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L3Harris Technologies, Inc:

The Company Operates In Four Segments Communication Systems, Space And Intelligent Systems, Electronic Systems, And Critical Networks. They Produce 18 Billion Dollars In Annual Revenue With Over 48,000 Employees In A 100 Different Countries.

Communication Systems:

They Specialize In Tactical Communications, Broadband Communications, Night Vision, And Public Safety. 

Space & Airborne Systems: 

They Provide A Complete Earth Observation, They Achieved This From Their Specialized Space Payloads And Sensors, Optical And Wireless Networking, Avionics And Situational Awareness Solutions. They Also Provide A Plethora Of Aviation Systems For Commercial And Military Alike. Airport Security, Data Link Communication, Collision Avoidance Systems, And Flight Recorders.

Electronic Systems:

They Have A Portfolio Of Solutions For Electronic Warfare. Their Integrated Mission Systems, Specialized And Intelligence Surveillance, And Reconnaissance Systems. A Notable Subsidiary In This Network Of Systems Is Wescam.

Critical Networks:

The U.S. Navy Just Awarded A 496 Million-Dollar Contract For Them To Develop The Jammer Low Band Tactical Jamming System.