on whatever money we put in there. And you’re on year on year and year. And which companies that I’m saying to invest in the reason why we want to do this. Right. Okay. As, as, as we travel more, right. A hundred, 200 years ago, people didn’t travel very far from their house, but nowadays it’s, it’s a norm. Even five years ago, I was talking to people and you know, I go to Columbia every year, Columbia, South America. And over the last five years, I’m talking to my friends down there and there’s a whole bunch more Americans that are coming down there. Right. So travel and well, the world’s just getting smaller, right? The more that we were able to travel, the smaller the world is right with that. When you travel now, Airbnb is great. Right. It’s amazing. That’s, that’s what we’re talking about.

That more in the advanced class of different ways to make money, because you need a little bit more money to get started with that. Or it’s a little bit more tricky than just buying a stock and, and the Holy name for, you know, ever. Right. So with this, with the hidden hotel profits, right. What we do is we’re just buying this, you know I, like I said, it’s, there’s numerous of them, right. So I just picked the one that, that looks the best for me, that fits my personality best. Right. So I advise you to do your own homework, so you can choose one that best fits you, right. Because of your personality. And my personality might be a little different, right. So what we have, and I also like more high end properties. So what we’ll do, we’ll switch over to the computer.

All right. So now we’re, now we’re looking at the computer screen and let’s get back into here. All right. So now we understand why, you know, hotel profits make sense. They want to be in the game for a while. You know, people are just going to travel more and more and more. So it just makes sense to be invested in something that’s going to continue to give us a decent 6% yield. And then we’d look at where these properties are located. And then we also look at which ones they are. Right. So that’s what I was saying about like the different, like, I’m not really interested in, in Mo in investing into motel six as of the world, although that might fit your personality and your better than, than it does mine right here. I enjoy the fact that we got the Hilton, we got Merriot Hilton, we got Ritz-Carlton park Hyatt.

Right. So we have these really expensive hotels. Right. And the more millionaires that the world’s creating and everything, these are going to be the high end, booking out all the time, plus this real estate. Right. That’s what I’m looking at is the real estate that’s behind. Right. So to give it a little bit more in depth, right. Are so the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota, Florida, they own the entire hotel, 266 rooms out of 266 rooms. There’s a couple of these. They don’t own every lash room. So in LA Jolla, California, that Hilton three 94, you know what I’m saying? So they almost all, all own all of it. Right? So out of 3,700 rooms, they own 3,400. That’s a lot of rooms, especially when you’re taking in consideration, the Ritz Carlton, Sarasota probably renting out about two, $300 a night, right. A night heard the cheap rooms that if you were to get the expensive room, it’s going to be a lot more than that.

Right, Chicago, right. We’re looking at Lake Tahoe. Ritz-Carlton none of these hotels are cheap in the, in the, especially in the bloom season. They’re very expensive to spend the night there. And they’re all in high desirable places. Napa Valley, right. Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Napa Valley again, right. Wine country banking country. So yeah, that’s, that’s the basis of this one right here. And that’s, that’s why I think that this would be a great investment for the future. It’s not very expensive, right? $9 and 45 cents as of the 14th. I mean, that’s the 17th now a couple of days later, but yeah. Perfect. Long-term and best like Paris Hilton.

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